Thursday, November 7, 2013

motivating turn of events (and oh look, I found words)

Yesterday started out as a tough day right from the start. If this seems to be the trend lately, I apologize, but not really, because it's just truth and real life right now. And that's a whole 'nother subject for another post. (also: I'm fine, we're all fine.)

But the day just didn't start pretty, if I'm being honest. 

Moodiness was a flyin'. The girls. Oh my word. They've hit this epic level of annoyance with one another. One has something, the other needs to steal it away. When Lucy can't figure out how to get up on the couch herself, she screeches at the top of her lungs. They steal each other's sippy cups. They're just constantly annoying one another. And frankly, it's kind of getting old. They make it reeeeal simple in deciding that two kids is perfectly fine with me (just don't tell my husband, just kidding-he knows and plans to change my mind. not happening for a loooong time, if ever)


It was 8am and I was exhausted already, and totally upset with myself for getting so upset with the girls. I could only imagine if I felt like this so early on how the rest of my day would go. I took a break, sat down, breathed, and called Em to come sit on my lap and talk. We talked about how the day kind of started off shaky, and that I was sorry for yelling. We talked about the few incidences of (blatant) disobedience, or not treating her sister kind, and I said--"can we start our day over??"

She looked at me, kinda puzzled, then smile-laughed--"haha no mommy! we can't!" (come on, this would be too perfect if she said yes, right? 3 year olds are too practical.)

Then I explained that we wouldn't REALLY start over, but that we'd try to have a good day despite it being sucky at first. She was down for that. We prayed that God would help us with our attitudes, because they sure weren't pretty. Things started to look up. 

I was craving something. Human connection actually. Sometimes I just know myself, and know I am needing something more. To meet with friends, or someone to workout with, or sometimes I just need a walk outdoors--something. My soul is actually neeeeeding something. 

So I decided to head to, where else--the Y. I figured, at the very least, my kids would get a break from the house, from me, and I could walk on the outside track (and give my body a little break). I could breathe in the outdoors. It would feel good, especially since it was such a nice day. Then I could pick them up, being all renewed and refreshed and all that happy garbage, right? I'd certainly be the perfect mom after some alone time.

I walked one time around the track. Just under half a mile. Nice and slow and relaxxxxed, and all alone. Then I looked up to see my favorite bootcamp instructor walking right towards me, and I suddenly realized, oh crap--there goes my leisurely walk. She's training for a full marathon, I knew for sure she was out there to run.

The funny thing is, I think God knew I needed that. Because, even though she motivated me to run a few miles (4!), when I had ZERO plans to do so--we got to talk the entire time. I learned more about her, her life, her family. She did the same for me, learned about my story, my family. It was really, very---uplifting, actually. She commented about how it was the perfect timing because she really needed motivation today, and I thought, you don't even know how much I needed this, too. 

I really hate over-spiritualizing things. That's just not my tune. But it was hard for me to deny yesterday that I absolutely, one thousand percent feel that it was a God-thing, placing her in my path. It was a day that I could have easily felt isolated and lonely, and woe-is-me about how our morning started, especially had I been alone to just dwell on that. But instead it turned into something really great, encouraging, motivating. And I'm really grateful for that. 

It was actually exactly what I needed--exactly, at that moment. And the day just went up from there.

I think sometimes it can be really easy in this techie age to feel like you're connected all the time to other people. You might be connecting with people, I know that sometimes I am and I'm not disregarding that. But nothing--nothing beats the human to human connection.


  1. Totally agree with you. I reconnected with a good friend that I always used to talk on the phone with {a rare thing these days} and she still calls me now all the time. At first I was like, oh god the phone, no..but now I really love it again. The interaction is so important and lost in the shuffle sometimes.

  2. Great post! I love how God knows what we need when we need it. I'm glad your day got better from there.

  3. Totally a God thing. And really awesome that you sat down with Em and asked for a do-over. and prayed about it. you're setting a great example for her and teaching her about grace. good job momma! and---kudos on the 4 miles! I can't wait to exercise!

  4. I agree, on all counts. What a great turn around to your day. I just love that... :)

  5. And now I want to go stumble upon someone walking in the park! No, really. I was thinking to myself, "I don't get nearly enough human interaction in my life" and I actually asked my BFF to start a book club with me, even if it's just the two of us, because I NEEEEEEEED adult human interaction, on the regular. Whoa run-on sentence. And as much as I love my husband, sometimes he's not enough ;-)