Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Photos & Feelings. What do YOU feel?

There are something about photos that just evoke feelings from people, right? We're human. We're visual. We see something and we get a twinge of happy, a prick of sadness, a little green jelly monster jab, or a prod of annoyance. Sometimes it's a feeling of pride for someone else. A you-go-girl. Someone in a situation you've been in and you feel empathetic. You see some delicious food and suddenly you're begging your husband for the same thing. Sometimes you feel nothing.

Photos just have this way--this way of making you feel a certain way inside. And now that we live in a very instant-gratification life of photo-taking. I mean, it's at our fingertips, literally, with our phone and instagram feed. You're probably feeling pricks and prods of emotions about photos all.the.time, maybe without even realizing it. Like the way I squirm a little every time I see another nudey butt on IG. Or that the new video on instagram feature is getting used and abused. (You all know you follow at least one a billion vids a day of nonsense. To each his own, yea.)

So, I was thinking the other day about certain photos and the feelings they bring out in me. The funny (or not so so funny) thing is, there's normally a deeper reason why I feel the way I do. So I made a list of the photos that I know for a fact evoke feelings (whether good, bad, proud, etc) in me.

....hurrr goes....

>>>Exercise Motivation/ Post-Workout Posts<<<

I actually love seeing these posts. Maybe I'm a nerd, but I especially love seeing screenshots from the app that tracked the persons run, photos of the workout machine, etc. A sweaty after selfie, too? Sure, so be it. It's not that we need proof you're at the gym. I mean, I'm there 5 days a week, but you don't need to know that from 5 YMCA photos a week. But, I just think that if social media is what you need to give you that motivation boost, or what got you through a run, thinking, "I can finally post that picture saying 'I DID IT'", then awesome. Because I have so been there and I know that can be motivating. You may not have many people in your life who motivate you, so if social media helps with that--then that's great and I will like & comment on that everytime I can because I'm proud of you. I know that it takes work to get up and out the door, so I'll virtually boomshakalaka you any day for that ::insert fist bump emoticon::.

>>>The Skinny Mirror Slant Photo<<<
(not my image--hahaha--just found on google)
We all know a mirror tilted against the wall gives the most ego-boosting angle known to man. Long, skinny body and woooofrigginhooooo babyyyy I feel good. The "you've lost weight" or "you're so skinny" comments pour in. It's not that the person isn't thin or in shape in real life, it's just--that is clearly an exaggerated, not true-to-life photo. I completely admit that this gets me a little. I've realized it's because I've had a weight loss story, I've done the hard work to lose weight, and I try to be very honest about the way I look. My mirrors are mounted flat against my wall. If I look a little chubby in my thighs still, that's because I am. No exaggerated angle, there. I try to be really honest about the way I look. So, I fully admit when I see a slanted skinny mirror selfie, I feel like it's a little dishonest.

>>>Blurry/Out of Focus Photos<<<

They make me shiver a little and my eyes get twitchy. Then I think "whyyyyy?"--unless it's of a moving toddler, and then I get it. But, guyssss, it's so easy to get your phone pictures in focus. Tap the screen of your phone. Just, tap. Yep. Then it focuses. Oh, and if you want to focus on that can on dr pepper in your hand, and not the background of toys behind you? Then tap on the screen RIGHT on the dr pepper, and it will focus on that. It's magic (not really). If your photos are blurry and yucky, you're probably in a too dim-light your blinds, get some light in the house, or take photos outside where the lighting is nice. I also totally get the outlier situation of "but this moment was soooo cute" even if a little blurry (been there). But 9 out of 10 photos being blurry? There's no excuse, peeps. k, love ya, bye. 


This one makes me laugh a little because peeps get crazzzzyyyyy about selfies. I mean, crazy-upset slash enraged when they think people post too may photos of themselves. I do get that TOO many could be annoying? I guess? But I actually like seeing my friends pretty faces. I like seeing them in the picture with their kids. I like seeing their outfit of the day posts and I don't find them vain. Okay, so if you're like, "this is my fancy, uppity, rich brand BLAH BLAH (I can't name anything fancy, therefore you know I'm not fancy, hahaha....loser) watch and bracelet" every single time, I could see how that could be a little vain, maybe. But, really--it doesn't bother me. I post pictures of myself with my kids. I hand my camera over to my husband and make sure he gets shots of me with my girls so that they see me interacting with them one day. So I'm not always absent in photos. And I absolutely will post a photo (usually about once a week) of a weekend outfit (usually church, haha), since it's the one time I've gotten out of my compression capris and workout tanks. If I'm having a good hair day (aka: the one day I showered and actually got it out of my active band and pony tail), then you might see that, too.

Other people's selfies don't really evoke feelings in me other than, wow I have pretty friends. And that's a-ok with me.

>>>Before and Afters<<<
(i'm fully aware I look sad/angry/miserable in the left photo-as it
was pointed out 2930829038 times yesterday on instagram. Um.
I was unhappy. haha. I also wasn't aware you are supposed to
smile in your pre-weight loss pics)

Any and all before and afters rock my face off. But I know other people don't feel the same. I partially wonder why they have such a problem with it? Transformation of any kind is fascinating. I feel like it shows hard work was done. A time lapse, per-se. Whether it be a messy kitchen cabinet going to a clean kitchen cabinet. A picture of an un-makeup'ed face to a makeup'ed face (I think that's fun), or before/after weight loss stuff. I just think hard work should be celebrated. Every few months I like to post a before and after picture. See, when you're in the daily trenches of losing weight, working on toning your body, or whatever your journey is, it can be monotonous. It can be so hard to see the difference. Photos really help you to be like, YES, I finally see a difference. YES, my hard work is actually paying off slightly.

I love seeing them. Love, love. Because I feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment for the person. I know how good they must feel. I love seeing change of any kind.


So what photos on social media evoke feelings in you?? Good or bad--happy or sad (do a dance, la-da-da). I'm really serious. I think it's fascinating.

(all opinions in this post are obviously my own. this disclaimer is semi a joke, but I really don't want to offend anyone---and hope I don't :) )


  1. I love all the same things you do. Workout posts, before/after. Yep. Love them all. I also like seeing not just kids in my feed, so bring on the selfies. Which reminds me I need to take more selfies.

    And I need to follow you, I think I tried once but I got denied. I think that was when I just signed up and didn't have very many photos or followers and you maybe thought I was a creeper.

  2. Haha. Love this. So many things apply to me as well. The workout posts are such motivation - well except that havent QUITE motivated me enough yet:) so I'll keep looking. I am excersizing now so that has helped :)

  3. I am so with you on all of these. I often wonder why people get so upset when someone posts their workouts or weight loss progress pics. I mean hell freakin' yeah they did it! Celebrate it! Let's encourage each other. I think that the people who tend to get all "omg another workout pic?!" are people who are sitting on the couch wishing it were them, yea? IDK I know if I were a couch potato I'd be rolling my eyes so that's the only possible explanation.

    And I have a love/hate relationship with the new video feature on IG. I love seeing cute kids and stuff but like dude, for reals, every single time? Not necessary. I am also slightly jealous b/c I so want to get a video of KP being KP so the world can see but she refuses so I'm a bit bitter. Ha!

  4. Really, I could have written these myself. I laughed and nodded the whole way through. Cheers to finding the humor in things that annoy me daily!

    And I think Target and Old Navy should consider hanging their mirrors on a slant. I might buy more stuff if it deceived me into thinking I looking thinner in it;-)

  5. I agree with you on everything. Although I haven't seen any slanted mirror pics. That could be because I don't follow a whole lot of people. I post workout pics a lot. I'm trying to calm it down a bit, but I guess I need that virtual pat on the back for completing a rough workout. Great post Katie!

  6. I love transformation photos, too. And I've been meaning to get a slanted mirror propped up against the wall for some time- LOL- I think it might do wonders for my self esteem.

  7. I get a bit twitchy with people who clog your feed with a TON of pictures of the same event. You're at a concert tonight? I get it. The first 15 pictures however were proof enough, I didn't really need 15 more out of focus pictures of the stage from the nose bleeds where you can barely see who's playing anyway.

    Also? The people who sell crap through their regular IG feed instead of having a seperate "shop my closet" account.

    But I love seeing weight loss progress pictures! Obviously. ;) I didn't realize this was a thorn in some peoples side?

  8. Most of the time I love Instagram, though I am with you on blurry photos. I also get sick of dog pictures, but that's just me - not a dog person. Every once and a while if I'm in a bad place emotionally, I get that everyone's-life-is-better-than-mine feeling. I actually had that last night, and it's a bummer but I think most people experience that with social media at one time or another. My favorite thing about it is seeing what life is like in other parts of the country, even mundane things like what is this Rita's everyone is talking about? And I love to see what other moms are doing, for ideas, inspiration, etc. I love cute kids, obviously. I hate seeing negative comments on photos. I just don't get it. If you don't like it, just move on.

  9. I enjoy most picture. I enjoy most when there's a variety like you never know what to expect. Sometimes when I see people always out having a good time I get sad because we have so little time to do anything these days but it's nice to have the reminder that there's life out there :p

  10. This is now my third attempt to comment because my phone hates me this morning. I love before and afters, especially yours, because they are inspirational. I love cute kids, LOVE the beach, good food picks, and I live seeing life in other parts of the country (or the world). I love the connection to other people that comes with sharing intimate moments. I'm with you on blurry photos. I hate gross photos - like open wounds. Seriously people, no one wants to see that. Or maybe that's just me. I will admit to jealousy - of someone's fabulous life, clean house, perfect (seeming) mothering, etc, but I try to keep that to a minimum. Oh, and I hate negative comments. I just don't get it. If you don't like it, move on.

  11. I like selfies. LOVE nursing pics, baby bump-dates, and babies in general. I like foodie pics and kiddos playing. Not really keen on animal shots (just the animal). Eh...not so much a "pet" person. But animals and little ones? Cute! Blurry pics, sales pics kinda get to me. Oohh...HUGE peeve of mine on IG. #Every #Picture #using #this #asacaption Drives me INSANE! Do people not really get how to use a hashtag? Real life photos of a messy room, kids having meltdowns or running amok, Momma looking like she belongs in a nut house....I like those. No one's life is perfect and photos are a good way of making others (esp Mommas) feel inferior. KWIM? And the negative comment thing? Ppl looking for drama. If you feel you must comment, do it in a tactful manner. If it REALLY bugs you, either scroll on or unfollow. Simple. :) All in all, I mostly enjoy looking at and taking photos. <3 xx

  12. Oooh, I LOVE before and afters! Even before social media hit, I loved seeing them in health magazines. The selfie thing gets annoying sometimes if it's obvious they're being vain. But other than that, I love seeing my friends. I'm aware I'm not in my shots enough, but that's because I don't have anyone to hand the phone or ipad to during the day. :/ You can tell when Brad's home, because you'll see me more often. haha

  13. Selfies make me smile (most of the time), especially when the captions are awesome. And on the whole I love seeing smiley kid and baby photos! Always brings a smile to my face.

  14. I love seeing before and afters and of course, pics with your kiddos. Those are just fun!

  15. I love this post. I refuse to post a video on Instagram-maybe because I feel like it needs to be something special? I don't know, just a few days into it and there are definitely people who are already 'abusing' it.

    I like seeing what people are eating. There I said it. Being on WW for the second time, I'm always looking for meal/snack ideas. If I can avoid standing in the cookie aisle looking for the best 'bang for my buck/points per cookie' then heck yes! Please post a picture and tell me the points!

    Instagram makes my WW life easier. :)

  16. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your current Before and After shot. You look amazing!!

  17. Oh yeah, emotions galore. That's one of the reasons I know I love photography.

    And I totally agree on selfies. Sweaty or not. ;)

  18. Selfie overloads drive me nuts, too. My SIL, who is 30+ takes about 5 selfies a week and always posts them on FB. It wouldn't be SO bad, but she always makes these creepy faces that you know she's trying to look cute in and takes them at a weird angle. Like, we know there isn't a camera mounted on the roof of your car while you're creepily smiling at a stop light...

  19. I can't stand the "gettinngggg drunk with the gals tonight" pictures. Hate them. It's more the caption but still. Slahs, you've convinced to join the Y when my gym membership now runs out in aug :)