Monday, December 2, 2013

Twinkly things & such.

Advent started yesterday and I'm a huge Do Advent It's Important person, and yet-I didn't start. To my defense, I was knee-deep in A Bad Day and holy cow, both my girls were just not happy with life and I don't just say this lightly. I mean, it wasn't pretty. That rough day turned into a rough night, and one of my kids is currently snoozing past 9am (which never, EVER happens). I am so happy that they get to make up lost sleep, I guess that would explain why I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee already, since that's not a luxury I have, ahem.


I guess we'll just jump into Advent on day 2 and well, she won't know any different.

I try to be a Team Thanksgiving person and give that precious holiday a space of it's own and not shroud with Christmas. I caved when it came to Emeline's mini tree in her room, but, just because I'm Team Turkey doesn't mean she has to be. You better believe the day after The Best Holiday Ever is when we bust out all the twinkly lights. I may soak in Thanksgiving, but the minute my eyes pop open on Black Friday I'm all GIMME CHRISTMAS and it's on, man.

My house is sparkly. I love it right now. By December 26th I will want to poke my eyeballs out if I'm being honest. We will appreciate this feeling while it lasts, mmmk.


While I've been cheating my face off the last week, I still made sure to get my exercise on (hey I gotta balance it out) (and up my cardio a little), and I realized how much I hate it. Hate eating whatever I 'want' (my brain wants it, oh trust me, but my body doesn't) because I feel like garbage. And I hate doing cardio like that. I did Body Combat on Thanksgiving morning along with everyone else at my gym (seriously! so packed, so shocked, but then again--not really), and then again yesterday. That ish is just too jumpy for my granny back. I'd rather do 10 WOD's and get my butt kicked in bootcamp over and over again than do that class for another hour straight.

Just when I thought I was so strong and body reminds me that no. Just no. I can't do the jumpy thing that much.

Also I've learned not to weigh myself for a few days after a holiday. It's torture.  I just give myself a few days to get back on track and thennnnn go for it. Also, I'm supposed to tell you that the scale is stupid all together and to go with how you feel.


Apparently 8 cars in my neighborhood got broken into this weekend. This kind of thing just makes me sad. And also, if you want a bunch of half chewed goldfish crackers, random mis-matched gloves, or a bunch of crumpled up receipts probably filled with chewed gum, then go for it. You won't find anything fun in there. Also: I am sad for you if you feel the need to break into cars this holiday. No, it actually really bums me out.


I am so overwhelmed with Cyber Monday deals that while I want to finish up my shopping online and get 'er done, I would almost rather shut my computer and not look at it for the rest of the day.

IS THIS THE BEST PRICE? Wait, IS THAT THE BEST PRICE? aw, the heck with it, I'll just shop when everything's back to full price tomorrow.

'cuz that's smart logic. and yet that's how I feel.

So what's a good one I shouldn't miss? Helppppppp.



  1. Glockets has all of our gold locket necklaces on sale for $14.99 plus all birthstone charms are $1.99 and you can even get an additional 20% off that with code HAPPYGIRL :)


  2. Not that this is a GOOD DEAL or anything but I got the only two things Kendall wants {two My Little Ponies from Build-a-Bear} today with $20 off and free shipping so I'm considering that a win and forgetting anything else b/c YES the checking is going to send me off the cliff.

  3. I disagree about Body Combat!! My absolute favorite class. :)

    1. It's not a bad class :) I love the class and it is one of the best workouts at the Y...what I said is it is too jumpy for me! I have a really bad lower back.

  4. I love this post! Just found your blog, definitely going to follow it now :-)

  5. We are getting our tree tonight.. and I missed so many deals on Cyber monday but I got 60% off a few things at Justice for my girl so I was happy about that!

    I need to get my butt back into the gym... ugh if only i could go during the day.. soon I can :) You are a motivator !!

  6. That really stinks about the cars in your neighborhood. So sad. My FIL got his car stolen, the whole thing, about 2 weeks ago and they still haven't found it. People, I just don't get it.

  7. My car was broken into at work once. They shattered a rear window and stole a bottle of sprite (that I had actually drank out of because I had the stomach flu-karma) and a pair of 19 dollar shoes from Target I needed to wear in a wedding. It cost my over $200 to get my car fixed and my car insurance went up just because I inquired about it, but didn't have them pay to fix it. Grr. I would have rather just stuck the $200 under my wiper and called it a day.