Friday, October 11, 2013

On my mind.

-I pulled a muscle in my right butt cheek last night doing some 'turkish' something or other move with a weight, where you jump up on one leg, something ridiculous, and it's annoying as heck and hurts. It doesn't hurt enough though to keep me from Body Pump today. But, oooh. It feels good to stretch it, so I'll be walking around (laying around) stretching my glute all dang day.

-I realized recently that I get personally offended when people look at something I do (go to the gym, cook healthy for my family, go on fun outings as a family, etc) and say Where do you EVER find the time to do ALL THAT? I realized the reason it's so off-putting to me is because it feels like they're all actually saying, YOU MUST HAVE NO LIFE AND ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. When really, I feel the opposite. It's just, you place your time in what you value is all.

-Being a former art teacher I used to dream about doing art with my kid. Oh yea, I thought I'd be The Coolest Mom when it came to this stuff. In reality, I'm the opposite. Part of my issue is space in this house. I have nowhere for her to do anything fun like paint and be a little Picasso especially once the weather gets cold.  I'm just glad she does art at preschool or then I'd feel really bad. (She is doing play-doh as we speak, and it's getting everrrryyyyywhere. So I'm still semi-cool.)

-If you ever wonder where my cute boots are from, I pretty much get them all from JustFab. I'm obsessed with their boots, am never disappointed, and I think right now you can get two fall styles for $39.95. It's a membership based site, which means that if you don't want to buy one month, you just have to go on between the 1st-5th to "skip". So I set reminders on my phone to do that unless I'm dying for something every once in a while. Favorite handbags & such have come from there, too. Always free shipping? Sign me up.

-I feel like I never take photos anymore, like real photos, and that makes me sad.

-I've started a few blog posts this week and none of them get published, ever. I figure that if it doesn't just flow off the lips (fingers) then it isn't worth posting. So if it gets interrupted 39048309483 times and then I come back to it, end up scratching my head all, where are you going with this? Then I delete it. The problem is, I rarely get uninterrupted time to write anymore (*cough* kids *cough*). Hence, no posts.

-I've been putting pumpkin pie spice in my coffee the last few weeks. It just gives it that little extra boost of flavor and feels fall'ish without being a pumpkin spice latte crazy girl (which I'm not). But yesterday I grabbed Cumin instead. The smell overwhelmed me JUST before I took a sip. Then I read the container. Fail. Ruined cup of coffee.
-I make jokes all the time about how the reason I go to the gym is to get a break from my children, and working out is just a side bonus. I'm not trying to be mean, but--I think this is less and less of a joke, and more a reality these days. When we spend mornings home, all morning, it wears on me, big time. The amount of times the kids beg for snacks is They bomb the place x a million, and while I'm ok with that, because, it can be cleaned. It's honestly WAY EASIER to take them out. I think staying home for a full morning sucks and I'm not afraid to admit it. Hence why I'll even go to the Y on mornings it is absolutely POURING DOWN RAIN (like right now). Because God forbid we stay home. I may lose my sanity.

-I can't believe we already have to start thinking about Christmas Cards. I need a family photoshoot and then I'll be ordering from Minted again. I've not found a quality I like better, honestly. They have an early bird deal going on where you can get 15% off your order now for holiday cards, BUT, you don't actually have to upload the photo or create them till later. Isn't that genius? I heart

code is: EARLY2013 for 15% off holiday cards

-We couldn't have planned a better time to take a long weekend vacation to a completely indoor water park. I mean, it is absolutely pouring down rain ALL weekend long, and it doesn't matter a lick because, INDOOR FUN! ALL WEEKEND! FAMILY TIME! VACATION!

-Have you all noticed the trend in blogging lately? A post will go viral. It's all over your newsfeed one day, huff post picks it up, someone disagrees with said post (I'm sure a ton of people disagree), but then they, *gasp* rebuttal! Then the rebuttal goes viral, shocker. It's fine to rebuttal, I guess, I just find it funny. It just all seems like one big power-play to get noticed? I don't know, I feel a little meh about it. Then again, I usually read them. So I guess it does serve it's purpose, huh? genius buggers.

-Is it 4pm yet? I'm ready for vacation.


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  1. First, I just ordered my first pair of boots from JustFab this morning! Good thing you posted about the skip b.c I had NO clue! LOL... Butt muscles are ANNOYING when they are strained or pulled. But not super painful (weird). The viral things never work on me, perhaps b.c I have no time to read extra things that do not grab my attention or what it is... But if I see it more than once I just skip and move on. Your posts however always get read! :-) enjoy your weekend. It looks like a lot of fun (from your IG post).

  2. hahaha! I was laughing at your first line...butt cheeks!!! I am so mature that "butt cheeks" make me laugh. I am sorry you pulled something, because I know how annoying that is. At least you can soak it in a hot tub this weekend, right?

    I think I have more drafts then published posts. I think I need to invest in a recording app - like Dragon dictation - because I "write" my best posts while I am driving to and from work. But I mumble, and that causes some confusion when I am trying to do that, poor Siri and I are always having problems. And I would probably spend half my time deleting curse words that I shout at moronic drivers.

    Have so much fun this weekend! And drive safe in this rain - yuck! I am hoping to get some stuff down around the house (hahahhahaha - 2 year old - hahahhahahah)

  3. 1 point Turkish get ups, 0 Katie ;)

    I agree with the viral thing. Someone throws out their opinion, gets noticed, and someone HAS to disagree and state they don't agree with that and hear me out my opinion is better and share share share so I go viral too!! Get over it. Opinions are like assholes.. Well you know the rest.

  4. I agree that going out with the kids a 1000 times easier than staying home with them. I think they get bored being at home all the time plus kids like a routine.

    I've seen some people drop their kids off at the gym and then sit in the lounge with their coffee and a laptop. I use to judge those people but now that I have kids I totally get it.

  5. I agree with going somewhere to get a semi break. This is partly why I run a lot... Bc it's also a bit of me time. Don't get me wrong, I love lounging in bed with my kids and sipping on coffee and checking blogs while they watch nick jr, and I don't think they mind, but sometimes it's nice to get out and about. Without spending money or something. I might look into a gym membership after I do my next half Marathon...

  6. I totally understand the going to the gym to stay sane. It's my favorite excuse. Monday afternoons especially the adjustment from weekend-to school-to big sister is home from school it's usually sibling rivalry central and I look forward to dropping my (usually grumpy) kids in child watch and heading to kickboxing.

  7. I love justfab, I will be ordering my first pair if boots from them. I love that they are $39.95 and free shopping.

    Have a great time on your vacation

  8. It definitely gets on my nerves when people make comments like "i wish i had time for that!" about things. Like when i used to scrapbook & people would say "you have way too much time on your hands". (I stopped scrapbooking - have NO DESIRE anymore, and just prefer photo books now - but that's beside the point! Haha.). But it always annoyed me, because you are right: you make time for what is important to you! And when i was exercising really faithfully people would say that & I'm like... no... it's important. I MAKE time for it! Nobody has time to exercise. They just DO IT ANYWAY!

    The posts that go viral really do annoy me, because then EVERYONE is posting them & ... it's annoying. Most of the time i don't read them. But sometimes it grabs my interest & I have to!

    (I have said the word annoying too much in this comment already!)

    I will have to check out minted!! We have a shoot scheduled for October 26th! :)

    Oh! Have you heard of Whole30? I am starting it Monday. Kind of a 30-day reset button but it's by paleo people. It's a little stricter than paleo but i NEED that right now. After the 30 days i hope to have adopted a paleo lifestyle!! :) I don't know if you know how long we have been dealing with infertility (2 1/2 years now) & i was just diagnosed with PCOS, and i have heard a paleo diet will help. I believe it will! So i'm excited. :)

  9. How can someone say you have no life when you post all the things you do, i.e. living life? They'd have an argument if all you posted was you sitting on the sofa but you're always doing something. I'd never say you have no life. Hell, I admire all the energy you have to do fun things and post about them.

    And I'm just the opposite - the mere thought of going out drains me because it seems to take at least an hour to get everything together to just walk out the door. I'd much rather just stay in my pjs and not have to comb my hair and look presentable just to have to come back home thirty minutes after leaving so we can get back in time for naps. Sofia's taking two hour naps consistently and nothing in the world will tempt me to mess with that!

  10. I need to get on my Christmas card game. We didn't send any out last year but I want to send some this year with the preggo belly.

  11. An indoor water park?! That sounds genius and fun!

  12. Totally get the going out in the morning thing. That used to be me... until I had baby #3 5 months ago - it is SO HARD to get everyone out the door! gah! Maybe it'll be easier when she's a bit older, but I've gone from making sure we do SOMETHING every morning (groceries, playdate, park, library), to trying my hardest to only go out 2 mornings a week :)

  13. Just "ordered" my Christmas cards from Mint!!!!! Love that they have a referral program ( I signed up off of your blog so you should get the credit!!) I saved almost between the credit and the promo plus the designs they have are to die for! Thanks!

  14. Love those boots, I will have to check them out!!! =) The cumin, I died laughing but seriously, so easy to happen....why again are the all packaged just the same? I suck at art with my kids....I hate mess and thats so sad, I feel bad that I don't do it enough.

    Kate @