Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This and that.

I used to say that you make time for what you love, and writing is a love of mine, for sure. But the truth is I've let other things take the place of that time, I guess--and now, things are squishy. Squishy and tightly packed together and I don't find as much time to write as I used to. The problem with that is my brain still feels a little clogged with words.  So words, words, wordsssss is what I got.


I am seriously hesitant to talk about this, but obviously not hesitant enough to just zip my big, fat mouth so here it goes. We started eating muchhhhh cleaner in the last few days. This was something that I thought about for a long, long time but pushed away the thought because constantly I'd come up with excuse after excuse. But I love pizza. But I can't give up cheese. But I want to eat ____ whenever I want.

I told everyone that they were better, stronger, more disciplined than me but that I just couldn't do it. The truth is, I can do it. Anyone can. It might suck, and I might feel like crap and get headaches for a few days and then dream about brownies, but it can be done. I'm praying to God that I end up loving this lifestyle of food choices versus phoning in a pizza tomorrow (kidding, I won't-swear). Because I am really excited about taking my body to the next step, and having healthy insides and what-not.

The bonus to all this is that my husband is way on board. Like, super on board. I love that about him because he's so self-disciplined. The man has been in the kitchen the last two days prepping meals, making homemade paleo-approved mayonaise, honey mustard, egg muffins for breakfast, and almond powder crusted chicken breasts. It's hilarious, and awesome. Having a spouse on board with you in any health-changes quadruples your success rate. Did you know that? Fun fact of the day as provided by ABC's Extreme Weight Loss show. No, really.

Anyway. Pray for us. If all goes well I will happily update in a few weeks about this more. If all goes down the drain (I hope it doesn't!), then you are welcome to pester me with emails and make me explain why I quit. Because, really. I want to stick with this.


Emeline met her preschool teachers today. They came to the house. Isn't that awesome? They do house-visits before the school year starts. They come out, on your turf, to meet your kid, take their photos (for placemats, their cubbies , etc). I'm super pumped about her teachers this year. They are going to be phenomenal.

So I'm really excited to just get the show on the road (they start in 2 weeks) and get that structure back in our routine again.

When they started to leave, Em got all teary-eyed and "buttt...butttttt, you have to stay and play wif me more." It was the saddest slash sweetest thing ever.


Lucy is in this phase where she is THE CUTEST THING EVER, yet also driving me absolutely batty. I am convinced that children at this age (12-18 months) are THIS DANG CUTE so that they make up for all the constant messes, clinginess, toe-biting, teething-monster'ish stuff they do. 'Cuz omg. This child will keep me on my toes. But gosh, the second she smiles, I'm all mush. What gives, second kid?

 You got me wrapped.


...and I'm spent.

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. I'm kind of intrigued by the whole paleo diet thing. But what about the sugar? The weight watchers thing would be great if I could just stick to it!!!

  2. Wow! God is so amazing in the way He brings confirmation from the most unlikely sources.

    I've been reading about Paleo for about a week now and picked up "it starts with food" from the library over the weekend. I've been trying to start for the last two days now :( I said the same exact things you did, "I'm not disciplined enough" or "that's great that they did that". I felt defeated before I even begun.

    But today, you and another favorite blogger both posted about starting a paleo lifestyle! I'm in! I feel God whispering that I really can do all things through Him. Even this thing that seems so difficult.

    Anyhow, I say all of this to say that I haven't read anything that's negative about paleo. I want to introduce real food to my family too, become healthy, and use the only body I have to glorify God.

    Thanks for your post today!

  3. I'm in the "I could never do that" category, ha ha. I do need to clean up my eating big time, but I love to splurge too. I don't think I could manage without! Ha ha!

  4. I have been having the eating clean discussion with myself for months. I'll start Monday, I'll start next month. Maybe I'll find my motivation through you!

    And that second kid thing? Oh so true. Our daughter is 7 1/2 months and is already crawling and pulling up. She is into EVERYTHING but it is too cute for words!

  5. Is she going to the same preschool as last year? Did you freak out about the house and everything being perfect?! I would!

  6. OMG..!! Ur husband makes so much food, ur a really lucky girl..
    U have such a cute family..
    Dont forget to enter my giveaway.
    Keep in touch,

  7. I give you so much credit for only blogging when you have things to say! So many bloggers feel the need to post every day (or sometimes as much as 2 or 3 times a day) regardless of what they actually have to talk about. Or they just start doing giveaways/sponsored posts/guest posts all the time. I would much rather read a blog that is only updated occasionally but is always interesting, which yours is! I'm interested to hear how the paleo thing goes. Are you just doing it at home or all the time? Are the kids doing it too?

  8. Once we finish remodeling our kitchen (the granite and sink are FINALLY being installed this weekend!) We're going to seriously commit to eating clean. Well, I am. He's on board, but can't get off the cheese bandwagon. Honestly, I wonder if I can too. I love ALL THE CHEESE. And ALL THE YOGURT. Is it hard to give up dairy?

  9. I couldn't agree more about how having a spouse on board makes eating healthy more successful. Mine is on board with a deep fryer and pizza diet but I can't get him to eat almost anything healthy but we NEED it and our kids NEED it. We are the worst role models and I'd love to change that but he won't budge. Wishing you guys luck though. Definitely sounds like you'll be very successful with it.

  10. Same here with the words. Things are just taking up all my time right now, and when I sit down to write something? It's all, "Uh... well... umm..." ha.

    Lucy makes me smile every time you post a pic. Can't believe Em is in preschool. How are these babies getting so big so fast?!

    Good luck with the paleo thing! We've been doing much better with all that as well. Not perfect... I still like my ice cream. But much better. Almond butter is my bff. :)

  11. I am so happy and proud of you! Eating clean/paleo is amazing once you start you really don't want to stop. Trust me when I allow myself a cheat aka "real life meal" I feel gross, and I cannot wait to eat clean again! You are going to rock this and with Declan doing what he is doing there's no doubt you two will stick it out!!!! Way to go!

  12. Great post! I REALLY want to eat "clean" too but I feel the exact way you explained. We eat really well actually. Basically all organic & not very much processed at all. All our meat & dairy is local and we raise our own chickens (meat & eggs). But we aren't "clean". Clean is hard. I wish you luck and would love to hear how it goes for you & your family.

    And your kiddos are as adorable as ever.

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