Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Preview for FOUR WEDDINGS tonight! EEEEEKKKKK!

I'm annoying, I know it. At least I can admit it. Have you seen the preview for tonights TLC Four Weddings episode? You know, the one my sister is on??? It made me shriek with glee. It's freaking CUTE. My sister is gorgeous.

YOU GUYS, go watch it. 

and then watch with us live at 10pm EST and tweet with @thelifeofsusan (my sissy) and me @lovesoflife if I can handle it. Use hashtag #divinenuptials to refer to her or #susanfourweddings and #fourweddings. She'll be able to check out your tweets after the show and the next day, too, that way!

This. is. epic.


Also, she is taking questions regarding the process, behind the scenes stuff, etc---so if you are wondering anything about reality TV crap, then ask away on her blog post, here.  She has learned a lot from this process.


This is me doing the MY SISTER IS ON TV dance. Don't picture it. It ain't pretty.


  1. Me too!! Acting like a silly school girl over here!

  2. She is too adorable! I sure hope they post the full episode online. Can't wait to see more.

  3. Ugh, we got rid of our cable last week! How can I see the episode?! I don't see whole episodes online for Four Weddings :-(

  4. I also want to know if it will be available to view later! We don't have that channel but I'd love to watch it.

  5. Will surely watch it.. :)
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