Friday, November 8, 2013

The $50 secret is baaaackkkkk. Prettiest Cards you ever did see, guys.

I already got my Christmas cards for this year. I KNOW. Don't ask me how because I'm behind on every other area of life and on Halloween morning my cards arrived at my door. Trust me, I know this makes me look like I really have my act together. I don't.

The truth is I wish I waited. Because every year does a bigger discount and it's going on right now. 

$25 off holiday cards + free shipping with code JOY25FS.


If you sign up through a referral code, you get another $25 off an order of $100 or more. (If you've ordered with them before, maybe use a new email address?) Basically, you can get Minted's rad quality for half off. $100 worth of photo cards for $50 AND free shipping. You get it.****

My absolute FAVORITE feature is the "Find it Fast" mode, which allows you to upload the photo you want right away, and then it will fill it in all the little previews so you don't have to upload it each time just to get an idea if you like how it fits, etc. You know what I mean. It saved me SO MUCH TIME.

I've never, ever loved a quality more than Minted. I have used them for party decor, christmas cards, bridal shower invites, my sister used them for her wedding invitations, thank you's, etc. I own cake plates from them-and they rock.

So go hook yourself up with $50 free bucks towards your Holiday cards.

PS: If you don't have your family pics done yet, they have this "buy now, upload later" feature which is super cool. So you don't have to miss the discount which is pretty great!

PPS: I think this is worthy of sharing because it's an AWESOME deal, but I'm not making it any secret that by signing up using a referral code (which you need to get the $25 off) it helps me out if you end up ordering. The truth is, I just plan on using any credits I get on beautiful baby shower invites for my sister this winter :)


  1. I am going to try this, very cool cards
    Keep in touch,

  2. Thanks for sharing! I just signed up and purchased my cards. :)

    The only thing is, the site was giving me trouble when I was purchasing my cards, and it wasn't showing the $25 referral credit. So, I did a 'live chat' online with someone there, and they told me there were going to credit me the $25 after I placed my order. Is there any way that you can tell who you receive your credit from? I just want to make sure you get your $25, too, for me using your link. Let me know! :)

    1. ok, weird! :/ I thought you get $25 towards a $100 purchase? not your first purchase??? how annoying.

      Yes, I can see via email that you signed up let me know! thanks girl!

  3. damn guuuurl, you are ON IT! and super cute pics :)
    and holy two workouts in one day this week! you win 10 cool points!

  4. So glad I heard about these guys from you! Excited to try a new place for cards this year! :)