Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Everyone has their family dynamics & stuff.

Lucy is normally the first one up in the house. It can range from anywhere from 5am-7am, you just never know. I groggily get her from her crib and bring her into bed with me. She nurses only in the morning now. As soon as she's done, she springs up,  jumps over me to get to Declan, smacks him in the face or attack-hugs him and yells, "HIII DADDDYYYYY!" That's his cue to get up and in the shower, and he's out the door just before 7am.

Most mornings I reluctantly go downstairs, plop them both on the couch, give them some milk or something breakfast'y (like cheerios or granola bar, etc), I brew my coffee, and then we sit and watch a kid show, in the dark. It helps me pretend that we're still in peaceful-morning-mode, so shhhhhhhhh. We like to go slow.

(Can you tell I'm not a morning person?)

Eventually they go to to table and eat real breakfast. Like, I'll make something legit--eggs & bacon, waffles (for them), fruit, yogurt, etc. I do computer-type-stuff while I'm eating breakfast...check my work email, make sure my posts for work are scheduled, etc.

If it's a Monday morning, I go to work for a meeting. Which means, get the kids to my parents house bright and early. Hopefully early enough that I can ingest a 2nd cup of coffee at their house because God knows I need it.

If it's a Tues/Thurs, then Thank The Good Lord, it's a preschool day (hallelujah emoticon). I am chasing around two kids and begging them to just PUT ON THEIR CLOTHES and where the heck are your shoes???? and SOCKS??? For the love! I throw on the most hodge-podged outfit, trying to come off as pulled together when I'm really a frazzled mess, and we roll out the door by 9:15. It's a miracle.

Emeline always asks me to pray on the way to school. Always at the exact same point. We pray simple things, like for safety, that she'd have a fun day, be a kind friend, etc.

If it's a Wed/Fri we normally go to the gym so the girls can play and I can get my pump on. Typically I am more than ready by that time to say SEE YA to the girls (for just an hour), and it's a great way to get my workout in. If I schedule a play date during the week, it's usually on a Wed or Fri late morning and I'll adjust my gym time.

If we're home, Lucy still loves a good morning nap. Normally it's just a 30 min-hour deal. It's enough time for me to get my hair and makeup done and sorta dressed without the climbing rascal getting into everything (and I mean EVERYTHINGGGG). However, if we're out and about, girlfriend can hang until 1-1:30 for an afternoon nap, although she is tiiiiiiiired.

For the last few months I've been attending a women's bible study on Thursday mornings. It has babysitting (for Lucy, since Em is in school), and it's one of my highlights of the week. We're taking a break for the holidays. I cannot waittttt to start back up again in Februrary. Now that I type that, that feels like a really long time away. wahhhh.

No matter what is going on in the mornings, our sacred "HOME TIME" is 1pm-4pm. Nothing, I repeat, nothing gets in the way of naptime in this house. We eat lunch, go upstairs, potty, sometimes insistent on wearing pj's, sing a song, and to bed. Both of them. Very, very rarely do I get a naptime fight from Em. She really likes sleep still. I REALLY LOVE it when she naps. All is good. It is Mom-Work-Hour. I brew coffee, sit on the couch, login to work stuff, and do my writing. Some days I have to shower or whatever, too--but I try to fit it all in.

Declan and I's communication during the day is via Skype. Is that weird?  His work uses skype as a way of all staying connected--I have it on my phone and my laptop, so if he needs me that's normally how we chat. Emeline often asks to "STIPE WITH DADDY", meaning, she wants to video chat. Maybe once a week we do that. Back in the day we used to use AIM to chat (ha-throwback!), so this sorta taps in on that same feeling. I like it :)

We eat dinner on granny-time. I think it's because my husband goes to work early, and gets home early--so we very rarely eat after 5:30pm and honestly? It's more like 4:45-5. I realize that this is weird-but I kind of like it this way. If we go to the gym at night, then we're all digested and yet have energy to workout. Win.

I used to only workout in the morning. I've changed my routine a lot the last few months and now there are 3 nights a week we go. Well, I go 3x and Declan goes 2x. On that off night he is facilitating a small group for Church, where he often can take Em with him.

We try and visit Declan's work a few times a month. Normally we meet for Chick-fil-a or before it was cold, we'd meet and eat at our fun, secret park right near his office. It helps break up a long day and the girls (and Declan) love it.

Declan does all the laundry in our house...always has, willingly, too. Usually on Saturdays or Sundays. I, however, am the putter-away'er. Which means it could take weeks, as I'm perfectly fine with living out of baskets. It's bad.

I'm the one who cooks, although Declan is capable. It's just easier since I do the planning, and I'm home. Although there are some nights I boycott.

We usually have a fun weekend cheat for something like greasy pizza and fries, or Chili's, or something. I look forward to this day all week. I like crappy food even though I tell myself I don't.

If Emeline takes a nap, she knows that she gets what we call "Big Girl Time" that night. So, extra sleep (nap)=extra awake time. It works out for us great most of the time. We do bathtime at 7:15-7:30. Then Lucy goes straight to bed. Em gets to come downstairs and can either play some more, or watch a show if she'd like (usually Sprout night-night show), and have a snack (only if she finished her dinner). She goes up by 8:15-8:30.

We DVR all our shows and never (rarely) watch them anywhere near the time they air. Except for The Voice, since we have to get our votes in for Matthew Schuler by 11am the next day (hehe). The shows we watch together are: Revolution, Parks & Rec, New Girl, Parenthood, Shark Tank, MasterChef (or Junior, whichever is on at the time), The Voice, and sometimes we'll fast forward through X-Factor only because we like the singing couple on there. It's actually not many shows at all.

However, I watch a few on my own through the week. I usually try to catch Biggest Loser, random shows like The Little Couple or SisterWives (if it's on), Kardashians, and sometimes a Real Housewives (only OC and NY I watch, which right now it isn't on). I know, it's complete trash. It's my naptime background TV while I work.

A few nights a week we will cuddle on the couch after the girls are in bed and watch a show. There are nights he'll go to the basement and watch sports or play a video game, and I'll watch some garbage TV or blog/read blogs/work. On weekends we try to watch a movie, or do something that feels more special and at-home-date'ish after the girls are asleep.

Some nights we will even brew a cup of coffee and watch TV like old people together. It's love.

When you come into our house in the winter, you will find coats strewn about everywhere. Feet from the coat closet. All over the banisters, on the bench, etc. Never hung in the closet, ever. It frustrates me to no end, but yet I do it. Coat closets are not practical to me.

Wednesday nights we have ballet. I usually go alone because it's a chance to talk to my friend (whose daughter is in dance) without my rascal, Lucy around. Two Wednesdays a month we also meet with Declan's whole side of the family for dinner afterwards, to be together.

Usually about one weeknight a week (or sometimes a weekend) I proclaim that I AM GOING OUT. My husband doesn't care, at all. He's more than capable to bathe and put both girls to bed alone, and he's all for me getting some me-time. Sometimes I go to Target alone, sometimes I have a party or gathering scheduled (like this past weekend), or sometimes I meet someone for dinner or drinks. But I just need that time.

More often than not I leave the house a MESS before we go out. It sucks to come home to. So I am trying to be better. But living with tiny tornadoes makes it difficult.

The only way I fit showering into my life is right after I put Lucy down for bed, while Declan is downstairs with Em for her big girl time. It works. Maybe twice a week I'll use half of naptime to shower but I hate it. Feels like a total waste to me. ha.

I do not like to talk on the phone during the day, like, at all. I will, if it's certain people, or family, etc. But I do not pick up the phone for just anyone, especially during naptime. What if I got caught on the phone for way.too.long and my alone time is gone? Yes, I'm dramatic. Also. Text me.

Both my girls like to dance and sing. Like, all the time. Amazing Grace somehow become our song. It's what they want before bed and nap, and I know that's not exactly a kid song. But whatever. They also can be found singing Macklemore from time to time. We are very musically diverse.

They like the music loud in the car. We have had to set a magic # that the volume cannot go past or else Em would want it cranked up to the moon and back. If we turn it down to talk (or answer HER question), she will immediately tell us to "TURN THE MUSIC LOUDER PLEASE!"

When we drive as a family, Declan always prefers to drive. He isn't a fan of my driving, and tells me that often, haha. I'm just a tad more aggressive than he is. That equally bugs me about him. I want him to be a tad more aggressive on the road. Isn't that funny? Driving must go hand in hand with parts of your personality, eh?

I'm always tired before Declan at night. Always. I'm just gonna go ahead and say that being with the kids is more physically tiring than working at a desk.

We try to do something fun each weekend and be intentional about family activities/outings. It can be simple. Going to the farm, the park, the mall, even. But being together, doing something all together. I really like that time and feel like I cling to it with a death grip sometimes. I don't like our family time being compromised.

Declan and I get a date night at least once a month. We aim for 2x, though. One time is through the Y's Parents Night Out. The other time is either his mom or my parents. We always, always go to dinner someplace nice'ish that isn't ideal with kids. We always somehow end up at Marshall's or Target.

We grocery shop 1x a week. Usually a weekend day and one of us goes alone. On rare occasion we will do a Target shopping trip all together, get the big cart, bribe the girls with popcorn, and get 'er done. I find grocery shopping to be the worst task of the week. It bugs me. I need a grocery delivery service.



  1. I hear ya on the grocery shopping. I cannot stand to do it. My husband likes for us to go together which means bringing the kids and going on Saturday. I'd rather someone stick needles in me than shop on a Saturday with kids. Whenever I can work it into my time off, I take a Friday morning off and go by myself...PURE BLISS.

  2. I absolutely love this post partly b/c I'm nosy and like little glimpses into people's lives and partly b/c I can relate to so many. Showering at night has become my BFF. Seriously best decision I've made recently ESPECIALLY b/c I do it while J puts KP to bed so I get to avoid all that hot mess. And the phone calls? OMG. Yes. I hit ignore more than I should but OMG I want that quiet and don't you dare call to ask me something silly to interrupt. Text me. It's simple fast and effective. And the laundry. Jimmy tells me all the time how I'm a rock star house cleaner, organizer {except the numerous junk drawers}, cooker, baker, etc but I SUCK at laundry. This weekend he made it his mission to do all the laundry in the house but guess what? It's still sitting in baskets. Sometimes I find it therapeutic to put it all away and other times I dread it with every fiber of my being.

  3. I love posts like this. It's always sort of nice to see glimpses into how people do life, because I feel like I do not have a grip on it at all right now, ha!

    Also, YES with the texting, and YES with the showering at naptime feeling like a waste. Justin likes to work out in the AM, and I like to work out at night mostly because I don't want to shower at naptime, but I also do NOT want to be sticky sweaty smelly all day either, if I can help it!

  4. This was such a fun post. I loved getting to know you and your family dynamics more! It also helps put more things into perspective for me, bing a SAHM and trying to get my time more! Also, without getting into specifics, I'd love to hear a post about budgets and stuff. Like how much you spend shopping on clothes for yourself, the girls, or things for your home, or eating out. Basic stuff.

  5. Also, I wish our YMCA has a date night! Well they do ... But it's only for ages 3 and up!

  6. Oh my word I LOVED this post! I think everyone secretly wonders what other people's "things" are, what they always always do and how they always do it. I think it is interesting to see what little things other families have come to figure out "work" for them. Like big girl time for Em, or a snack only if she eats all her dinner. Little things that kids need to learn and boundaries that other parents set for their kids. It was also interesting to find out that you don't wash the laundry! Never knew that (but why would I if it weren't for this post!) Also, I'd love to know what you do for work. You make references to working and work meetings (and I've brought that up before but you've never come back to it. Maybe you have and I just never checked in the comments!) Anyway, all that to say that I LOVED this!

    1. Yea I just do corporate blogging for a local business :) It's not that interesting so I don't talk about it much. There is a whole post going up Thursday about my work from home gig ;)

  7. So cute! I really enjoyed reading this post! I'm wanting to stay at home with our baby once he is here and I love reading different perspectives and things like this!

  8. I like this idea! Might have to steal. You have much more of a routine than me but maybe that's ok. Jealous your hubby does the laundry but yeah putting away is the hardest part. My husband jokes how there is always stuff in the dryer. I put everything away today and am now dreading doing another load. One day with no laundry on the couch is nice. Why don't people understand the no calling?! I worry I'll wake C up during nap too but I like your reason. My sil always calls me cause she's bored and driving. No thanks.

  9. This sounds a little silly, but reading this post kind of made me excited for the day that I have a family and can make cute little traditions and things about my day. Is that terribly lame of me?

  10. Your days sound A LOT like my days only I consider my workout to be going up and down the stairs to load/unload the girls, all our stuff and groceries. LOL Our new house will have a workout room (in the garage) so I'll eventually work out for reals.

  11. Such a neat post. I love how dedicated you are to your gym time! And I must admit I'm kind of jealous that you found a husband that does laundry! Sign me up for the grocery delivery service too please. :)

  12. Hi Katie,

    I've been reading your blog for a long time…the first post I ever read, Emeline was turning 1 and in that cute yellow (turned red for Lucy) high chair with the balloons. I absolutely adore your blog - thanks for sharing a little slice of your life with us readers! I'm a teacher, married, no kiddos yet, but feel like I totally relate to you and your sweet family. Keep writing, lady.

  13. Oooh interesting post! It's neat to find out how you fit everything into your week. I might do a similar post but it would probably be much more simple (up 5:30- out the house 7am- work- home 6pm- dinner baths and bed and repeat haha)

    I agree that being home is more exhausting than being at work. I'm off Wednesdays and usually by Thursdays I'm so ready to be back at work. I feel like I should be paid for the home stuff and do the "work" stuff for free! Lol

    What bible study? BSF or CBS? Might not be either but wanted to ask. I used to be a part of BSF for a few years and it was awesome. I really really miss it. The group I met with met Mon night and I can't do that anymore but I found out there is a group Wed mornings I might be able to join soon :)

  14. Definitely an interesting post. You sound sooo busy! The first part sounded quite like my days (with only one kid...until July!) but your evenings are so busy too!! I guess your trick to all the other things you do at night is having dinner early!!

  15. I love reading about how people do their days! Such a fun post!

  16. B and I are the SAME with driving. So funny. I don't mind grocery shopping, probably because the employees at Trader Joe's are like family to us since we go the same time every week. But coming home and putting it away? Ughhhhhhhh.

  17. Glad to see that someone else's date nights often end up at Target! :)