Friday, June 14, 2013

This one's for the Dads.

Dear Dad's of the world,

You. Yea, you. I'm talking to you. I know--it's a little weird. You aren't the typical blog reading type. That's okay. Even if you never end up seeing this, it's all good. 

Do you know how important you are? I think you mostly do realize the importance of your presence in your children's lives. But I just want to reinforce this for a second----

Momma is super important. Yes, it's true. BUT SO ARE YOU. 

The way you love your kids? It's different than us moms do. It's special, it's so beautiful, it's fun and adventurous, and there's just something about daddy play time that is...dare I say, a little more fun than with mom. There's a spark in their little eyes when you get home. They crave the weekend when your presence is more often. Do you know what that means? That you're doing a darn good job, Dad. Keep it up.

Did you know that you being hands on, from the earliest of stages helps your baby establish basic trust and better social connections? It's true. That is a pretty freaking huge deal. There's nothing I love more than seeing a hands-on Daddy from the get-go. Get in there, dad. Do the diapers. Burp the baby. Cuddle and love and snuggle when they're crying. I know you don't have a boob to instantly pacify--but, Dad, rock that baby. Pat, pat, pat. Pat while you're watching the game. Sing your favorite songs. Do the silly dances. Get in there and rock the shizz out of being a dad. Your calm presence from the earliest stages will be felt. It will be needed. Trust me. And if you're doing all this? Or have done all this? You're a good one. Such a good one, dad. Know this. 

Dads--it seems easy in this culture of work-work-work to get caught up in that and spend less and less time at home with your family. Rearrange a little--sometimes, when you can. Make the games. Make the performances. And don't just make it, but be present there, dad. 

Enjoy the silly moments, who cares if anyone is looking.

Be proud of your family.

Laugh a lot.

Blow bubbles.

Give a whole lot of piggy back & shoulder rides.

Play sports with them.

Love their momma well.

Support them--always support them.

Hug, a lot. Lots of wet kisses, too.

Dad, your presence? It's one of the best gifts you can give your family. Showing your kids a model of what a good, hands-on, loving, silly and amazing Dad is something that will just continually benefit the future. It will show our little boys how to act when they're older. They'll know no other way. It will help our little girls learn to not settle for some jerk, but to search for a man that reminds her of her sweet and precious Daddy.

Being a Father is easy. But being a freaking awesome Daddy is to be commended. My girls are so blessed to have a daddy

Happy Daddy's day to you. Keep on keepin' on. 


  1. No I did not tear up reading this. Okay okay, I did.

  2. This is absolutely fabulous! Maybe my favorite post you've written! And all of it so true! And so heart warming! PERFECT!!!!

  3. Sharing on facebook. Amazing.

  4. This is AWESOME!! people sometimes make fun of my husband for being so hands on...mostly other men that perhaps feel guilty they don't do enough themselves..? I LOVE this and its so true! I always enjoy your posts. You have such a beautiful way with words!

  5. I'm so glad my boys have an amazing daddy to look up to. This was a great post, Katie! :)

  6. This one is super wonderful and hard for me all at once. Because P is freaking rock star dad. He was born to be one and he loves it. At the same time, he and I have both web teary over a lot of hands-on father advocacy campaigns. Because he is hands on when home. But can't be when he's deployed. And the stress that he's hurting their social development - maybe - by not being there, absolutely terrifies him. Because he's military it's often assumed he's detached and not as bonded to his girls as other dads. He knows that's not true but constant reminders that time and interaction are the keys to good fathering hurt him a lot based on the assumptions people stem from them. Ugh. It's rough. This Father's Day will be hard without him here. I guess I'm just realizing that.

  7. @Brittany-
    girl---please know that in no way did that thought even CROSS my mind. Which was a big mistake on my part for not thinking it could somehow hurt someones feelings, and also because, I really never think of military dads as being non-present. Ever, actually. I mean, I know they have periods of being away--but I know they are family men at heart and I think that shines through.

    I would never, ever think of your husband as being detached or not as bonded to his girls--I see the photos, it's beyond obvious to me.

    Forgive my ignorance because the thought didn't even cross my mind, and I'd hate to feel like I was inadvertently hurting someones' feelings.