Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Age of Maximum Cuteness

Lucy is ridiculous, you guys. Ridiculously adorable. I know I felt this way about Emeline, I know I did. But doing this the second time around it just feels like I stop and enjoy Lucy's cuteness more. That sounds so stupid, but really.

A long time ago someone told me that 12-18 months was called The Age of Maximum Cuteness in their house. At the time, having just one kid, I didn't really get that. But now, having a 3 year old (who lately we've been referring to as the threenager, just sayin'), I definitely, 100000000% agree that we are at The Age of Maximum Cuteness with Louie. Not that Em isn't cute. BUT.

It's just.

The baby chatter.

The chub.

Those thighhhhs.

No back talk.

The cheeks.

The baby kisses.

Loves ALL!The!NEW!Things!


No backtalking. Did I mention no back talking? OR asking why? WHY WHY??? WHYYYY MOMMMM?

One of my favorite things about Lucy right now is the way she air-kisses me. She has the perfect lip-pucker and smacking-kiss-sound ever.

When I walk into the room (or sissy, or dad, anyone else) she shrieks, "HIIIIIIIIIIII _________" So, it's either HIIIIIII DISSY! or HIIIIII DA DA or HEEEYYYYYY MA. It's clear as day and makes you feel like a million bucks.

Her words are exploding recently. She has a love for All Things BABYDOLL and carries them around by the neck like it's her JOB. When I pick her up at the Y? She has a babydoll in her hand. When I come into her bedroom, she's hugging a baby doll around the neck in her crib. She walks around cuddling it and saying "Beh-beh!" repeatedly. If we say, "Go get your baby, Lu" she will go all around the house looking for her until she finds that naked creepy baby. It's ridiculously cute.

She throws food on the floor now. It sucks. Like, every single meal ends with tons and tons of food being dropped on the ground. It's SUPER FUN. I feel like we just got over that phase with Em. Nowwwww, welcome to the dark side again, suckers. (said Lucy)

Girlfriend will try anything. She's adventurous. So much so that sometimes it scares me, but whatever.

She finds everything hilarious. If she sees anything brought a reaction out of you? She will do it again, and again, and again. She loves to "bonk" her head on you. IT HURTS, MAN. She does it repeatedly and laughs every time. I think her head is made of steel. She giggles with delight as she's beating up her daddy. She's a bruiser and I love it.

She hands you something, anything, and says, "DANK YOU!"

I always, always know when she needs something. I feel like she communicates that in some way, somehow, all the time. If she's hungry and wants a snack, she walks to the cabinets and points to tell me. If she's thirsty, she figures out a way to tell me. I like not-guessing and I don't feel like I have to guess anymore with her.

Thank the Lord, Lucy loves sleep. She didn't always. In fact, I always said, LUCY HATES SLEEP. But she doesn't anymore. She really likes it now. All is good in sleep world.

Oh this little girl brings my lots of joy.

Guys (ahem, girls), if you can't tell. I mean. I love my little family. A lot. I don't care if it's cliche or whatever, but we are happy. We are. We work through our own crap like everyone else and life challenges but I love these people so much. In the end I'm just thankful that God gave me all these people to love, even if I do want to rip my hair out sometimes. No it's not perfect. But what is?

Get 'em Lucy.


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  1. Love this! Luckily I still feel like I'm in that phase with Chase. I wish he had those thighs though!!!

  2. Yup.. I have an almost 3 yr old and a 9 month old.. Mine are boys but totally get what u are saying...why are three year olds talking back already? Great post!

  3. She is maximum adorableness. Seriously! And yeah, food dropping on the floor started up around here again too. (For once) so glad for those dogs!!! Haha And--- I am in love with that last picture. ❤ Happy almost weekend love!

  4. OMG threenager!!! LMAO! We have one of those too, and man does it make me slightly (omg a lot!) concerned about what really teenager-hood will be like haha ; ) I think the threenager-ness makes me miss the age of maximum cuteness even more...sniff : (

  5. Love those thighs!! Zoe has them too and everyone keeps saying, "Oh don't worry. She'll thin out when she starts to walk." I secretly have no desire for them to go away anytime soon :)

  6. Three is SO FUN, isn't it? It makes the tiny toddler seem so perfectly easy. And sweet.

    I love the 12-18 months age. It's why my kids are in sets. Plus with the second you're so much more relaxed. You KNOW how sweet the age is, and how fast it goes, so you're able to enjoy it more.

  7. So sweet!

    I've found myself looking back at pictures and especially videos of E at that age (12-18mos), and I'm all...SQUISH! He had chubby cheeks and spoke in his little language, and I'm like, "How did he turn into THIS from THAT so quickly?" It makes me eager for Gabe to get to that age to see what his personality is like.

  8. I couldn't agree more about that age being the cute one. Chloe's cuter now, but the 2 year old attitude cancels some of the cuteness out. It's harder to be cute when you're whining all the time. I also love the term 'threenager'. Our oldest will only be 3 in January but she already gets out of bed like a teenager and fights about everything like a teenager. I think I want to run for the hills before either of these children actually become teenagers. Scary thought.

  9. Ahhhh Lucy girl is precious! That last picture of all of you is the best!

  10. Ok this made me super excited for Kevin to be that age someday.

    Lucy's kisses? Adorable. I just might have to use that video to cheer me up some days :)

  11. While my kids are all adults, I fondly remember the chubby baby cuteness and all the amazing love and awesomeness that comes with that age. There are other ages you will enjoy but none will rival this age of innocence.

  12. While my kids are all adults, I fondly remember the chubby baby cuteness and all the amazing love and awesomeness that comes with that age. There are other ages you will enjoy but none will rival this age of innocence.

  13. I HEAR YOU. My girl is 17 months and my goodness.. she's so stinkin' cute. :) Wish her and Lucy could play!

  14. Those thighs!!!

    I kind of agree with you on the things I've noticed with Marlow that maybe I did with Mia, but it was all so new then? Who knows, but I do love it.

    She's adorable! Happy that you're happy! That's all we can really ask for at the end of the day. Health and happiness!

  15. That's what we say in our house!! 18 months is the "age of maximum cuteness" for sure! We are long past that here of course but every time I see about tot about that age I want to squish them! :D And your Lucy is no exception. ADORABLE!!