Friday, July 26, 2013

That time I forced my brother to Body Pump with me

I am really excited. My little brother is home for a few days, in from his sunny, beautiful San Diego place of residence to his regular-ole-PA hometown. The brother that whenever I post a picture of on instagram, someone always strokes his ego and calls him a Justin Timberlake lookalike. Whatever.


He decided to come home for a strategic visit. You know what I mean. Where you can hit a few important things at one time while also seeing family? One of those. 

Basically, my older brother just had a baby. Well, he didn't--but his wife did, ahem. So, there's a new baby to be met. They also bought a new home and settled the day before having Evan (crazy huh??), which is an exciting life event, and Lucy's 1st birthday party is Sunday. Three relatively big things that he can meet/see/attend.

So last night, we were all hanging out at my brothers new house. Declan, Emeline and my little brother (we call him "Wit" by the way) all met and held the baby for the first time. Which, by the way--my husband is a sucker for 'dem babies. He's all "baaaabe, don't you want anotherrrrr?" To which I quickly snapped back at him DON'T YOU DARE GO THERE YET, FOOL. And I know what you're thinking (since a few of you punks people said this on instagram), but last time he wanted a baby, a few months later you were knocked up with Lucy. HUSH, yo. Seriously. I promise, I am not even a tiny bit ready. Not even a tiny bit. Like, all of these babies around me and I don't have an ounce of baby fever. Not an ounce. They are damn cute, though. MOVING ON.

After all of the above people got sucked into the baby-cuddles and left baby-zombies wishing for one of their own (I repeat: I DID NOT)--we went to Dairy Queen for a fatty snack treat.

We're sitting there and I get this GENIUS!!!!IDEA!!!!! to invite my little brother to the gym with me in the morning (today). All peppy and full of a million calorie mini blizzard I ask him to come with me to mom-hour at the gym--and PRETTY MUCH without skipping a beat he obliged. BUT THEN I got this other genius idea and , "ohhhh you should do BODY PUMP with me!" came blurting out.

To which he replied, "well, if I go to the gym, I'd know, actually--work out".   [[NOW IS THE PART WHERE ALL MY FELLOW BODY PUMPERS OF THE WORLD GASP IN SHOCK AND PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE]]

JUST FOR THAT, he is going with me to Body Pump this morning. Where he will be the only guy in a class full of all women, and I cannot wait to see him sweat and cry like a little baby for thinking that body pump is like friggin' Prancercise or something.

Because, fo' real. These guns don't come from no prancercising.

Cannot wait to get this show on the road. Is it 10:20 yet?? I've never been so excited for an exercise class in all my life.



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  1. Can't wait to hear how Body Pump went for him :) LOL at the video! Thanks for the morning laugh :)

    Have fun!!

  2. :-) Famous last words of someone who has never done body pump. I hope you guys enjoy the class together.

  3. That video kills me. Too funny!! Hope you showed him what's up in your class!!

  4. Omg that video! Is that for real?! I just died laughing. And Wit totally looks like JT-just saying.

  5. I did Body Pump last night and there were 4 guys and about 8 women. The men were the biggest whiners! And I was using heavier weights than 3 of them! I can't wait to hear how he did!

  6. hahahaha! Laughing at so much in this post. I was totally going to say something about Lucy's appearance once D wanted another. But I didn't. lol.

    That video! So funny. It's now 10:20... hope he's ready to sweat his butt off! :)

  7. on my LAWD!! that video is hysterical!! i can't even....

    as a pump enthusiast myself, i can't wait to hear what your brother thought about it ;) have fun!!

  8. hahahahahahaha is this video for real? is that woman a real human? hilarious! hope you guys had fun today!!!

  9. Hahaha! Posts like this make me wish we were friends in real life because girl, you're hilarious! I hope your brother got his butt kicked. ;) I am NOT one of those trying to force you to have another because I sooo get not being ready. People have been asking me when I'm going to have another pretty much since Phoebe was born, um, no. Anyway, hope your visit with little bro is awesome!

  10. There is totally a lady in my town that we call the dancing jogger lady because she totally does what that lady in the video does!! It's funny to watch!

  11. I am so jealous. I wish I could go to the gym. It's downright embarrassing to not be able to walk more than five feet without gasping for breath. Alas, the only gym with childcare in my area is so scary bad I would even take my dog there. :-(

    So instead, I'm sitting at Sonic drowning my sorrows in a cherry limeade.

  12. Body pumping, waiting to know more abt it.. Hehehe..
    Loved your writing style..
    Happy weekend...
    m on instagram now, lets follow each other there..
    Keep in touch

  13. oh my. Is that for real, the prancercise?? I near wet myself laughing!!

  14. Hah! I tried to get my husband to do a class with me (I think it might have even been BP) a few years ago and he was all about it until this female trainer (I didn't care for her much) came up to him and started making fun of him for taking a class (like it was the most pansy thing on earth to do, even for a girl). I still hold a grudge against that girl, lol.