Sunday, June 30, 2013

{Fair Season}

I never really quite realized it, until some people pointed it out on instagram---but we attend a lot of fairs. Carnivals. Festivals. Whatever-you-call-it's. I guess our area has more of these money-sucks than I thought. It's one of the best parts of summer. I mean--helloooooo fair food. Helloooooo fun for the family. Hellooooo ghetto rides that my kid loves. 

I mean, what's more fun than draining your bank account, clogging your arteries, and biting your nails in fear as your kid goes on the ricketiest rides you've ever seen? Nothing. Nothing is more fun, I tell you.

I admit it. I pretty much loathe going on the rides. Ever since having children, I am one of those boring people who feels sick on them, kinda woozy and dizzy and blah. No, I won't actually vomit, but yes, I feel like I will. I know, it officially makes me a lame parent, but whatever. I let my husband win in this department. He takes her on all the cool rides, while I stand with her on the carousel trying to focus on one thing so I'm not the girl who spews her $5 funnel cake everywhere. Wouldn't want to waste it, after all. Just kidding, guys. jk. 

Plus, there's this great excuse--I have to stand with Lucy. You know, the kid who isn't big enough for rides yet. So I'll milk it until next year, when I actually have to get on those god-forsaken things with child #2 as the "responsible adult".

(and hated every second of it. pretended i liked it for my kid--really wanted to die. probably saying, "do you love it, Em? mommy doesn't! but glad you're having fun!" (as my stomach does flip flops)
Anyway. I like fairs and I cannot lie. No other brother can deny.

They're junky and filled with nasty food, but I love the loud music, I like stepping on gross, sticky sno-cones (not), I like seeing people from high school (just kidding. only some of them.), and I mostly just like seeing my kid happy on the tacky old rides.

At one point, a few fairs back (like, last week, hahaha), Declan and I just looked at each other and said, "how is that actually fun?" It was so lame, this one ride. And yet, all the kids had smiles on their faces. Well, sort of.

I guess they're easy to please.
(that's my "trying to maintain composure" face. one wrong move and I'm down for the count, man)

Anyway. I might go up a pant-size because this week we have at least one more fair that I know of. Yes, one more. And yes, we're going. We always do. The funnel cake will wonder where we are, and I refuse to disappoint. And of course we'll wash it down with a fresh squeezed fair lemonade---the size of my head. 


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  1. I kind of love the local fairs too, but I'm with you; the rides make me sick as a dog now. I actually had a legit "fair hangover" (seriously I thought I was dying) after a few rides at one.

    Off the subject, but what site do you use to make the collages?

  2. My favorite thing about going to fairs is the funnel cake! I'm glad we don't have that many around here or I might gain an extra 15 pounds every summer lol

  3. My favorite thing about fairs is the funnel cake!! I'm glad we don't have too many around here or I would gain an extra 15 pounds every summer lol

  4. Your face in the last picture sums up this whole post perfectly! That picture also makes you a GOOD parent not lame at all ;)

  5. We are going to Dutch Wonderland this week - wanna go? ;-)

  6. We missed our county fair which is down the street from our house. Why they do it for 1 weekend I don't know. This makes me want to do the state fair!

  7. Oh I love fair season, but not the big state fair type, the smaller home-town ones. I don't do the rides in my old age either. Younger Shannon? She rode them all! Mom Shannon? That thing is going to break! Good thing for dads, right?

  8. What fun! We have a fun craft fair thing near the in-laws that we do every August but we don't have the big fairs like you guys have. Looks like so much fun!

  9. I have been dying to get to a fair this summer. Where do you find them?! I have no idea when/where local fairs are. I WANT A FUNNEL CAKE!

  10. I love doing the fairs/festival things. Such easy entertainment and always something new. I too am a no go on rides though. Blech!

  11. Fair food is the best. Funnel cake and french fries and really disgusting cotton candy. It's amazing.

    We used to do fairs a lot, but Liv can't handle them, so we don't anymore. I'm HOPING next year she'll be able to handle it, because MAN do I love some fair food.

  12. aaaaahhhh!!!! lemonade at the fair! It's THE BEST!!!

  13. We don't have fairs here! :-( Although, I'm with you - I can't do spinny rides AT ALL, so it's probably for the best!

  14. some of my greatest memories are of the fair growing up! so happy you're making those memories with your sweet family too :)