Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lucy's 1st Birthday, "I Love Lucy" Theme.

Months ago we threw around the idea to have an "I Love Lucy" themed 1st birthday party. It seemed cute enough, and I mean--heck, we do love Lucy, so, appropriate, yes. Of course I looked around online and quickly found out that this is not a popular birthday theme. Like, at all. Therefore, the creative factor would be up to me. Fabulous.

I admit I was not super into the idea of a party at all. But if I force myself to buy/have invitations designed, then I always end up having the party. See how that works? We decided on just a small family party so I didn't have to stress hardcore about numbers.  I set out to have my friend Kristen from Little Laws Prints to make me up some cute invites. As usual, she delivered.

(sorry for the crappy instagram photo)
The rest of the stuff just sort of fell into place. I promise I spent all of 10 minutes the Friday night before the party hot gluing a few things. Then a little bit of time at my parents actually setting up. But mostly, I just collected some things from Etsy shops or online party stores over the last month and used my normal party-planning crap to execute. It pays to have a garage full of random things, I guess (not sure my husband would agree).

(Cookies were given to me by the fabulous Kristin of TheKakeLady. Cake made by my sweet sis-in-love, Lyryn. Photos by Lyryn, too!)

This adorable We Love Lucy banner came from Little Bird Paper Shop on Etsy. She was incredible to work with and I highly recommend her. She makes all sorts of fun paper goods for parties and more.

The month to month pictures were just a simple polka-dotted ribbon with my favorite clothes-pins. Nothing fancy, I told you--I had very little 'extra umfph' to put into this party. Also, the big I love Lucy heart was a half-hour-before-the-party commission for my brother. The spot was big and empty and he helped me out. Thanks, buddy :)

It TORRENTIAL downpoured two hours before the party. That's why everything was set up indoors. Typically, I love a good outdoor party--especially the dessert and treats table being outside. I just couldn't risk it with the weather. It did turn out being a nice day when miraculously the sun came blazing out and dried everything up, but oh well.

I did my streamer-wall thing behind the drink table to try and deter your eyes from the ugly wallpaper border (sorry mom) in my parents kitchen. I blew up a picture of Lucy, had a few polka-dotted straws for fun (the kids love 'em), pink lemonade and water. Done. (adult drinks not pictured. *wink*)

The day before the party I hit up a florist, requested a bunch of red and white carnations (because they're cheap) and babies breath. So I made a bunch of my own little bouquets, and used the ribbon and I love Lucy logo to fancy up the mason jars. (That was my 10 min hot glue project the night before.)

(you may have noticed I painted my formerly yellow highchair white for the party....I love it in crisp white!)

See that gorgeous birthday hat? Sigh. It's the prettiest. This came from Lil Lids on Etsy and let me tell you, Lora is so easy and kind to work with. She truly made my little idea come to life! Lucy loved her hat and it looked darn cute on her :)   (use code Lucy 1 for free shipping on Lil Lids!)

I didn't even take a photo of the other food table. We served...wait for Then we had our usual array of MY MOM ROCKS food. She made a ton of pasta salad, and fruit salad, and a big green salad, too. We had the usual popcorn and chips snacks, and everyone's bellies seemed happy and full.

THEN it was cake time.

Lucy loved it. We just gave her a massive piece and let her dive into it. She only wanted to pick up all the little black polka-dots and eat them. Fabulous. It was way cute, though. 

(those are the balloon strings back behind my head--not my hair all wonky, I swear.)

A video for good measure:


 Birthday girl gets some lovin'.

Always so grateful to my parents for opening their home so generously to us! They're the best. 

So thankful that Lyryn is always willing to snap photos for me so I can be present with the family. She's truly got a gift behind the lens. Many of the photos in this post are hers, so thank you for letting me use them, Lyr!

our smiley girl WOULD NOT GIVE UP A SMILE at all during this part....kind of makes me laugh. :)

STOP. That photo of my girls?? dead.


During dessert time I made root beer floats in true 50's fashion. No photos to prove it. BUT--they were delicious.

A small family party seemed to do the trick. A little I Love Lucy and polka-dots made a perfectly cute and fitting theme for sweet Louie.

No more parties for me for a loooong time :)


Birthday Banner- Little Bird Paper Shop
Birthday Hat- Lil Lids (code Lucy 1 for free shipping!)
Birthday Cookies-The Kake Lady


  1. Dude the black and white pic of the whole fam?! Amaze! What a cute cute lil party!!!

  2. I would love a tutorial on how to made the balloon banner and where did you get that BEAUTIFUL dress?
    Love your parties..even though they are last minute!

  3. You would need a tutorial on how to made the balloon bbanner and where did you get that BEAUTIFUL dress.. LOVE your parties!

  4. Ohmygosh! That looks fantastic. What a clever idea. I love it!! And very happy belated birthday to your sweet Lucy!

  5. What an adorable party! Love the look on Lucy's face when she wouldn't smile! So serious :)

  6. This is seriously the cutest theme ever...and SO perfect for your sweet girl!! Happy birthday Lucy!

  7. This is seriously the cutest theme ever...and SO perfect for your sweet girl!! Happy birthday Lucy!

  8. Looks amazing, as usual Katie! Happy Birthday Lucy!

  9. What a sweet party. You kept it simple and pulled it off so well! :)

    Love the pics!

  10. What a fabulous party and such a cute theme! I love the high chair and the cookies and the banner and the hat! Such great details. How did we live before there was Etsy? Happy birthday little Lucy! Awesome party, mama!

  11. Adorable party! I LOVE parties that are not know, the ones you can't just go to Party City and pick up a bulk pack of decorations and done. Those would be SO EASY, but for whatever reason, the throw together random things and make your own theme parties seem so much better. Great job!

    Can I just say that those photos of your girls together and your family are beyond perfection. You are so lucky to have people in your family that can work a camera! How on Earth do you choose which photos to print and display? I mean, it seems like every event you guys do, you have awesome family photos. Are your walls completely covered inch by inch in photos? ;)

    Happy Birthday to your 'baby'!

  12. Oh my gosh, her party turned out so cute. Love all the little details. Love all the pictures

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  14. ADORABLE! Your girls are so beautiful and so loved! I've enjoyed watching Lucy grow up this year - can't believe how fast it has gone! You are doing SUCH a good job mama!

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  16. Such a cute and creative idea. You make it look effortless!! Makes me feel bad to have not thrown a first bday party for Jane but I was wiped from a big 2nd bday party for Michael the month prior. You did a great job!!

  17. It makes me laugh that this is your idea of a thrown-together party. This is my idea of a party that had a ton of hard work into it. Just when I think I'm crafty. Sheesh. ;) It turned out perfect.

  18. This is soo cute! Where do you buy the cute straws?

  19. This is soo adorable! Where do find the decorative straws??

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  22. Katie!!!! This is the CUTEST theme EVER!!!! I LOVE it. So, so, so, adorable!!! Love everything you did. And, I love Lucy also :)
    Can't believe our babies are ONE!!! (almost!)