Friday, November 29, 2013

For them.

We are that family that's crazy loud.

We are that family that enjoys being together. Lazying around after meals, flung over sofas, rough-housing with the kids, and eating too much dessert.

We are that family that loves deeply.

We're that family with that bonding glue of our love for God & our need for Him in our lives.

We are that family with grandparents that love these grandkids like crazy.

Heck, that love their kids like crazy.

We're that family when all the grandkids come together can be absolutely chaotic, obnoxious, totally sweet, super amazingly fun or absolutely annoying.

We're that family that makes freaking delicious food.

We are that family who realizes the importance of a photograph.

That tries to make the most of the time we have together.

That messes up.

That gives it a go another time.

That doesn't give up.

I'm proud of this family of mine. I'm so grateful my kids have these people to live life with.

No, it's not perfect. It's far from it. But if I've learned anything this last year filled with's to appreciate and love all the time we have together. Whether it's crazy chaotic or peaceful and perfect. Just enjoy it.


I'm thankful for them.


  1. Oh my gosh Em's pose is amazing! :)

  2. gorgeous family photo!!! I really love this post!

  3. I have always adored your family (the little glimpse of them that you share) and I can tell that it's full of such love. I would have enjoye being apart of a bigger family and it's one reason I wanted several kids- so that one day we can take vacations together and have big family get togethers. I hope you and your family enjoyed your favorite holiday!

  4. Great pic! I wish we were better at taking big family pictures.

  5. I love the way Em poses. Such a lady! :)

  6. i love this post. you have such a rockstar family :)

  7. Love you so much my sweet Katie!! Thanks for bringing so much joy and laughter to our family!! It wouldn't be the same without you!!

  8. Hi Katie, I hopped over from my sis-in-law's blog and it was a pleasure to stop by. :) You have a beautiful family, and this was a precious post about them. There could be an exact post about MY huge family just like this--we are obnoxious and imperfect, but we love each other and we try really hard at this family thing. I loved this! This past year, our family has also experienced deep loss that has plunged us into deeper appreciation and affection for each other. Praying your Thanksgiving, and coming Christmas, are times of healing, rest, abundance and joy spent together.

  9. Gorgeous!! Happy Holidays to you and all your family!