Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air*

*absolutely no meaning--just on my brain randomly.

Um. HI.

So many things. So many random things.

First of all--nobody blogs anymore. It's kind of sad. It's also kind of awesome because I spend less time reading blogs and more time doing valuable things, like taking more instagram photos. Kidding. Not really. But really. Has the novelty of blogging worn off? Is it a summer thing? I do hope some people come back. I kind of miss the authenticity of it all. People writing honestly, about life, their family, whatever-the-heck-they-want. No one comments anymore, either. It's like a no-mans land out there. That's okay. When I want to write, I'll pop into this desert space and just chatter to myself like a cool kid.

Hey. Like I'm doing now. Do I hear crickets? ah, well.

Basically, when people ask how I'm doing I just feel like I can say--we're okay. We're in a good place. An okay, content with stuff place. I often have to remind myself that it's a good thing. No big things happening. Just normal life and that's great. Jobs are going well. Kids are being annoying, I mean, awesome. Exercise and health stuff is going same old, same old. Summer is hot as heck, but we're surviving. Life is fun, and sometimes boring, but not in a "we're bored and have nothing to do", but just-like, it can be repetitive sometimes, but oh well-kinda way.

What I'm loving more than I expected to this summer:

I enrolled my kid in her first VBS (vacation bible school for all you who don't know the lingo) ever this week and she is loving it. Tonight is day 3 and kid is crazy-excited to go each and every time. I grew up doing VBS here and there and it's fun. It's a little structure, yet, fun structure. Songs, dancing, playing games, someone else watching my kid for two hours a night. Did I say that?

I'm proud of her, though. While other kids are crying she's all BYE MOM SEE YA LATER, CAN YOU LEAVE NOW? And I'm all--okay, big kid. My wish is your command. Then I come home and drink a beer (kidding) (only one night) or go out to dinner with friends. Or, we get wild, and grocery shop sans toddler. Amazing how much easier that is. Anyway.

In other news, I've pretty much given up on running. I just am kind of in a season where I'm over it. I think the heat killed me. I was at least running one or two times a week outside with my little family but when the humidity crept in a few weeks ago with blazing temps? Nah, girl. I don't play like that. I'm a winter runner. I can handle cold, heck, semi-frigid temps. I cannot do the humidity-running thing. I also cannot do the treadmill thing. Therefore I have completely replaced running with a bunch of other fun things that, truthfully? I'm enjoying more right now.

I've decided that it's okay. I'm allowed to take a break from running and do other stuff. I don't know why I feel guilt about this. It's stupid. I still workout, like, a lot. But I just don't feel like running. There, I said it.

Can we talk about how I almost have a 1 year old? Soon I'm gonna have to be all, "Oh yea, she's 3 and she's ONE(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)" and for some reason that just feels wrong. I've done basically a whole lot of nothing for her party and have decided to keep it tiny, and I mean, tiny as in-just our big family and that's it. The idea of feeding so many mouths stresses me out and I hate having to decide and be choosy between groups of people and different circles, blah blah blah. So, just family. Lame? Maybe. But they love her and that's what matters. We are celebrating Lucy and that's that. Small. She will be celebrated. Cake will be smashed. Pictures will be taken. That's all she needs, right?

I have mastered the art of working out every day but hardly showering. It's amazing slash gross. Just don't come too close to me, ok? Basically, you throw your hair in a pony tail, but a cute ponytail. You know what I mean? A little poof in the back. Throw in some earrings and you look semi-put together. Splash a little body spray on for good measure. Ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom. I think I should start taking advantage of showering at the gym while they watch my kids, too.

....nevermind. That sounds like too much work.


This is what leaks out of my brain after getting interrupted sleep seven (yes. SEVEN.) times last night. One teething monster (responsible for 5x) and one overstimulated (I assume?) toddler who awoke to ask me to sing her a song (stop laughing. at 2am no less) and for a drink of water. This is complete and utter word vomit.

That's ok. I felt it and I went with it. I've told myself I will write when I want, and that's what I'm doing.


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  1. Dude.... I tried running on a treadmill last week for the first time in a year and I almost died. Let me backtrack - family in town, late nights, no way to do an early morning run and stay awake during work, and rain each evening all equaled me going to the gym to try to fit in a run one afternoon. Yeah, Jess almost dead.

    Why is it that I can run a 9:30 - 11 min mile (totally depends on the heat and humidity) when outside, but can barely handle a 12 min mile on the treadmill?

    And? Lucy's facial expressions lately are killing me.

  2. Love it! And really, why isn't anyone blogging anymore? We will be in no man's land together girl ;)

  3. Is your VBS in the evening? Ours is always in the morning so I am confused!

    And I CANNOT run in this heat and humidity. I have to do the treadmill right now. UGH.

    Also, small birthday party = AWESOME. ::)

    p.s. I'm still blogging! But yes, people's attention is certainly elsewhere these days, including SUMMER fun! :)

  4. from my little corner of the world, love your posts. My baby turned one last week... gasp. now it is 4, 2, and 1. How on earth?? Enjoy your days.

  5. Word vomit posts are the best but I can never remember what I wanted to say in my comments. I'm not a big fan of the scheduled posts...I want to know what people are doing right now.

    Also I never shower after the gym. I just let the sweat dry up and change my clothes...yuck, but seriously who has time for a shower?

  6. Oh, also I blog sometimes. More in the Summer since I'm a teacher feel free to stop by

  7. I cant believe miss lucy is almost ONE. I'm in the same boat with Kendall and teething. I was up 3 times last night. Good thing our girls are cute though...hehe

  8. I so love the stream of consciousness post you have going on. Sometimes I have the urge to write and know that it will just be my random thoughts. Thanks to the {un}encouraging words of some people who are close to me, I hesitate to post because I've been told I'm too talkative, rambling, etc. I'd like to say, "if you don't like it, don't read it", but when it's your personality and heart and words on the screen, it gets intimidating to click 'publish'.
    Thanks for the inspiration to just be 'me' and post what's from my heart and mind!


  9. Still blogging although I'm private per husband's job reasons, and basically my blog is just a journal of the stuff we do. However, if you're interested e-mail me: Still love reading your random thoughts ;-) and following via Instagram!

  10. Still blog although my blog's private for husband's job reasons, and basically it's just a journal of all we do. However, if you are interested, e-mail me: Still love reading your random thoughts ;-) and following via Instagram, too.

  11. I agree about the blog world being quiet lately - I'm "guilty" here too. Oh well, nice to feel the freedom to step back too. As always, love reading your updates. You guys are adorable!

  12. I feel like blogging, real blogging, is falling away... I see a ton of giveaways and reviews and link-ups. Don't get me wrong, they can be great and I love winning a few things here and there, but I miss catching up on peoples actual lives. I love keeping up with your sweet little family and I honestly wish I lived close enough to actually get to experience the personalities of your little girls... they are precious and adorable and possibly some of the cutest kids I've ever seen - I may be going over board here? Stalkerish? I'm sorry! Anyways, I'm trying to analyze how I blog because I get tempted to try and be a "big and bad" blog with the giveaways and the followers, but that's not really what I want... I want to talk about more of my life and what's going on (although I don't have a husband or cute kids to post about all the time lol). Wow... this is getting long. Happy Birthday to sweet Lucy! Try not to feel guilty about not wanting to run, the heat is dreadful and it's great that you're getting some toning and strength training in from other activities, when you get back to running, you'll be so much stronger!

  13. I like random "what's on my mind" posts like this because it makes me feel better than a lot of mine are like that haha. And that's life anyways. Sometimes it just "is" and there's not always a deep thought behind it. I was all like "you go girl!" when you mentioned on fb that you work out for energy after being woke up that many times. Awesomesauce.

  14. Thanks for the reminder about commenting. I really want to get better at it but I guess I feel like I don't since a lot of us use IG photos that I've already seen?? But anyway, I just loving seeing pictures of your precious girls! :)

  15. I am trying to get back into blogging!! And trying to take way more pictures, I was slacking for a long time!

    I don't always comment but I am here reading :) So keep posting.. lots!

  16. 1. Your post title was all like "yah home boy smell ya later" and I loved it.

    2. Is it weird that I could quit my blog and just IG? And my job for that matter. Nothing worse than seeing the IG pictures recycled into next day blog posts.

    3. I am finally feeling brave enough to comment. Fresh Prince brings that out in me.

    4. Happy Tuesday, pretty lady!

  17. I have been hanging out on instagram more as well than reading blogs. It is always quiet during summer. Blogging seasons ebb and flow. So glad VBS went well!

  18. I love this post.

    I haven't run in forever...but today I swam laps and it was awesome. Seriously awesome.

    I'm blogging here and there and I see that people are reading but you are right about the comments. What's up with that? I think I blame bloglovin' because it's so easy to read from your phone and not comment. That's my reason anyway.

    Louie's party is going to be ridiculously cute no matter what. You are incapable of doing it any other way.

  19. I've been a terrible terrible commenter.. well.. for a long time now. At first I could say, "sorry.. just haven't had time to comment this month. It'll get better." But that was like 3 years ago. I so miss the interaction though, and do feel like blogging is becoming too..ehh.. commercial, I guess? It's less and less personal, which I will never get away from.
    Also, if it makes you feel better? I worked out today, didn't shower and am now laying in bed in the same gym clothes. Woops.

  20. Oh Katie, I just love you LOL. Your writing cracks me up. I have been on a little blogging hiatus myself, except for the monthly posts for Madelyn. Mostly because we have been in the middle of moving into a house, in what might as well feel like a different state because its an hour from our last home, that we are trying to buy but are in the middle of this nightmare short sale. So stress doesn't even begin to describe it. At least we sold our condo that is the bright side. Any who my point is your not alone, I haven't felt like running in this heat either and I haven't even started thinking about Madelyn's 1st bday that is in 2 months. Cheers to Summer right :)

  21. I blame it on bloglovin and summer. Nobody wants to blog when they're outside having fun, then crashing when they get home. Also, my posts are boring right now. And nobody knows I exist again, which is actually kind of nice. :)

    I cannot believe she's going to be one. That's just crazy.

  22. I've been noticing the no blogging or commenting thing too. I try to comment but sometimes the words just don't come out right. Know what I mean? Anyway, I've switched my exercise routine to walk up & down the stairs a hundred times to unload toddlers and pacis and blankies and a diaper bag and sippy cups and grocery sacks and and and... I better have a dang good looking booty by the time we move out of this 2nd floor apartment! :)

  23. I think the immediate family idea for a first birthday party is wonderful. You'll have so much fun!

  24. I like your random posts. They're always entertaining.

    Lucy's party will be great. I've only done family parties for Phoebe, but we have a ton of family, so they always seem large and out of control.

    I never really got into the blog world, so I don't notice the hiatus. Yeah, I'm lame.

    I could never run, like, ever. It's too boring for me. I'm glad you found some other workout activities you like.

    Love ya girl!

  25. 1. I don't have a blog but I love yours! Your blog is really the only one I follow but it gets me to hinking maybe one day I could blog.
    2. Dude after a nice hard work out I'm to tired to shower and have some may other thing to get done since I took an hour out of my day there is no time to shower I totally get ya. I live in AZ so there is no such thing as running outside right now!
    3. Your kidos are so cute! Lucy will love her birthday party ..big or small she won't care:)

  26. 1. I actually don't have a blog. I love your blog and it makes me want to blog but I don't think I have the writing skills put things into words as well as you do:)
    2. I don't usually shower after the gym either. After a long hard work out I'm to tired and since I took an hour out of my day I always have tons of stuff to get done, so showering is uaully out of the question so its cool I'm right there with ya.
    3. Your kids are soo cute! Little Lucy will love her party weather it be big or small she will love it. I recently had a new baby a few months ago and just reading some of your old first time mom posts helps me get through some of the hard days:) Thanks girlie!

    Also I live in AZ so running outside right now is totally not an option hehe.

    Keep it real in the writing and in life! I love it.

  27. I never comment bc I read on my iPhone and hate typing on this thing. But I always read your blog and love it. My daughter Jane just turned one two days ago. It is crazy!!! She still looks kind of like Lucy which makes me laugh. Chubbers but just a little, blue eyes, wispy brown hair and the cutest fAces.
    Thanks for your blog! I don't always comment but I always read and enjoy.
    -Lauren (Michael, 2 and Jane , 1)

  28. I have to admit I have failed in he commenting lately I guess I become a lurker to so many blogs! Reading from blog lovin and not clicking over to comment. I have still been blogging though!
    I also have to admit I totally sang your blog tittle... But my mind finished it out. I sure did enjoy that show! I do hate that so many if my blogs I read no longer blog much anymore. I still enjoy it so I'm doing it for me so I can remember. Pregnancy brain makes me extremely forgetful these days.

  29. I love that you are going with writing when you feel like it! More people should! And one is blogging or commenting....which reminds me THANK YOU for being incredible and commenting on my blog. Ha. ;)

  30. Miss your random blog happy to hear from you!

  31. Yeah...32 comments is "nobody comments anymore". Girl, I get like 4 comments lol.

  32. So, I'm completely cracking up because you said nobody blogs or comments anymore, AND you aren't running right now, and I came to comment and tell you that I haven't been running much anymore and you have 32 comments!!! You said nobody comments anymore! LOL! It just made me laugh.

  33. I'm here, I think it's just a summer thing! Hopefully anyways!