Friday, September 6, 2013

if it ends in an air-kiss, that's good.

Kids ask a lot of questions. Ok, sometimes 3 year olds can dictate your entire day with questions. Okay, they do. I get it, they're learnnnnning you say. They're taking it all in, you say. They're processing about the world around them, you say. 

But, when you're knee deep in the questions, it can be--well, kind of....exhausting? I mean, it's great. It's super duper awesome when I can teach her something and I can see a little lightbulb goes off in her head. Like the time she asked about this big, huge tower and what was it there for. And I could tell her it's the reason why cell phones work which make the world go round. See? Quality education right there

Sometimes it's stuff about school, or daddy's car, or bugs, or whyyyyy can't I have juice at lunchtime, or whatever else she feels like interrogating questioning for the day.

But sometimes she asks a good one. A really, really good question that I feel is an opportunity for my Mom Love to shine. You know, the times where I hope she'll look back on and be all mushy gushy and  fuzzy-warm-heart just remembering how deeply loved she is. 

This morning she slept in a little bit. Since Lucy and I had been down here, hanging out for about half hour before she decided to wake, I thought I'd get ahead of the game and have her breakfast all ready before the questions of, Mommmmmm can you get my breakfasttttt I'm hunnnngwwyy begun. 

Lucy was all done and toddling around in the living room holding her beh-beh (baby) by the neck. I was enjoying the quietness of the morning. When I hear it. 

"Disssyyy!! DISSY! (sissy) dissy!!!!!!" and I see bouncing Lucy legs and a chubby finger pointing up the steps, where a big-sister-wrapped-in-an-ugly-dora-blanket stood at the top landing.

Good morning, lovey. I said. 

Hiiiii Mom! Hiiiii lucy girl! she said. 

When she saw her breakfast was all ready she came into the kitchen, climbed up into her chair and smiled. We had small talk about how she slept last night, what she dreamed about, you know, the usual stuff.

She paused.

Looked at her breakfast, and said...."Mom, did you make me breakfast?"

(I thought, ohhh no, here it goes. The barrage of Ask The Obvious Questions begins.)

"Yes, baby. I did"

        "Oh. Thanks!..... (the pause called, thinking of another question for mom...I know it so well)....................Mom? Why did you make me breakfast?"

(Ummmmmmmm. Why do I make you breakfast every day?, child? I mean---it's my duty as your mother to make sure you're nourished properly, for starters. Because you're hungry, for starters. And because you'd harass me until I made it anyway so why not get ahead of the game?)

((I said none of the above))

Instead I simply said:

"Because I love you."

                    ...and then....she let's out a cute little smile....and says....
                               "Why do you love me?"

Armed with years of ammunition as to why I love this little 3 year old, who tests my patience daily, has her momma's side-eye, and reminds me more of a teenager than a preschooler---so I shot back at her with my answer faster than a speeding bullet. 

"Because God gave me you. You're like a gift to momma. You're so special and unique, and you're a nice, kind girl who's sweet to her friends, you love your family so well, you're a beautiful big sister, and you're the best Emeline I could ever ask for...." 

She smiled, big. I could see her little love cup running over inside and I really didn't even say that much.

She air-kissed me from her seat (it's kind of our thing...she puckers up, and does a kiss-smack-sound, especially when she's feeling super lovey-dovey, and happy).

I air-kissed her back double-time & she smiled a face full of strawberries at me.


It feels good to be reminded why we're loved.


  1. Bring on the waterworks!!

    What a precious question with a very beautiful answer!

    Good job, Mommy :-)

  2. Ohhhhh yes, the questions! Some days I feel like the questions are turning my brain to mush! I'll bear this post in mind today, and try to make my answers earn air kisses!

  3. this is precious. hope you girls have a wonderful friday!

  4. i love the questions stages....i also love the parrot repeat stage
    with #5 he repeats the last word we say with a question mark tone. I love love it haha (reminds me of a little bear episode)

  5. This was just the sweetness I needed on a Friday morning. Can't wait to experience those moments.

  6. And cue the happy, sappy tears. Katie girl- you're making me want babies baaaaaaad!

  7. Bestill my beating heart. That is one precious child you got there. :) I think she's a keeper.

  8. What a cute story! I know I'll have a different opinion when I'm in the middle of 2 toddlers bombarding me with questions but I kinda can't wait for that phase. :)

  9. Yes, all the questions. Sometimes I tell Mia no more questions for a while. I feel bad about it, but for the love.

    Thanks for sharing this story. Very, very sweet these girls. So blessed to have them and their 406 daily questions :)

  10. So, so cute. And I love their reactions when you get it right. :)

  11. You're such a good mama, Katie. I loved your answer.

  12. Heeheehee, so many more questions are coming for you!!!! Just you wait! :)

    If you can, get some of them on video so you can look back, or show them to her and say "SEE? Look at all the weird stuff you used to ask me!" :)