Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. Yea.

It's finally Thanksgiving week, and according to my TimeHop App, this time last year we were a whole week ahead--having bellies full of turkey and mashed potatoes and being a few pounds heavier by now.

The extra week wait has added extra anticipation around here it seems. I can feel it. From myself. My kid. Is it Thanksgiving yet? Is it time for Christmas yet? Time must feel like an eternity in their little world. We haven't pulled out the Christmas decorations yet (except for her little tree), and somehow I'm already feeling a little bit gypped that it won't be up as long this year. But then again, I remember--the pine needles. Oh the pine needles. And I'll probably be FINE with it later. But right now-give me all the twinkly lights.

We don't have a fireplace in this house. It's pretty pathetic to admit this, but that makes me sad. I grew up with a fireplace. I have this association that a fireplace=cozy, comfy holidays. Warm, special family-time. On a whim I bought a faux fireplace on Target online. Yes, one of those stand-alone fireplaces-because, I NEED ONE. I don't care if it's ugly and fake looking--it will flicker, and provide extra coziness, and I will squint my eyes and pretend if I have to, gosh darn-it. Because, let's be honest, the YuleLog On Demand just WAS NOT cutting it anymore (and yes I use that. The crackle and popping sound of the logs fakes my brain into cozy--sue me).

****I took a good 4 hour break from this post to do preschool drop-off and then Lucy and I did Christmas shopping, and then pick-up.....and THEN, when I got home....IT WAS AT MY DOORSTEP, SQUEEEE!****

But back to Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday, hands down.

I think it reminds me of Christmas, in a way, without all the chaos of Christmas, if that makes sense. It's almost like that sweet little calm before the real holiday storm of buy stuff you don't really need, packed calendars, and gimme gimme gimme. There is food. OHHH the best food ever (and heck no I won't be eating Paleo, for those wondering). There is family. There is togetherness. And there is the sleepy post-turkey-coma. Does this work on kids? Like, is it possible they will sleep in the next morning? If so, I might infuse turkey into everyyyything. Just kidding. (But 6am is rough).

I know I poked fun at the facebook thankfulness posts with that e-card a few weeks ago. I didn't make it or anything (I'm not that mean, sheesh). I honestly just thought it was kind of hilarious. But I do love seeing the thankfulness, and heck, if it takes it being Thanksgiving month for people to feel the gratitude, or slow down enough to write about it, or whatever--then so be it.

I had found myself trying to draw out the thankfulness from Emeline in the last month. Before bedtime on nights I'd put her down, we'd do bible story and prayers, and I'd ask what she was thankful for. Sometimes she'd say something profound. Or sometimes she'd simply say, "umm. For that book. I like that book." But I have to admit that I had this moment where it just didn't feel genuine. It didn't feel genuine for me to prod her, especially during this month, in efforts for her to 'get it'. Because the truer thing is, I don't want her to just feel gratitude in her heart at Thanksgiving. I want her to live a life of gratitude all year long.

And you know what's actually funny? Or not. It's actually amazing. I think she does live a life of gratitude, better than me in fact. So here I am trying to 'teach her something', when really-she doesn't need this lesson just before Thanksgiving. She feels it bubble in her heart all the time and I know she does by her actions, the look in her eyes as they turn to wonder at the world around her, and her words.

I know that's the lesson deep in here, and covered up inside that snarky e-card. Let's show our gratitude all year long, right?


I'm off to figure out a way to get an 80lb faux fireplace up the steps myself because I'm too impatient to wait for my husband.

I need my cozy fire. I will sure as heck for grateful for it, too.

Hallelujah, amen.



  1. GIRL you can come here and load armfull after armfull of wood into my stupid fireplace if you want! LOL. I'm so sick of it by January that I just wish spring with ever fiber of my being. Bu, on the thankful front, the other day Kendall was all "but I want x,y,z" and I said to her, "how about instead of focusing on the things we DON'T have we focus on what we DO have" and then in the next breath I complained about something and Jimmy checked me right quick.

  2. 80lbs? Put those Body pump & boot camp classes to use, lady! You strong. XO

  3. All the best for your fireplace .. :) I can understand the excitement
    Don't forget to join my $30 certificate giveaway
    Keep in touch,

  4. Haha. We purchased a faux fireplace in our first home because I HAD TO HAVE ONE. and you know what, we still use the faux fireplace even with a real fireplace. I love them both:) And I dont FREAK out when the toddler likes to sit an inch from the faux one and exclaim HOT one hundred thousand times. I love the idea of Thanksgiving and the getting togetherness but as far as food goes not a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving food (mostly b.c I am a vegetarian and no one else around me is they are all I want TURKEY and bacon in EVERYTHING or ham! so not cool). I do make and eat a whole lot of sweet potatoes and PIE though;) HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family!

  5. I really wish we had a fireplace too. I've totally contemplated the faux fireplace thing. And we totally turn on Yule Log, hahahaa! The channel it used to be on doesn't exist anymore so we didn't have it last year. I had no idea it was OnDemand. I'll have to check into that!

  6. I love a fire! Go sip some hot cocoa and wear your comfy pajamas by your fire. Have fun!

  7. Laughing at the fireplace and picturing the squinting, which makes me laugh more. ;) I miss our pellet stove so much. So, so much. We are planning to get one at this house, but $$$$$$ -- maybe next year?

  8. we love our faux fireplace too! It heats up the basement within minutes :)

  9. I know what you are saying about the thankfulness all year long, I am trying to be that way too. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful, warm Thanksgiving!