Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dad's the cool one and Mom is full of bad ideas {a park/exploring night}

I blinked and it's August.

I wait and wait and wait for spring and summer through the longest winter months of the year, and then I freaking blink and it's August.

I have to admit I haven't been taking full advantage of summer or the summer things. Taking the kids to a pool, or lake, or park, or farm or whatever just sometimes sounds like too much work alone (and all the mothers who take 4+ kids to outings alone laugh....go ahead, it's cool). The thing is, I'd rather just wait and do it all together when Declan is home. Sue me.

But I'm in this phase where I feel guilty-non-stop about where we live. Don't laugh. I know that having a warm, nice home is a blessing. It's just---I grew up with a yard to explore and neighborhood to play in. We spent endless hours outdoors, and the truth is, we have no yard here with townhomes and it's not ideal for kid-exploring. I want that for Emeline. Like, I feel that somehow I'm majorly gypping her childhood years and I feel guilty about it. Yet, we're in no place to move for a good long time, and that sort of bums me out. ANYWAY.

This wasn't about being all boo-hoo'ey, because we're blessed with a home and we know that. It's just--we have to really take advantage of exploring other places, and getting her outdoor fix from parks and playgrounds and ponds and other things.

So last night we did just that.

To say Em was excited was understatement of the year.

Lucy was indifferent.

Where you takin' me, woman?

Oh, I get to roam free? This is awesome now. Peace out, peeps.

I seriously cannot get over the fact that I have this kid who can climb around on a playground now, go down slides, and freaks-out if you try to remove her from said playground, even if she's heading toward The Drop Off of Death. What is UP with playgrounds and those lethal 2 story openings? Omg. They are there solely to make moms have panic attacks, I am sure. 

My husband is the best playground Dad ever. He has the perfect balance of don't-hover-too-much, but always-be-aware-of-your-kid. He's there in case Em gets stuck on that god-forsaken rock wall mid-way, and needs some foot-guidance. He's there to spot her on the monkey bars. He's good for a cheer when she's looking for a "great job!" when she tried something new. He maintains his distance when she needs space. He's there when the 1 year old insists on climbing up the slide (I hate when kids do that), and falls backwards 293023908 times. He's good for a kiss-tickling session which he knows will evoke laughter and smiles. Even when he has no idea I've caught it on camera. Sigh.

But mom? 

She's good for bad ideas. Hey, you should slide with your sister on your lap! Yes! That'd be so cute and awesome! 

And then they were pissed at me. Just notice how Lucy's foot is all caught behind her. She's all NOT COOL MOM. Sorry, children.

Now that playground time was over, it was pond explorin' time. 

She was super pumped about that, too.

While in the woods around the pond she whispered, "I just love this magical forest explorin'!" 

Well, kid. I just freaking adore YOU. So there's that. 

Lucy and her pointer finger. I'm lookin' at YOU, ma
Sigh. Love my people.

And below is a true look at what it takes to get a photo around here. 


At the end, Lucy is ticked. No, I'm not smiling for your stupid picture, mom. She said it. I heard her. 

It was a good night. 



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  1. Looks like y'all had a great time. That last picture is my FAVE! I hope you print that one extra large!!!!! Precious!!!

  2. When Charlie was a little baby, I ventured out a lot with both of them. Now that they're both mobile? Nope. Hardly ever. And only to specific stores. I cannot do the playground by myself. They both run in opposite directions, and Charlie is too young to understand to stay with me. I wait for Skip to be home to do most things too:) People with more than 2 kids must have magical powers

  3. Oh my goodness so precious! I think you've inspired me to bring my camera to the pool today! Isn't mom guilt a funny thing.

  4. Omg!!! She is having such good time .. Summer is the best... Even i am nit taking advantage of lovely weather but its different in india , we have winters for around 2-3 months only in a year...
    Nd ur husband is such a good dad, he plays with kids ..

    Keep in touch,

  5. I just love this. And I also laughed all the way through it because FOR REAL. Especially the death-drop at the playground! We have one playground around here that says it was made for kids under 2, and the ONLY ways down are by stairs or slide. It is awesome. But only in the fall because there are no trees so it is lava hot in the summer. So close to playground perfection ;)

  6. Fun pictures. Love the smiles and the curls.

  7. Totally understandable! I had that as well growing up... and for our first son we've lived in the city the first 5 years of his life. I wish he had what i had.

    Looks and sounds like you guys had a blast! beautiful pictures!

    My 2 owls

  8. What a fun little family outing. Loving the pictures, the last one is my favorite

  9. Wonderful!! See, if she had the magical forest right outside her backdoor, she'd probably never go out there and not appreciate it. Making it a special trip makes it more fun! (Right? I'm telling myself that too.) Love these photos!

  10. I love all these beautiful photos. Our parks are SO hot right now. Our summer in east texas is from May until October so I will trade places with you. I hate summer. Anyway, these are fantastic photos and I'm glad you had fun!

  11. Aww! Beautiful! Looks like you had a fun time and the girls enjoyed being together :) LOVE the beautiful pictures!

  12. You have such a precious family! I was watching some of your YouTube videos and one led to thirteen more and I came across a video of you and your sister, Susan, and your weight watchers vlog which reminded me... When does her Four Weddings episode air?! I remember her saying it was sometime maybe in August. Any definitive date?!

  13. I feel the exact same way!!!! We are in a condo that gets the afternoon heat and we cannot even go on the deck. The playgrounds in our neighbourhood are not the greatest so we bought a zoo membership and are constantly at Grammys and Grampys to play in their yard. We are solo hoping within the next two years to have a house and yard if the market improves.

  14. Seriously. What is up with the drops of death?! I mean, trying to keep two 2 year olds away from those stupid things make me never want to take them to the park!

  15. That last picture is sooo precious!!