Tuesday, June 11, 2013

another confess-fest. yep, I did.

Sometimes I just make bacon for breakfast. I eat bacon and drink coffee and that's it. Somehow I think this is okay. I'm kind of obsessed with bacon. And no-I don't buy the kind that's healthy. Turkey bacon? Pshhh. Go big or go home. Oh--and I microwave it. Shock. Horror. I don't have time for sizzling bacon on weekdays, people.

I am not a grammar snob, at all--and I make mistakes here constantly and I'm okay with that. But there are a few big ones that absolutely kill me on the inside. I have no idea why--but the Your/You're one and Their/There, especially make me cringe.  Oh, and definitely/defiantly. Two very different words and meanings. I also don't understand why adults text like this: U R gunna be at da show? L8r, gr8! C U soon. To each his own?

I have never once gotten everything on my grocery list. Without fail I forget something (or lots of things) every time. It takes us about 3 grocery trips throughout the week to get it right. The reason I never get everything on my list? Oh, it's simple. I come with a list, yes. But then I get there and don't look at it once. I'm pretty much just focused on getting in and out of there without a meltdown (by my kids. not me--but I do hate grocery shopping).

I use terms like "disobeying" with my dog on occasion. For example--he was just growling incessantly in the kitchen. I snapped my fingers, pointed at the couch, told him to go lay down, because "you can't be in here if you're disobeying". To say I get things confused from time to time would be an understatement. To also think my dog has any clue what I'm saying is absurd.

I struggle when I see too much potty talk on social media. I literally mean potty talk.  I get that being a parent really changes a person---but incessant talk about body waste? meh. It's why I could barely even talk about the ins and outs of potty training ever here, despite being a "mom blog" (ugh. struggle with that, too. But a mom who blogs=mom blogger I guess). I'm not saying anyone has to change their ways for me. I just--don't prefer seeing the words poopy & pee pee, you know, since I hear them all day long as it is. (and sorry for saying those words. I cringed. but. you know. all for the sake of confessions.)

I get majorly confused on Thursdays on instagram. Everyone posts #tbt (throwback thursday) posts and it's either one of three things. A picture of someone in a past life, at their skinniest, in a hot bikini drinking a beer on the beach, OR, a photo of someone with their fresh squishy baby, or a pregnant belly. I get confused EVERY TIME that I missed some huge ginormous news, or that someone had a weight loss transformation that somehow I missed along the way. I know I'm not the only one.

I'm bothered by people who go out of their way to say how much others LOATHE when someone talks about exercise or running or getting fit on facebook. The other day a past co-worker did this. Status on FB went something like, "News Flash. No one cares about your run."  Well, the funny thing is---I do care about peoples run. If I see one of those pop up, I click like or I comment, every time. So, he's speaking for himself. He should probably say, News Flash. I don't care about your run. And that would be ok, right? But don't speak on behalf of everyone. Because I actually do care and love following along when people choose a healthy and active lifestyle, so there.

As nap times are starting to dwindle down these days, I admittedly use every trick in the book to try and get one from her, anyway. I bribe sleep for popsicles and stars on her behavior chart. It failed miserably yesterday. I might start bribing her with money. (kidding) (mostly) Nap time is sanity.

Our dishwasher is still broken and I guess I'm spoiled because life without a dishwasher sucks. Maybe it'd be easier without kids? But, goodness. All I do is wash dishes. If you're calculating (you're not. you don't care.) that's been over a month and a half of broken dishwasher and I'm over it. We've been working with a few companies, we're within warranty so it's their issue. The tech came Friday AND Monday and still couldn't fix it. Now we're supposed to be getting a replacement. That'll probably happen, in, oh, another month.

I think of confessions all the time. I go to write them. They're gone from my brain. The second I hit publish, I'll think of a million more. That's the name of the game, folks. Write stuff down.


What are you confessing to??

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  1. Emmy doesn't sleep during naptime anymore, but I need that time for my sanity. SO I give her the I Touch to watch Netflix on during that time. She has to stay in her room while she uses it. She normally stays in there about an hour and a half with that. :)

  2. I'm guilty of typing " see u later" or "ur here, right?" ... Does that make you cringe, Kate?! Ha!! But, with that said, I'm with you on the their/they're/there ... I mean come on people!!! Ha!!

  3. No shame for the bacon! I've actually read that you should choose regular bacon over turkey bacon. Most turkey bacons are full of artificial ingredients but bacon is just...BACON.

  4. Veggie here so I dont eat bacon however I do just eat veggie bacon and it GROSSES my husband out, like big time! YUMMO. Also - I am not a fan of the potty talk either, or talk or pictures of facial excretions. I have a HUGE gag reflex and that gets me EVERY SINGLE time. GAGGING just talking about it. I thought I would get over it when I had a baby, yup not so much still there!

  5. I use lots of paper plates, especially during the summer. I know, bad for the earth, but better for Mommy! You should try it! xo

  6. I'm not a grammar slob either, but those words definitely frustrate me when people use them in the wrong tense as well! I think people who don't care about those who have "another" run are the people who wish they were the ones able to post a status about running... they're just jealous and THEY'RE the ones who are actually annoying. True story.

  7. Gray didn't take a nap yesterday and those days scare me.

    I like exercise posts too but not from people who don't post about ANYTHING else. Then it's annoying. (I used to be that girl, though).

    I get confused by #tbt posts too.

  8. to , too, and two drive me nuts! i think that comes with being a teacher :)

  9. I make the same type of grammer mistakes alll the tim... Texting has spoiled our labguage big tim...

    Keep in touch..

  10. Confession: If bacon was the only meat to ever be rid of in this world, I would be completely fine w/ it. It's okay-ish, I'll eat it (ONLY for breakfast at times), but I think it's so weird that people have an OBSESSION w/ bacon?! Like, bacon flavored mouth wash? Umm...eww.

    When you were talking about "potty mouth", my first thought was people cursing on the internet. LoL! THAT bugs the heck out of me. Why do people, not just kids, do that? I mean a word here or there, okay, but what's the point of reading B this, and Eff that all over your status or post?

    Right before I started my first year of college, I remember reading this book (written the year before) about tips for college Freshman, etc. One line said that the "most common word misspelled by college students is "definitely."" Ha. Ever since then, I made sure I KNEW how to spell it. :P My Sisters and I have this thing about pointing out grammar mistakes to each other because it's a rarity that we do it. LoL. It's kinda fun for us and we're dorky like that. A few of mine are the " a lot, alot." or "I seen this..." One that kinda irks me (and I KNOW not all people are Christians, but hear me out) is when someone writes about The Lord, or God, or May He bless you, etc., and they DO NOT use capital letters for His name. KWIM? Are they supposed to be capitalized? I have no clue, but it just feels right to write it out like that, no?

    It's so funny you mention how much people hate reading about weight loss/ exercise posts. I love them! I have read these 2 eCards on Pinterest: One that says something like, " If you didn't fall off your treadmill today, no one wants to hear about your workout." and the other, "You have so many posts about exercise/weight loss, that everybody secretly wishes you gained it all back." Ha. Honestly, my only response (and I have said it) is, "Jealous?" Because it's the people who aren't working out, trying to become healthy(ier), that have the biggest mouths. Ya know? Eh, that's general public for you.

    Okay...I think that's all I got. :) xx

  11. My confession today is that I can't stand hearing people chew their food - know what I mean? The crunch, their teeth grinding, all of it. Don't get me started on slurping or hearing people swallow. My office mate LOVES all things nuts and crunchy things but to hear her chewing makes me want to run and scream.

    I also can't stand bad grammar/misspellings/using the completely WRONG word. My mom calls me the Grammar "B" for that very reason.

  12. I feel like I am relate to a ton of these! Especially the running/working out thing. It inspires me, not aggravates me. Also the spelling. Oh, and I was so sad when my daughter stopped napping, but after about a month of adjusting, it was our new normal. Although some days I wish she still napped, lol.

  13. Okay 2 things. I don't have a dishwasher. Wahhh. I am sad about it. This townhouse we are renting doesn't have one, I guess they ran out of money building it. But because of that.. it was discounted. My husband helps a ton with the dishes and I'm adjusting but you are right, it does suck! And I don't even have a yittle baby. It would for sure be harder with a baby.

    The other thing. Naps. I started to fear we were also losing our nap. We moved it back! He used to down around 1. Then it became 1:30 ... now it's 2 most days. But he still gets 2.5-3 hours. His bedtime has moved back a little bit (it was 7:15 before, now it's closer to 8) but moving it back has helped immensely. And also what helped was making him stay in his crib (yes... he's still in a crib) with some books. So if he was really fussing, I'd make him sit there for AN HOUR (no joke) looking at books or playing quietly with figurines while "mama gets her head on straight" essentially. Definitely not for everyone but I have no problem being like "child, mama needs some time." Some see it as mean, I see it as.. keeping me from getting mean ;)

  14. I don't participate in the whole #tbt. The other one for that hashtag (sometimes it's #tt) is Transformation Tuesday.

    Also, I like to see people share about fitness related things, too. It's a motivation factor for me. Like if they can do that, then I can surely do SOMETHING!

  15. I'm pretty sure that I could live on microwaved bacon. Happily.

  16. You're awesome. Most of the things on your list definitely hit home; I can SO relate. And oh, how I miss naps. I actually took away my 3.5-year-old's nap two months ago because she wasn't sleeping at night. Now she sleeps fantastically, but I am still mourning the loss of my hour-long alone time.

    I absolutely LOVE grammar and spelling. I can overlook grammar mistakes, but spelling errors drive me bonkers. I seriously get irritated when I see my friends (even my husband) misspell things. I know, I'm weird.

    I secretly love the fitness posts on Facebook. They give me motivation! I don't like, however, the condescending fitness ones. You know, the ones that basically came right out and say, "I'm better than you because I'm thinner."

    Sorry for the accidental long comment!

  17. 3y/o may or may not nap on any given day, on the not days we usually "go get a coffee" which involves driving just far enough for him to pass out ; ) Then I get a coffee and he naps for about 30mins. (the bear minimum to insure my sanity and his ability to hold it together until bedtime lol!) It's a total waste of gas, whatever! It gets me thru the day right now ; )

  18. Ummm remember how our dishwashers broke at the same time? We still haven't gotten a new one either. Ours "works" but it's crap and I end up having to wash 90% of what comes out of it anyway. Oh and the bottom piece is broken off, exposing every inside element to a dishwasher, classy huh? Annnnnddd I saw on Eat This, Not That that regular bacon is better for you than turkey bacon. Same calories, same fat but turkey bacon had MORE sodium...crazy huh!?

  19. My 2 1/2 year old only naps about 2-3 days a week and on the days she doesn't nap she just destroys her room. She doesn't have much left in besides her bed's almost like a jail cell. This girl is a wreck too when she doesn't sleep so she still needs a nap unfortunately she would just rather play.

  20. Haha, the grammar and facebook confessions are spot on for me! Definitely Defiantly, especially.

  21. You are so funny! I am with you on ALL of these, though... i didn't disagree with a single thing. Haha. The grammar thing drives me crazy. They're/their/there, loose/lose (UGH! you don't "loose something"!), etc.

    Laughed out loud about the guy's FB about runners! I have seen those FB statuses where they are like "nobody cares about ______". (something health-related) & i am thinking "well, i do!" Haha!

  22. Um, bacon, grocery list/shopping forgetfulness, and the disobeying dog? Right there with you. The plus side of Brad working at Target is that I can always email him a quick, "Would you pick up..." :)

  23. i luv this post. u r such @ gr8 writer k8ie!

    Also ... we did FOUR frigging months without a dishwasher when we moved here. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

  24. I'm a grammar freak...the whole "your/you're" thing just pushes me over the edge!

    I'm with you on the active, healthy lifestyle thing on social media! Don't like = don't read! I personally love learning about other people's journeys in fitness! I post a lot of my stuff on IG & could care less if it bothers anyone else...I like seeing how far I've come ;)

  25. You're not alone, I'm a bacon from the microwave kind of girl too. ;-)