Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When we went away to a kid-crazy vacation.

Everyone's all blogging about deep, incredible things with the 31 days prompt. And I'm over here all, hey-I've got a bunch of random things--like, once a week. Basically I suck at having any depth lately. I actually do have depth (believe it or not), I guess it's just not translated to writing on the internet these days, and well, oh well.

Speaking of which, I was thinking about this lately. I used to be so much more open here. I'm honest, I'm always honest---but I used to be more...candid? Yes. That's the word. I admit that I've lost that in writing. I haven't shared my stories nearly as much, my silly encounters, heck, I haven't even shared the fun things my kids do and have said in a long time. I miss that. I miss that I used to be able to sit down and get the words and stories flowing immediately. Most the time, I forget them before I even get a chance to write anything. I hate that.

But I LOVE when I can go back and see things from the past. From last year. What I was doing with my kids at that time, how my life looked, how it's changed and evolved. The funny things Emeline had been doing and saying. The activities and things we did as a family. The encounters I had with people that left me shaking my head. Photos of them, of us. This is basically a pep talk to get myself back to basics, at least.



We went to Great Wolf this past weekend with my entire side of the family. We failed at getting a full family pic, we'll try again next time (Thanksgiving perhaps?). Nothing about the trip was restful. Great Wolf Lodge laughs in the face of restful vacations. But, let's be honest--are vacations ever restful with young kids? If you've discovered how to get a relaxing vacation with children around, could you throw me a bone? Because we've not yet figured it out. (Declan and I are currently brainstorming how we can get away, alone. Hallelujah, Amen.) ((Doubt it will happen. We like to dream, though.))

It's a fun place, NO DOUBT. It's like, the waterpark only version of Disney. But yet, everything is in one place. That's actually the cool part. You basically don't need to leave the premises at all if you don't want and that's kind of awesome. But it's also KID-INTENSE. Think, ARCADES!!!!!GLOW GOLF!!!!! MINI GLOW IN THE DARK BOWLING!!!!! COTTON CANDY!!!!!!!! ICE CREAM!!!!!! $500 KID PEDICURES!!!!!!! KIDS SCREAMING EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! KIDS DUMPING WATER ON YOUR HEAD FROM ABOVE!!!!!! HAHAH SUCKER!!

Like that.

My little brother got there (flew in from San Diego, pretty sure he regrets it, bahaha) and was all, "Hmmm how long do you think before I punch a kid?" OBVIOUSLY he was joking. He's a peaceful guy. But the truth is, it was that kind of feel with some of the older kids. They can be butt-heads.

For instance, there are bucket-things all above you in the treehouse areas, they fill with water, and it's SO fun to tip them on people, right? We get that. It is fun. And you're at a waterpark and should expect that. However, my older brother was walking in with the infant seat for his 12 week old baby (so he could nap) in the snap-n-go stroller, when some kid purposefully dumped a huge bucket directly ON the seat. It was sopping wet. Nice.

In all seriousness. It is a fun place for the kids. I mean, even Lucy loved it. Emeline did waterslide after waterslide and Lucy enjoyed all the little splashy stuff, and the girl could go around the lazy river on someone's lap for hours if we let her. She just took it all in. It was fun. Relaxing? Hell no. Fun? No doubt.

A good 2-3 day trip. No more, though. Take me home, please.


Our room was on the first level so we just walked outside to a patio and grassy area. It was super nice.

I never, ever miss a chance at a family photo. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just have this fear that we'll end up with none. The truth is, I have a million. Basically, I overcompensate for feeling like I might under-compensate one day. DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE??? In the end, I'm glad we have family photos. The end.

This is so my favorite, ever. Thank you little brother for quickly capturing my crazy bunch.


Alright. I've got two kids in pajamas (and one adult in pajamas), and 20 minutes until preschool drop-off. I win at time management, today.

Ready, set, go.

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  1. Oh my word I probably would have lost my mind on that kid if he dumped water on my infant seat. I get the whole "don't be by the water if you don't wanna get wet" but that was a jerk move! Otherwise it looks like you had an amazing time!! I wish my almost 3 year old didn't hate the splash pad or we'd be on our way to a water park!

  2. Looks like a greasy trip. I've always wanted to of a fun family trip! I'll have to see where one is close to the border!?!

  3. OK so I want to go to GWL RIGHT NOW. For real! Looks like so much fun! These pictures are Christmas card worthy, no?

  4. I'm so in the same boat right now with blogging. For me, I think the whole blog-switch thing threw me off my candid game. I'm more self-conscious and guarded, and I think it'd making my brain shut down. I have all these posts just sitting there, halfway finished, because it's just not flowing right.

    Great Wolf Lodge looks SO fun. We have one in our area too, but we just can't justify spending that much money to stay at a hotel when we live like 35 minutes away. lol. I know Noah would love it though. And yeah those bigger kids are the biggest buttheads sometimes. I'm super shy, but I've walked up to bigger kids before and told them to chill out around the little ones. Freaks them out a little, but it works! haha

    Love your family photos! I'm making more of an effort to hand the camera over to someone to snap a shot of us. I don't even care if it's technically perfect. I just want to exist in pictures! haha

  5. It looks fun, but I would have a hard time not snapping at those kids. My husband would be worse. lol. I'm glad you got some more family pictures! We are definitely lacking in those. I still love your writing! Sometimes reading random things is fun.

  6. When we went back in the Spring with the big kids is was SO MUCH fun. Not for us, really, but because we saw them having a blast and got to experience it with them. We only stayed for one night and it was more than enough. That place is...a lot. Of things. All the time. It's like someone took out all the money in our bank account and just set it on fire.

    But. Memories are so worth it.

  7. That picture of you three girls is so cute! Lucy's eyes really pop in that one. Glad you guys got some family fun time hopefully you can get a little rest?

  8. Ha! I love family photos...much to my husband's dismay. :) We are actually "vacationing" in Maui right now with our almost 13 month old, and our best friends and their 11 month old baby. The one thing that actually has made it a bit more relaxing was bringing grandma along! It's amazing how awesome it is to have an extra set of hands!

  9. I seriously snorted out loud through half of this. Yes, yes, YES to all of it.

    Especially the awful older kids. We have this issue almost weekly at co-ed softball games. There's this playground at the field, and it says that kids cannot play without an adult, but there are ALWAYS people who use the playground as a babysitter, which means there are lots of 8-12 year olds there with no supervision. And they are usually awful. I can't tell you how many times I've totally called a kid out for throwing handfuls of bark in the face of other kids. Or sneaking up behind someone and pushing them off the top of the slide. They're kids...I get it. Play, rough-house, have fun. But don't be a jerk. ;)

  10. We just booked two nights the week before Christmas and I know Nathan is going to be SO excited (I can't wait to see the Christmas decor too) Last time we went 2 years ago I was pregnant and couldn't ride anything so I'm looking forward to that.

    Also these past two years every time I tell Nathan I have a surprise for him (like ice cream) he says "Is it great wolf lodge?!" That place definitely leaves an impression.

    We're going with my parents and I haven't been on a vacation with them since I was 16 so I'm stoked! I thought of you several times this weekend and was hoping you all were having a good time. Love love love looove the family photos!

  11. How do you get such great family photos. My kids never co operate. EVER. Seriously I'm thrilled to have 2 out of the 4 of us looking at the camera. Argh.

    Sometimes it's hard to get deep when you are in the thick of living life. It will come.

  12. You're right, no rest for the weary at GWL! But yes, SO fun! ;) Great pics too.

  13. Honestly that place looks like such a wonderful escape right now! I love that you were able to do that because you made it a priority. And too many family photos? There is absolutely no such thing! I promise. In the heartache of losing so many people close to me, I've really learned (the crappy painful horrible way) that photos are EVERYTHING when all is said and done.

    Also? I'm too open on my blog. I'm always blunt and in your face and well, this is what is going on with me and here it is. Ha. ;)