Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday blips on the radar.

Yet another weekend, having gone by in a flash. What is with that, anyway? I have a few minutes. I'm just gonna spew, watch out.

Our church recently switched to an evening service while we're in a bit of a transitional time. I have to say, I definitely, definitely like the change so far. It's...different. It feels really nice having our service be the end cap to our weekend, and also gives you time to still do things Sunday mornings as a family, have a lazy breakfast, go hiking, shop (while stores are still open), or catch some classes at the gym.

This morning, I decided that I needed to get out, so I headed to Body Pump. I'm punishing myself for going off the deep end in candy consumption since halloween. Yes, you heard me right. I'm a big, fat cheater and ate random pieces of candy over the last 3 days. Halloween is a nightmare. It does NOT help that my kid completely and totally forgot about her candy after the first day, so, it's not like she's taking inventory. Since I've basically picked through all the good chocolate, I think it's time to dump in the trash--because, my thighs.

ANYWAY. (I know, I'm trying to brush all my candy cheating under the rug) (But come on. I'm human. Tomorrow is Monday. A new week. I promise I'm done.) So while I'm in class today I realize that I'm a total instructor-snob. I have my preferences for who I prefer teaching the classes I take. I get really used to their style of teaching. And when it's someone else I feel a little...annoyed? perhaps? Do I still get a good workout in the end? Of course. It's about how hard I push myself anyway. But, for the love--the commentary, the music choices, sometimes I'm all HUHHHHH? And have to keep my eye-rolling to a minimum.

In other news. I probably burned off at least 1 candy bar in pump, and maybe a starburst or two if eye-rolling counts for any calorie burn.


Last night we had puke-a-palooza with Em. I think puke is every parents worst nightmare. It's And gross. And really freaking sad seeing your kid so helpless and weak. There were multiple episodes, and so she ended up in a make-shift 'floor bed' next to us in our room with a bowl by her head. When did I get to the point where I have a kid old enough to make a FLOOR BED in my room? I remember doing that with my parents all the time. Life comes full circle, and now I just feel old.

I am happy to report, whatever the heck it was that plagued her was gone this morning and she's back to the same happy, bouncy girl again.

You know what's weird (not weird at all)? I should feel more guilt over the fact that Lucy's life is documented less than her sister's. But I don't. I let myself free of that, and well, that feels good. I just doubt that one day she's gonna be like, "MOMMMMM I can't believe you didn't write a 15 month update on my LIFE! how could YOU?!"(more like, I didn't write any, after age 3 months. whoops.) But maybe I'm wrong.

So. I will say this. Lucy--at 15 months you are a hilarious wreck. Yes, you are a wrecking ball. That Miley Cyrus song was written for you and I sometimes sing it to you. "YOU CAME IN LIKE A WRECCCKKKINNGGGG BALLLLLLLLLLLL". You are into everything, you are a climber--and even the lady at the Y confirmed this. She is pulling you off of tables non-stop. Your personality is so funny. But whoaaaa baby, you are starting to show that you have a little will inside you. You adamantly shake your head NO or YES and you say no already. SIIIIGHHHH. You are cute, though. And you shout Hiiiiii and HEYYYY HEYYYY to everyone. So friendly and cheery. But such a little firecracker, you are. Running up to big sis, grabbing fistfuls of hair from her head. You.are.a.wreck. A lovely, amazing, hilarious kid and we adore you x a billion.

There. Happy 15 months, kiddo. (on the 29th)


I have become a happy-coffee-drinker. I drink it way too often and associate it's warm goodness with peace, and me-time, and ahhhh. The problem is, I need to drink more water. Coffee doesn't replace water. I wish it could. I mean, there is a lot of water IN coffee. So---that's gotta count for something?

Wow. I should be a nutritionalist.

Speaking of nutrition--I feel like I should just mini-update to say, we are still very much eating well. Despite my stupid candy intake the last few days, it's been going same old, same old. We have a nice cheat on a weekend meal (lately it's been pizza), and every once in a while if I'm feeling like I'll die without chick-fil-a nuggets, I'll have them, too. But mostly, things are going great. Both Declan and I (as expected) have maintained the weight loss and hope to stay about where we're at now (although I'd never argue 5 more pounds ;) ).

I use the TimeHop app on my phone, and sometimes I find it crazy when a selfie from last year will come up, and whoa. Then I can really see the fruits of my labor in the food/workout department. Obviously, I was only a few months postpartum last year, but it goes to show that hard work will pay off, and it keeps me motivated.

And lastly.

We were so that family that dressed up on Halloween. Yes. Yes we did. Our friends are big dresser-upper's and basically said we weren't allowed over if we didn't channel our inner kid and wear a dang costume. I'm kidding, I mean, but still. It was kinda fun, I guess.

Emeline wears those glasses like a champ. Literally, didn't remove them from her face for 3.5 hours. And Lucy? Well, she looked like a drunk poodle walking the neighborhood with a lolli hanging from her mouth (pretty sure it's still stuck to her fur someplace). But overall? Good times.


How about THAT for the most random post ever...on a Sunday, no less.

have a great rest of the weekend. xo.


  1. Hey it was random but I love it. My poor husband is going to get sick of me talking about you. He helped some of our friends move into their new house today and he said the whole downstairs is a light blue and the upstairs is teal, like the walls. So I showed him your home tour and realized you only have that pretty blue in your living room. Then I was reading this post and laughed out loud when you said Em forgot about her candy after the first day. Chase was all about the caprisun he got. Woke up the next morning and looked in his pumpkin for it and hasn't really cared about the stuff in there since. I told my husband you are eating paleo and now I'm going to go find the pictures of how freaking good you look! You almost make me want to give up cheese and carbs. Almost.

  2. Oh, and I feel like you are documenting Lucy's life. I feel like I "know" her personality.

  3. I wondered how Eme did w/the glasses! I can barely get KP to wear sunglasses so she'd be a mess w/those! And woman you are the one keeping me keepin on with this post baby weight. For real. I'm all, 'wahhh I didn't lose any weight let's get pizza!" and then I'll see this and I"m like, "glug glug glug water is just as good!" Except not. But still, you motivate me!

  4. Your girls are adorable! And you look great in your selfie! :)

  5. I love this post! Your Halloween costumes were so fun.

    I'm glad Eme got better so quickly and it wasn't something like the flu!

    I was baaaad about the candy too. Really bad. I'm glad it's gone now.

    Lucy is adorable.

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  7. Haha...the Wrecking Ball comment. :) Your Halloween costumes are adorbs!

  8. I get totally frustrated with new instructors too! It's not their fault, I get it... but seriously... WHY can't they just teach it the correct way like my favorite teacher does! And then there are times when I think I obviously know more than they do and get fuming because I don't think they're teaching me a particular move the right way... like, NO my body should NOT feel like that when I do this... anyways, rant over. Your girls are precious! The outfit y'all picked is amazing! And you are looking GREAT, it's amazing to think back to where you were a few years ago and to see the transformation! You will always be in the back of my mind when it comes to weight loss and feeling like there is no hope, when you're proof that there is! :) Stay awesome Katie!

  9. Ok first, where is the pink workout long sleeve from? Love it! Also, how much total have you and Declan lost (each) since starting paleo?

  10. I'm glad to hear Eme is doing better! I seriously have no idea how my mom and dad handled all the vomit of my childhood from my medication.

    I adore your random posts. I love that you guys all dressed up...I'm such a kid I get way too excited for it. Please don't be too hard on yourself for cheating a few times and having candy, etc. It is all about balance! Seriously and if you feel good, that is all that matters, right?! ;)

  11. I've been tempted to go to Providence because they have their evening service...don't know many churches that do...Sunday mornings are just so hard to get out of bed sometimes, let alone getting it together enough to not scare people and make it to church on time. I'm really struggling with that.

    I am SO an instructor snob. Like, I really have to talk myself into staying in a class if I get there and its an instructor I am not fond of or expecting to have. There is this one spin instructor and she is TERRIBLE!!! She doesn't warm up, she does the same routine over and over and over for an entire hour, plays the same music every class, keeps the music so low you can barely hear it - which I think she does so we can all hear her speak when she is talking about awesome she is (no, really) AND she checks herself out in the mirror a million times. I really have to bring it when I know I am going to one of her classes and usually end up doing my own thing (the beauty of spin).

    Between your most recent transformation pic and your Halloween costume, you are my hero ;-)

    Can't wait to see you on the 16th! SO MUCH FUN!!!