Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Confess-fest. Super quick.

Monday mornings are kind of rush-rush for me since I go into work, but have to get the kids fed and to my parents first, blah blah (I know, most of you do this every day--props. I suck at this). So I was feeling pretty good about how well I was doing on time this morning. I was dressed. One kid was up eating. I had ingested half my coffee. Then I turned around and stepped in DOG VOMIT. Nothing like that realization to bring you right back down from feeling decent to feeling like eff-you Monday. Just saying.

I completely and totally forgot (or didn't feel like I had) to write a post about our sixth anniversary yesterday. But, look! I'm talking about it now. Everyone knows I'm totally in love with my husband and toot his horn all the time because he's just that awesome. I often wonder why he chose me since he's so much nicer than I--but whatever. I just thank God that he had a lapse of judgement and I made out in the deal, truth be told. Anyway--yesterday didn't really feel like much of an anniversary. We had a very normal morning. Church stuff and I taught Sunday School, even. The girls napped. Then we did get to go out for dinner (thanks to Declan's mom watching the girls), but I kind of want an entire day (or heck, an overnight) to celebrate an anniversary. So we may reschedule for next weekend? Can I do that? :)

Lucy's been sleeping through the night for the last 5-6 days. But she isn't really sleeping through the night. I mean, I usually hear her at least one time and I am finally just sucking it up and letting her cry a little. She goes back to sleep shortly and then my feet never hit the floor till morning. (Unless of course your 3 year old gets up to use the bathroom, ahem--if it's not one it's the other.) The truth is, once she hit a year I just knew it was time to be a little more rigid in the sleep department. We're all a little bit happier.

I am dyinggggg for new ink and Declan and I have plans for something special coming soon. I want it like YESTERDAY. I am getting impatient, but I also don't want to be the people who have to bring their kids to the tattoo parlor. I'm afraid I'll scar Em's eyes forever with all the posters and craziness on the walls. So we wait.

I totally mess up and move and wake up my kids nap to accommodate my gym schedule. I mean, they still always get a nap (or two), but I just realized that they're pretty go-with-the-flow and I could use that to my advantage. Plus, the only way I can really workout well is when I do a group fitness class. When I workout alone there is zero motivation, it's true.

Speaking of which, I went for my first run in a month on Saturday night. I felt awesome, and could tell I was going fast (for me)...and I had told myself that I would NOT look at my phone so I wouldn't know distance or pace, and that I'd just stop when my body told me I was done. Well that plan backfired when I just had this funny feeling something was off, I finally looked and realized it stopped calculating and paused itself at 0.06 miles in. I.was.ticked. So I basically had to calculate based on the time I started my run to when I decided to stop (I wasn't tired, more so annoyed). I'm guessing I ran about 2.5 miles, which honestly, is pretty good for having not ran in a month. Cross training helps, I'm telling you.

I hate Mondays--have I ever told you that? I live for Tuesdays. I know, that's weird.


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  1. I'm dying to see what your next tat will be! Jimmy's been itching too, he has one for me and KP but now he'll need one for James Weston. And I feel you on the middle of the night potty breaks. KP usually has one every single night. While everyone is all "that's so good! she's doing awesome!" I'd rather not deal with it. But whatever.

  2. Yay for Lucy! I think a year is good time to start letting her work out her sleeping thing. My little girl is 7 months old and freaking AWWWful sleeper. I really can't let her cry. Hoping in a few months she gets better and by a year might be making it through on her own.
    hope you guys get to really celebrate your anniversary soon!

  3. Hope you guys get out for something special for you anniversary next weekend! We're celebrating our 3 year anni next weekend (the actual date is Wednesday) and I seriously wish we could go on an overnight -- but it's too difficult right now. Don't feel bad about moving / changing the nap times for your workout -- what's good and healthy for you makes you a better mom in the end, which is good for them :)

  4. I agree !! It's a holiday day here and I still dreaded Monday so much that I barely slept last night and my daughter managed to sleep the whole night thru in her new bed! Ugh. :)

  5. I can't wait to see your new ink! :)

  6. Nothing pisses me off more than when my phone stops in the middle of the run.

    Except maybe stepping in dog vomit. ;)

    I can't wait to hear about your tat. I want swallows on the top of my shoulder but I hate how they get smudgy so I live vicariously through other people's ink instead.

  7. Eeeeek I wanna hear about your tat! I want one so badly but am too indecisive on what and where on my body to get one just yet...can't wait to see it.

    Happy Anniversary to you and hubs. Y'all are just the sweetest ever--I hope Andrew and I are half as awesome as you and Dec are. Especially after 2 kids, if God blesses us with them :)

    Hope your Monday has been delightful, friend. You deserve it.

  8. You totally deserve a whole weekend of anniversary celebrations! I hope it is something spectacular.

    Also...I can't wait to hear more about your new tattoo. I want to get my second one on my birthday this year. I have to admit, I laughed over the thought of you scaring Eme with taking her with you...only because I've thought about that with Sook as well. Ha!

    Monday is almost over...yay!

  9. I want a tattoo so bad but I'm incredibly indecisive and can barely get a TB test! ;)

  10. I can't wait to see what tattoo y'all get!

    I feel the same about anniversary celebrations. Not real until you get at least 8 hours in ;)

  11. It would be great blogging and future therapy material if you took the girls to the tattoo parlor. Just think about it. :)

  12. Heck yes cross training works! It has much such a difference for me. Why haven't I been doing this before now?

    Also, I'm curious about your new tattoo too!

    And hooray for your baby sleeping through the night!

  13. Mondays are just no fun, anyway you slice it.

  14. You can totally pull off the anni celebration a week later! Do it!!

    And excited about the ink! Have to wait for pool season to be over and then I'm off to get my Marlow tatt! It's ready to go. Design is in my glove box in my car :) Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!