Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Things ain't no Thang

One of those things that got me all happy when I dreamed about my future with a little girl was knowing that ballet classes would likely be in it.

I get it, that is so cliche. And you know I'm against broad stereotypes. Also, I am fully aware there are amazing boy/men ballerinas and dancers. Actually, I have a few friends who have put their boys in dance and hollerrrrrrr because I LOVE THAT.

BUT I'd be lying if I said I didn't smile from ear to ear when I thought of leotards and a high bun and pink ballet shoes. Of course, I was equally as excited when Emeline started soccer last Spring, too. I's just. The New Things. They get me all giddy.

See, I was super duper shy as a kid (don't laugh). I always had my thumb in my mouth and kinda hid behind everyone else. You couldn't get me to try these things. I didn't want to. I stayed inside my little comfort zone of little sister and being close to my momma, and I didn't do any of these things as a kid. I didn't play a single sport. I'm pretty sure I never attended a ballet class.

But I LOVE that my kid wants to do all these things. I love that she is legitimately excited, and has no fear (at this point) when it comes to new things (watch her cry tonight now that I'm saying this out loud on the Internet). It's FUN.

She wore her ballet slipper pajamas in anticipation for this day.

Her messy hair excitement this morning should give you a small glimpse of her sheer glee when it comes to trying new things.

I want to be like her.

I know that sounds dumb, but I want to have half the courage she does to walk into a new place and own it. To know that she has the same potential as anyone else. That new things are just new things and doesn't hurt to try is her motto. For being 3, she's brave. She's super duper brave and independent and while those characteristics have grown on me as I've aged and matured, I wish I possessed them more as a kid like she just naturally does.

It helps my mom heart a lot to have my firstborn be so fiercely independent. I can say that now with a few years under my belt. I may not be the mom who's got a leg clinger and a crier when I leave her presence---and sometimes, yea, it may suck a little when she waves all happily and basically forces me to leave, "YOU AND LUCY CAN GO NOW, MOM" at preschool. But, I know it's better that way, for us. For my heart. And ultimately she's just waiting to shine, independently, on her own, without being under the shadow of anyone else.

I guess that's a good thing.

So ballet, bring it. High buns and tights, here we go.

I hope my heart can take it. 'Cuz, wow. 

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  1. They are so precious! I am with you on it helps a momma's heart to see your little be so brave. My oldest is not and it just hurts me for him. It's so hard to explain to a 3 year old how awesome it feels to accomplish something you were scared to do. I have so much faith in his ability to do all of these things (sports mainly, i guess.. but really being in front of people in general!), but I know it is going to be a struggle for him to actually do it.

    I'm going to guess your little Lucy will be the same as her big sister! Nothing like a strong, independent woman!!!

  2. That is so sweet and wonderful! And they are SO cute!! I understand wishing I was more like that when I was younger too! But how fun and sweet that she is so excited about it all too! :)

  3. I can't wait to see pictures! My kid is a leg clinger, so I'm sort of jealous of the independent child. I always loved dance as a kid so I'm really excited to put Phoebe in it next year. I hope she has so much fun tonight!

  4. Can't wait to see and hear how it goes!

    I was SUPER shy when I was little. (When we moved from West Chester to Twin Valley in 2nd grade, I would stand with the teacher and cry on the playground for a week straight because I just wanted my mom) So it makes my mama heart swell a little when I see how fearless Avery is, she just walks into a room, no big deal. I barely get a "good-bye". It is so weird sometimes to learn lessons from a toddler.

  5. Oh my word. So cute. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. I love that our kids are big enough for all these new firsts! We started Jamie in gymnastics a few weeks ago and he looooves it! It's so fun sitting on the bleachers with all the other moms looking through the window. I just know Emeline is going to love ballet!!

  7. I have one fiercely independent one, and another leg clinger. They both drive me equally crazy. (I kid.) (Okay, I'm serious.) But the sports stuff? I LOVE. Outdoor soccer is by far my favorite. Unfortunately, B would NEVER allow dance lessons in this house. The man won't even allow a toy kitchen. So silly. Your girls are gorgeous little ballerinas.

  8. They are so so so so cute!! I love their little pink ballet outfits :)

  9. Too much cuteness for one post!

    I can't help but wonder how Ethan will be once he is in preschool and is starting to get into things and have school friends, etc. He is SUCH the social butterfly, but I? Am still a hermit. We don't go many places, and the kids he does see are at church and at family gatherings, and when he sees a kid, he just stares and says, "Hi, I'm Eefan!" I can't wait to see him blossom. I am with you...these little ones...I wish I had their spunk.

  10. Oh my, I could have written this exact post. Love it. They are adorable!

  11. Emeline was made to be a ballerina!