Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ah, heck. Let's say SO WHAT.

I am so not a link-up person. But if I'm gonna do any, it'll be Shannon's. I like her. And honestly? Saying so-what is kinda fun.

SO What IF....

-I go to bed at night looking forward to my coffee in the morning, but actually dreading the whole waking up part.

-I look forward to preschool days more than my own kid does. It's not that I want to get rid of her, I love her--but I like missing her. I also like that I know she's in good hands, learning good stuff....yea. That.

-I already know that Lucy can attend the 2 year old class next Fall and I'm already imagining just how peaceful and beautiful that time alone, sans kids will be. I mean, 4 hours a week kid-free? What the heck will I do with myself?

-I drug my husband along to a Bootcamp class at our Y last night and it kicked our butts. I mean, it may have kicked his butt more than mine, ahem....(I do work out a lot more than him, just saying). But it was fun. There were a ton of couples doing the class together and it made me feel kind of awesome knowing we were doing that together. High-fives and good-game butt pats all around.

-I put a huge pile of toys in front of Lucy hoping to keep her occupied for at least 2 minutes. It usually lasts more like 30 seconds, but whatever-I try. You know you do it, too.

-I've been eating extremely well, and I honestly don't miss the foods I'm going without. I just miss the idea of them, if that makes sense. Which basically means I was/am more of an emotional eater than I thought.

-I texted some of my friends with side by sides of my two week stomach progress because I could totally see a difference and I needed confirmation. Gotta love how cutting out crap and gluten makes your bloat go down like whoa.

-It makes me sad when I have to miss my favorite classes at the gym.

-I only blog when I have something to say. Except today, obviously. Since none of this is relevant, at all.

-I'm still holding onto Em's naptime for dear life and I don't even care if it means she falls asleep way too late at night. At least she's in her bed and not downstairs. I mean, I clearly realize it's close to time to cut that, but--umm, no thanks. I like that time during the day, and I need it. The end.

-I really, really, really struggle with my dogs existence on a daily basis. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but he is such a Bitter Betty. He got even more crazy when we brought Lucy home. He's just not been the same and he seems unhappy. He stresses me out daily with his anxiety issues.

-If anyone stopped by my house in the first few hours of the morning they'd see the scariest Katie everrrr. I mean. I am a total wreck when I roll out of bed. And it isn't much better once I put my gym clothes on and throw my hair back in a gnarly pony tail either. Basically, I get dressed about 2x a week and I'm ok with that.

-I'm not nearly as excited for Fall as anyone else. I'll say, I like leggings and boots being back in--but honestly? Fall leads to Winter and winter bums me out, a lot. Snow is gross. I really, really grew to love shorts and flip flops more this year than ever. My legs like to breathe, so do my feet.

What are you saying So What to? Join in over at Shannon's blog :)

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  1. Don't worry about giving up that nap. Emmy will be 5 in November and she napped every day until full-day school started this year. Now she naps on the weekend! She rarely actually sleeps. But she gets quiet time in her room for about an hour and a half. I need it for my sanity!

  2. EEEPPP!! I'm honored and flattered that you linked up b/c I know this is so not your thing! Thanks!!!

    Umm..nap, yeah I need it. Yesterday it took KP an hour before she was asleep and whatever. She's taking a nap.

    This is going to sound horrible but Casey ran away Monday night and was gone for 9 hours, I wasn't THAT sad about it. Shh...dogs stress me out and wake me up at night, as if I need anyone else waking me up.

  3. I cannot stand my dogs. And that makes me feel really guilty. But they are annoying and they smell and cost me lots of money. Pugs can live til they are 15. Malcolm is 9, Parker is 8, and Grover is 4. FML.

  4. I am so with you on the nap front! I refuse to admit it will go away one day. It's been a battle at daycare, thankfully on mama's watch there's almost always a nap!

    And as for the dog. Well. Love him to pieces. But let's just say when he goes to doggy heaven we won't be getting another one anytime soon!

  5. Bless you for the comment about the dog. We have a yorkie schnauzer rescued dog. We thought he was 3. Yea, he was like 8. So he's not nearly as "adjustable" as we thought. Once Emerson started walking all hell broke loose. If she's not around no biggie but when she gets home---LORD help me. Stresses me out like no one's business. And I'm due with #2 in less than 3 weeks. You aren't alone....

  6. Just found your blog! Haha I love this post! So honest and so real! Happy to be following along on bloglovin'! -Andrea

  7. Oh my gosh. I am the exact same with missing the idea of eating desserts. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! The biggest change in me has been the bloating in my stomach. WHOA. I never knew how bloated I felt and looked until I cut all the crap out.

    Gosh, I love bootcamp. There is nothing like pushing your body to do things that you didn't think you could do! My husband has been once with me and as soon as we finish our half marathon in a few weeks he said he is going to start going more.

    I honestly don't know if I can ever have another dog. We had to put ours down the month before our first son was born and I can easily say that was a huge blessing in disguise. That might be horrible to say, but it's the truth!!

  8. 4 hours kid free? Time to make another baby!!!

  9. Monroe is still in a crib because he's happy there and I REFUSE to give up his nap. He's almost 3.5 I work two nights a week, so that rest in the afternoon is essential. My husband always gets worked up about the fact that he can lay awake in his bed for an hour or so before falling asleep. I say, so what? He's fine, we're fine, why worry. Sometimes I lay in bed and can't sleep either. I'm not giving it up anytime soon. I let him take one book and one toy into his bed and I don't care if he sleeps or not, he's hanging out in there.

    You may have inspired me to give the paleo thing a shot---in January. I need some time to prep myself and get through the holidays. Sounds like a cop out, but I honestly do better when I can psych myself up for a while. Your WW posts got me motivated to lose 25 lbs!

    As for mac's anxiety. I'm sure you're not looking for tips, but my mom's dog developed some pretty serious anxiety-started hanging out under the bed and whining all of the time. She bought these things that look like the plug in air fresheners. They emit pheromones (you can't smell them) and they made a HUGE difference--supposed to remind them of being with their mothers or something. I think she ordered them online. Might be worth a shot.

  10. Love this post!
    I'd love to see some side-by-side pics... I'm thinking of trying to eat paelo but I am scaredddd

  11. I toootttally get the dog thing. Every time I even consider getting rid of him I'm like "no no we can't" but I borderline hate his existence most days. And then I feel guilty about it. And he's a good dog. But I'm tired of the random poop in the house and needing to go outside and all of the dog stuff. Hoping the boys take care of most of it soon. Nathan discovered Kiba pooped in the bathroom the other day and Nathan cleaned it up and told me afterwards. Score! Yep. Dogs after kids? Not so fun.

  12. Bahaha. I go to sleep EXCITED for coffee in the morning! #momlife ;)

    Shan told me about your side-by-side (She didn't share, don't worry.) but I am nosey! :) I have seen Pinterest pics people posted with "I'm eating cleaner, look what my belly has one!" but I've always been like, seriously? WHAT you're eating has changed it? Hmmm...