Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Past, Present & Future Highlights


A few days ago we went to the orchards. Our weekends are completely packed from here on until, forever (it feels like), and so we're trying to make sure we get in some of our Fall Bucket List stuff on some weekday evenings. Admittedly, we're doing a really bad job at it. 

We showed up there, thinking we could pick apples at least. Well, that was closed. Then, we thought, our kid doesn't care--she'll be happy "picking apples" from the market. Except that she insisted to play on the playground first. We obliged, after all, this Fall fun stuff is for them, right?

We let her play just in time for the market to close (oops) and weren't even able to buy the most delectable homemade apple cider donuts you ever did eat. If that wasn't a complete fail of a trip, I don't know what is. The good news is? Kids are easy to please. They pretty much had an awesome time anyway. They got ice cream from the deli-store instead, and you know what? Apparently that trumps apple cider donuts in kid-world anyway.

Memories are what you make 'em, I guess--right?

And plus. I got pictures. Pictures always make things look pretty awesome, yea?


Right now I'm involved in a women's Bible Study I am really excited about. It's been a loooooong time (okay, this may be the first time) since I've done that. We're studying the book, The Emotionally Healthy Woman and I love when a book challenges me and helps change me for the better. At one point this week my husband (lovingly) pointed out how different (better) I was communicating and he so much appreciated that.

It's also really, really challenging me in the area of honesty. I need to write about this more one day but to be honest (ha), I'm not even sure where to start. We lie all the time. I lie all the time. And I don't mean blatant lies either. "Hi, how are you?"...."Good". WHEN YOU AREN'T GOOD AT ALL. (as a very tiny example, and there are tons of them) So, yea. It's a good book and I'm really enjoying devouring it with a group of women I respect and love. Maybe more on that to come.


My mom's Momma went home to be with Jesus this week. In my adulthood we've not been close to her at all (as grandchildren), but I feel for my mom because I think losing your mother, no matter your age, would just suck. We'll be honoring her life on Friday.


I feel like a month into Paleo we are doing great. I feel super, I have energy. If I am feeling this desperate need to indulge in something, I do, in moderation. I think we might finally have a good balance going on. After a month I can see much more definition in my arms and my stomach is tighter. The crazy part is, I just did my measurements and lost THIRTEEN inches in one month. That's counting from hips, waist, butt, thighs, arms. CRAZINESS.


Do you ever feel like you have something cool coming up and you just look forward to it LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS? That's me right now.

My side of the family hasn't done a vacation in a long time with us all together. It's really good for us to do that, but this summer between other family vacations, babies being born, etc, we just couldn't make it work.

So in two'ish weeks, we go here:

A long weekend trip with everyone to Great Wolf Lodge. I am sooooo excited about it. My little brother is even flying in from San Diego to hang with us, so all the kids are pumped. He's got #coolunclestatus which is so unfair considering he's hardly around.


What ya got going on, friends? Any past, present or future highlights?

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  1. such beautiful pictures of your family Katie! You go girl! That is so awesome! You should be really proud : )

  2. Your kids are super cute. My daughter and Lucy are close in age (May/Aug) and it is the BEST age. I could just eat them up. and boy does she think she is funny. The paleo diet intrigues me. I have commented before on this. I may give it a whirl - SO many people have said great things about it and how awesome they feel. I pretty much feel like death (but that may be due to a certain 16 month old that still refuses sleep). You look so happy. I would love to hear more about the bible study. I have been thinking of going to one. (Course first we have to find a church that both me and my husband agree on!)

  3. Your kids are too cute.. Little one has such pretty eyes.... Its so good when some day you dont do anything you planned but still the day is beautiful..
    Keep in touch,

  4. I'm thinking I need to read that book. I did start the she reads truth plan this week but I like a good book...something to underline and star and hilite. sounds like a good one.

    i need more info on the paleo. i want to eat better, and feed easton better...and have definitely made some major improvements...but I would like to do more. Of course, i can't do anything drastic right now, being pg, but after- I"m READY! I'm tired of flabby!

    the apple pictures look great...even if there were no apples! ;)

  5. haha. the uncle of mine that has #coolunclestatus is the one that lives the farthest away too! He's my stepmom's oldest brother & can make anybody laugh and is just a great guy. I so wanna go to Great Wolf Lodge!

  6. Um, you're going to great wolf?! that's like 2 hours away from me!!!

  7. Oh I Hope you guys have fun at Great Wolf Lodge! My mom had to go for a work thing a couple years ago and said it was amazing! I want to take KP soon but ours is like 2.5 hours away and hunting season starts so there's that.

  8. Thirteen inches is CRAZY awesome! Amazing!

    Also? A family vacation sounds so, so awesome right now. Have a blast!

  9. The water park place looks super fun! :) Your girls are going to love it!!
    The pictures from "apple picking" are so, so good. Lucy girl is getting so big.

  10. Loving the pictures of the girls, so sweet.
    Have fun on vacation!

  11. That place looks amazing!!! So fun! I might suggest that book next for bible study. We are reading what's it like to be married to me right now. Life changing!

  12. Your pictures are so beautiful.

    And your models too

  13. Oh my goodness. I was just talking about Great Wolf Lodge with Calli! You MUST tell me how it is!

    ps-- 13 inches? You're awesome!

    pps- love that pic of Dec and the girls.

    ppps- lets hang soon :)

  14. I'm totally hoping you're coming to the one here... ;) ha! that probably wouldn't be a short weekend trip though. y'all have fun!!

  15. That vacation sounds delightful! My whole family is heading to Destin, Fl next week and I'm so excited!

    I always love looking at pictures of your happy little family. :)

    You rock on the paleo thing my dear. ROCK!

  16. Your kids are so cute and your pictures are always so beautiful! What kind of camera do you have and what type of lens do you use?

  17. What fun! Right now, I'm having a bunch of lowlights with crazy work schedules and things being stolen and too much money on the house, but I look on the bright side... I have a job that keeps me busy and allows me to have those devices and pay the bills to keep the lights on. That's my highlight!

  18. Your kids are so cute and your pictures are always so beautiful! What kind of camera do you have and what type of lens do you use? cable sweater cute