Monday, April 29, 2013

Lucy is 9 Months Old

I've not been great at keeping up with Lucy's life via blog writing. Mainly because I was kind of bored with that--bored with talking about her clothing size and milestones. But the truth is, I still need it for me. The other day, Declan and I were all What age did Emeline say Ma-Ma? And I'm all, oh, I don't remember, I'll check my blog.

With Lucy? I'll just be like--hmmm, I don't know. And make up some answer. 

I have to write stuff down. My memory is shot these days. I blame my kids.



You are nine months old today. A mere 3 months away from celebrating your 1st birthday. In one breath I can be all, "ohmygosh, howwwww is that possible, it went so fast!?"--but in the other, I can remember the long, hard days and nights learning to adjust to a family of four. It didn't exactly speed by those days. Interesting how that works :)

The good news is, the ages of 6-9 months has been golden. You've always been a doll baby, but I think it was more me. Me feeling more confident as a momma to two, figuring out the balance, enjoying watching your little personality come to life, and how you engage with your sister.

geez, you are CUTE, kid.

These days I feel like I have a kid, and not a baby anymore. It's really only in the middle of the night when I'm cuddling you or nursing you when you're sad about your teeth that I realize you're still so much a baby. During the day, though? You are practicing big-girl status, trying to keep up with Emeline, I suppose.

Speaking of the middle of the night. You had an amazing, amazing sleep run. From months 7 & 8 you slept 10-12 hours a night. Then, you got those two little teeth and it wrecked you. We're having some difficult nights, but in the end--I know this won't be forever, so I'm ok. Maybe the long, amazing nights are on the horizon again? no? one can dream. 

You're a fast and furious crawler (you've been for 2+ months now), you crawl up to anything, immediately pull to stand, then often let go and stand freely for 5-10 seconds, then you gracefully kneel down to the ground. It's both adorable and terrifying. You began crawling up the steps in the last two weeks. Again--rocky road ahead, little one. You cruise along furniture. Tackle your sister. Play with all the toys exactly like you should. I say to your daddy all the time, "I feel like I have a 1 year old, already!"

I don't know all your stats. Haven't scheduled had your 9 month appointment yet, but you're a solid little lady, wearing anything from 6-12 months, depending on the brand. You're in size 2 little kicks (although, let's be honest--you rarely wear shoes), and we just graduated you this weekend to the big carseat since I realized you're probably at or very near the height requirement for the infant carrier. 

You said Ma-Ma this weekend for the first time, although I'm pretty sure you weren't referring to me. You yell "dad" and da-da all the time. You yell, "YAY" (maybe by coincidence), but it's hilarious. You have yelling/screaming matches with your big sister, and I fear for the future of teenage fights. I'm in trouble.  I guess you've noticed a theme....yell. Yea, you're kind of loud, kiddo. You love to clap. You clap for everything and anything, all the time. You really mastered clapping this month. You wave, with that tight closing motion, it's the best. We're working on blowing kisses with you, but for now you just say, "MWAH"--without the real hand motion. Baby steps. 

Food. Man, you love it. It's been awesome just feeding you legit foods (within reason). You love everything. Blueberries, kiwi, grapes (cut up), mandarin oranges, sweet potatoes, cucumber, eggs,  you had your first spaghetti recently, ritz crackers, waffles, etc---basically, I could go on forever. You eat well. You get about 2-3 'meals' a day, plus--our nursing relationship is going strong. 

You make me laugh so much. You now get hilariously when Emeline takes something away from you. It's like you finally have your voice and are making up for the last few months where she got away with it. You crawl up to her wherever she has a snack, love to push all her buttons, smile all big and cheesy at her, crawl into her room after naptime to 'wake her up', and bang on the big glass door at one another. You're beginning to love the outdoors, thanks to the nice weather---so this summer oughta be filled with lots of fun for you.

You go by Lu, Lu-girl, Lucy-girl, Louie (Daddy hates this. Whatever.), Luc, Boogs, Boogie, sissy, and a smattering of other random names. 

Who knew a kid with such a short easy name could get so many nicknames. 

Lucy girl--you continue to light up our life.We love, love, loooove you.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lucy's dedication

The week before Easter we dedicated Lucy. If you remember, we also had a dedication for Emeline. Some people baptize babies, we choose dedication. Basically, it's just an outward expression with our church friends & family of our commitment to raising our children, teaching them about Jesus' love, and promising to raise them prayfully and responsibly. It's a really special thing for us, in fact--probably more so for the parents than the baby :)

Like Emeline's, we did make a dedication video. But this time, we shared the day with two other kids--so we made a joint one. For their privacy, I won't share the video, but you can just know it was way cute.

Just visualize adorable babies, from birth to current age--you know, pics that make momma's uterus' ache to music that makes you sob. Kidding, sort of ;)

Declan and I wrote a joint letter and read it to Lucy aloud. I'm keeping it here so it's etched into the internet for all times. And, I'm sure to lose the word doc at some point, I always do.

(what I read in pink, declan's in blue)

Dearest Lucy Girl,

From the moment we found out our family would be growing, we were excited. We were filled with anticipation of who this little person inside me would be. We were filled with emotions and overwhelming happiness, and sometimes moments of worry and fear—but mostly, just joy.

When we found out that you were in fact, a girl, a little sister for Emeline, we were elated. Two girls, two precious girls—we felt like the luckiest people alive.

When you arrived, the most surreal sense of peace came over me as I held my second little girl. I just knew you were ours, meant to be in our family from the beginning of time, and that God formed you to be uniquely you. I felt my whole heart fully embrace yours. I watched as you instantly stole not only mine, but your daddy’s heart, too. You two are quite the pair.

When Emeline met you for the first time, it was the most beautiful, accepting, full-heart-bursting moment of my life. Everyday I am blessed by the sweetness that is your sister relationship.

We named you Lucy Elizabeth. Lucy simply means Light. Or, maybe I shouldn’t say “simply”, because being a Light, which is what you are—is a gift. Your eyes are bright and sparkle. You have the ability to connect soul to soul. And you bring smile and joy to those around you. You illuminate, Lucy dear, our little light. Elizabeth is a middle name you share with me and your Mom-Mom and it means God’s Promise.

As your daddy, I want you to always feel beautiful. You, your sister and your mom are the most beautiful girls I know. I don’t want anyone to tell you otherwise. I want you to feel secure in my love and protected always. From your first fall to your first heart break. I want you to know that I am always here for you. To comfort you and to be a rock you can lean on.

Lucy, as your parents, we are blessed that God entrusted us to this role. We feel honored and privileged to be called Ma-ma & da-da by you.   We promise to protect you to the best of our ability, show you unconditional love, teach you about Jesus and all his wonderful ways, and pray into your life even from the youngest age. We promise to nurture you, give you endless hugs and kisses, embarrass you from time to time, and teach your heart how to trust. Through all the ups and downs that may come your way in life, we pray you learn that God will never leave you nor forsake you. 

We love you, Lucy.

Mom & Dad


(photos are all courtesy of my sister in law, Lyryn!)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some sibling feelings.

I remember back when we were first throwing around the idea of having a 2nd baby, and I was all ohmygosh I can't love another the baby the same, it's not possible. I felt like my poor, first child would be scarred forever with the addition of another kid who would surely rip quality time away from her abruptly.

And oh, that poor second child would surely get gypped. They'd get less attention, because of course the demanding toddler would take precedence, right? Life would be so awful for them, surely, I thought.

Then I got pregnant. Despite those irrational fears that creep in, I still knew in my gut it would be okay.

But it wasn't until I saw both my babies together that I knew, all that garbage? Was, in fact, garbage.

And honestly, now--there are times I feel bad that Emeline had such a boring baby life (stick with me, here). I mean, Lucy is entertained non-stop. She has this bouncy little 3 foot person to constantly entertain her, laugh at, bring her toys, pull her hair, clap for, dance with, giggle with--and, you get it.

Second babies get less love? Not.true. They get more, in fact. More attention, even. They're blessed with sibling love--none of which Emeline got to experience as a baby. And, well--I'm pretty darn sure Lucy has a pretty great life, smushed in there as the 2nd kid.

Emeline's life as big sister? Well, she has a good gig, too. Constantly someone smaller to pick on love on, boss around, and tickle obsessively. She has someone who think she's pretty much amazing, laughs at her nonstop, and is always there for a sister pick-me-up.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is--all my initial fears were a little irrational. It didn't matter how many people told me that I'd be able to love each kid fully, with my whole heart, the same. It didn't matter if people told me that a sibling was the best gift I could give Emeline, and it wouldn't take anything away from her. I had to experience it all for myself.

I know their relationship will grow and change with time. We'll have phases where I want to pull my hair out. Phases where I'm sure my heart will bust with pride. Phases where I'll cry myself to sleep and promise the other that you'll love each other one day, again. But, right now--it's so good.

Both my kids lives are enhanced, enriched by the other. And that's a gift.

The gift of siblings.


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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm a candy lover, I admit.

I like candy. In fact, it's a big weakness of mine. So when I was told that Werthers would send a box of candy to my house to try out, and better yet---that it would be sugar free, it was on like donkey kong, man. I cannot, cannot deny that.

they sent a little jar, be still my heart, to put candies in. and 4...FOUR bags of candy. 
Here's the thing. I was hesitant that I wouldn't dig this sugar free candy business. Sugar free is always skeptical, yea? But with high hopes, I went ahead, praying I'd have another healthier option/snack/candy to pass on to you and tell you about. After digging into the goodness of Werther's Original Sugar Free hard candies the other night, I was in. Hook, line & sinker, baby. 

They are delicious

And don't taste an ounce of sugar free.

Look at all these flavors.

Hold me, Jesus. The Caramel Apple and I are having a love affair. No--I'm really obsessed with them (thanks a lot, Werthers! :)).

Original, Caramel Cinnamon, Caramel Coffee, and the delectable Caramel Apple. All sugar free. The Werthers Originals are still so satisfying & feel like an indulgence because they're made with real butter and fresh cream, and with no unpleasant sugar-free aftertaste. None, at all. Really. 8 calories, 3g of carbs. 

Werther's Originals are those old classic candy, the kind your grandmother had sitting on the table of her dining room, you know? They sort of give me that sweet nostalgia. Knowing I can have a few of these sweet treats without feeling guilt? Yea, that's awesome. One of these babies can seriously cure your sweet tooth. And make for an amazing bribe for your 3 year old, just sayin' :)

Feel free to check out their Facebook Page and next time you pass the Werther's Original Sugar Free Hard Candies at the store, pick up a bag, or two, or three. While writing this post, I enjoyed the Caramel Coffee. Not overbearingly coffee flavored, but perfect. So, yea. Get those, too--highly recommended :)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. ***

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On becoming a gym junkie* (*not quite. but.)

I've always been the workout at home-type. I run outdoors, sometimes on the treadmill, do the shred at naptime. But really, I've been dying to become a member at the ymca.

I'd been dropping hints left and right to Declan about it, but we always came to the same conclusion---it was just a lot of money monthly to my budget nazi husband (I love him) and then I what if you don't even use it?-lecture. It was annoying.

Then, one magical day--he came home from work telling me that his boss wanted to pay for individual memberships to anyone in his (small) company who wanted them. Ummm. WHAT. A) Awesome and B) I wanted the membership, not him. Not fair. Whaaaa.

One thing led to another and (it worked out in my favor) we were able to figure out getting a family membership for about half the price thanks to his employer. It made it financially much more justifiable, and yay! family member benefits!

Let me just say this. I love it.

I love it way more than I ever thought I would. And I use it.

It helps that there are awesome classes, and other people around motivating me to workout.  It helps that I know a ton of people who go there. It helps to have access to a billion awesome machines and weights and everything right at your fingertips. It helps that it's close by. It helps that there are really great staff who will watch my kids while I sweat.

It's weird, because I'm becoming a bit of a gym junkie. I find myself antsy and annoyed on mornings I don't get to go. I get in a few morning workouts throughout the week. After I drop Emeline off at preschool two mornings a week, I pop in for Zumba if I can. I even meet Declan there on his way home from work two days a week for a short workout. It's just really, really convenient.

I'll be honest--my biggest hurdle to overcome was regarding my kids. I felt awful at first about leaving them to the care of complete strangers at the y's childcare. But, after the first time--Emeline asked to go back constantly. She loved it. She doesn't get to go as often as Lucy since she's at preschool two of the days--but when she goes, she has so much fun. My favorite part about picking her up is when she gives us a hug, and says, "Mom, why you all watery? You been exercisin'??"

It gives the girls a good laugh every time.

Lucy? I worried about her more than Em. She's still a baby. Would she be ok? And the answer is--yes. yes. and yes. She was, and she is. They even get her to sleep sometimes, which shocks me, and I often sneak peeks at her while I pass by and she's playing with other babies and the staff. It's really sweet.

I don't feel guilty about this anymore. I really don't.

I've gained my nap times back to do work for my job, to write, to clean, or whatever else needs to be done, and in general I feel better.

I'm not losing weight. Not at all, actually. But my body feels stronger and more capable than it ever has, and that feels good.

Sometimes I want to be all in your face, see I use it to my husband when I've made it there 4x in a week. But I hold my tongue, and just take it out on the stairmaster. :)

It's weird, really. I never, ever thought of myself as a gym-go'er. I had a small phase in life, high school years, where I was a student member. I did ab-class all the time, and worked out a bit. But I swear, gyms with childcare are made for moms (duh) to make life just a tad bit easier. It has seriously enhanced mine, and I'm grateful for it.


are you more the gym type or home-workout type? both? curious your thoughts about it.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

weekend cuties

We ran our first family 5K this morning, pushing a double stroller, on the hilliest course ever.

We watched Emeline play soccer. 

We had chick-fil-a.

I'd say it's shaping up to be a happy weekend over here so far.

So happy bathtime pics from last night are in order.

{ummm my girls.}

{we do not condone standing in the bathtub, just sayin'} 


So how's your weekend goin'?

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I got my life back again, and two videos you cannot miss. Really.

It feels good to be around, writing more again, sort of. I'd like to think that I'm having an extra second to sit, write and share because the wedding festivities are over---but if I'm being honest, it might be because I just finished Downton Abbey yesterday. Which, by the And yes, on rare occasion I will get sucked into some show, watch every episode back to back (as many as I can squeeze into my day), and totally lose track of the outside world. Don't act like you've never done it.

I did it with Friday Night Lights. Downton Abbey, now. What's next? (kidding. a little)

Anyway. I have some random things I want to share. None of which really go together. So I shall hodge-podge it into one post.

I like to shoot video clips with my camera. It's one of my favorite things. In fact, I'd almost prefer that to taking photos. There's just something about a million little clips, formed into one, making a little story that makes my heart all happy and warm. Back in October, when we went wedding dress shopping with my sister, while she thought I was taking photos, I was really taking video. Then, I surprised her with this little video keepsake of her picking her dress--and she loved it.

It sucked having to keep it under wraps for so long, but hello---you can't spoil the wedding dress before THE day.

So you can watch it now.

And then---

Remember how I mentioned that Emeline had a blast dancing at the wedding? Well, near the end of the reception, I found her in the midst of adults, as she's dancing her butt off. It took me a few minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor and laughing hysterically to finally think to grab my camera to get some video.

It's short. And she had lost a little of her energy by this point. But still? You get the gist.

Speaking of butt.

Earlier, I was giving the girls a bath before naptime. Due to a late night and skipped baths, it was necessary. Anyway---

Me: "Em, stand up so I can scrub your back and your butt."

Em: "Mom, it's called a bottom, don't say butt, dat's not nice."

I got told, by my toddler. We use "bottom" or "booty" about 99% of the time. When, in a hurry, I use the word "butt"? She has to go all adult on me. 

Nice one.


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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Replace my fear with hope.

I question even talking about this--because I know that generally, it's easy to hate the sad stuff and want the butterflies and rainbows, but I have to.

Ever since hearing about the explosions at the Boston Marathon yesterday I've been walking around in a haze of sadness. My heart feels absolutely broken and I feel this pit of pain deep down and this ache that I know pales in comparison to what those involved are dealing with today.

Even though my entire self tells me not to turn on the TV, that the news articles online were enough, I do it anyway. Because I need to see, I need to feel, I need to connect with those who are affected by this closer. I feel that my tears, that being absolutely gutted by this, show that as a country, we're all affected by these outlandish acts of crime and senselessness. That in the end, it doesn't matter your beliefs or mine, your background or mine--we're all here, living here-feeling deeply for one another in these times of confusion.

I couldn't help but stare at my baby yesterday, envying her innocence. The fact that right now, she has the privilege of living in a little world where she doesn't know or fully understand the sinful nature of people. That she doesn't have to feel or see or connect with any of it in this moment. It made my heart hurt for my kids future. It makes me scared and admittedly confused at how to raise them without living in constant fear. The fear that I find myself having to push aside just so I can breathe, and let go, and still live life--because if I think about it for too long, or dwell too long, I'd probably never leave my home.

The reality is, our safety isn't guaranteed anywhere. It's not. And to think I have any control over that, in the grand scheme of things--is silly and naive.

Situations like yesterday rock me to my core. I think of every aspect. From every different scenario. How many months of training went into that race yesterday for those people. The anticipation of nice weather for such a big race. All the plans and work that goes into having family and friends there to support you. The happiness that should have been felt as people crossed the finish line. I sobbed, yesterday, seeing the man go down, who was hit by flying debris, only feet from the finish line. Sobbed.

So much work. SO much so. To just be taken down at the end, so close to his goal--because of some horrid act of violence.

My mind can't fully wrap around it.

You know, I'm hardly a runner compared to those amazing marathoners. I run slow, and not for long--but I run. And today I went to the gym and pounded out a few miles, while staring at the tiny treadmill tv news, and I prayed for them. I prayed, and I prayed, and I cried a little more.

I felt connected in that moment. We're all connected.

I wonder how we'll get past this. How much worse will it get for my children's future. But I can't go there, and I'm reminded of this verse:

"So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today." Matthew 6:34

God, please replace this fear with hope.


Monday, April 15, 2013

The day my sister became a wife.

I'm not even really sure how you put together a post like this. And to be honest, it feels a little less daunting now that the wedding day festivities could be followed by instagram users thanks to hashtags and all that goodness. You have to admit, social media is pretty cool that way nowadays. Everyone gets to feel a part.

To state the obvious--yesterday was perfect. It was gorgeous. The weather was pretty much great, albeit a tad bit windy during picture-time (we survived). My sister looked like an amazing, classy model in her perfect dress and birdcage veil. The bridesmaids looked killer. The colors came together amazing. The guys looked handsome in their tan suits & matching ties. The flowers were perfection. The ceremony made everyone cry. It was personal and amazing, their vows were touching, and there was a resounding sense of JOY JOY JOY to see these two so happy and in love.

Having the camera crew there for the show was no big deal. Except the fact I'm pretty sure they caught Emeline's worst moment in history on camera, and I fear it might be played up to become some huge wedding negative. Just picture a 3 year old, melting down during the reception prayer, over-tired, only had a 10 minute car nap, and screaming "go away daddy" (talk about heartbreaking for my husband & something I've never heard her say before :/ ) while he had to carry her out of the building in hysterics. It was sad! And awful. But it happens. And she had a long, long day.

Other than that little meltdown moment, though, which started because she wanted to join Aunt Susie & Uncle Jeff during their first dance (can you blame her? haha)---the kids were amazing the rest of the time. Of course they were still KIDS, you can't really expect them to act like well behaved adults. Stealing candy from the candy table, dancing like crazy, stuffing their face with cake, finding every opportunity to run around and have fun. But they really were great, overall. Lucy slept during the ceremony with my friend Lauren (who was a lifesaver), and also during parts of the reception with another friend.

caught by the camera man, stealing candy. fabulous ;)

Let's see. If I could sum up my top moments of the day....

Hair & makeup morning with all the girls at the hotel, sans kids. Watching my daddy's reaction when he saw Susan for the first time. Enjoying watching from the sidelines as Susan & Jeff got their "first look" together. It was precious and sweet and I'm pretty sure Jeff was stunned with her killer looks and hot body. Watching Emeline & her cousin, Kylie walk down the aisle hand in hand. They were so cute! Listening to Susan & Jeff share their written vows. I tried so hard to keep it together, but it was just such a testament to God's faithfulness in Susan's life, I wanted to sob like a big baby. Then, I have to say--that dancing is always just so much fun. But watching everyone circle around Emeline at the end, as she danced and then dropped to the ground doing what I think was the worm? Hilarious. Pretty sure she totally digged all that attention.

I'm still on post-wedding high and it wasn't even my wedding. It was much happy. So much. And I know that my sister was on cloud 9 all day. It was an absolute honor to be her matron of honor, to stand by her side and watch as she committed to a life of loving Jeff. They're the sweetest couple and as I said in my toast, I can't wait to keep watching their story unfold.

What a happy, happy day indeed.


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A sunshine high.

I'm starting to get that feeling, that one that rises up in my throat (no, not acid reflux thankyouverymuch) when I feel like I'm being swallowed alive by things and to-do's. The thing is, it's all good stuff. Amazing stuff, actually. We're talking wedding is THIS weekend, people. This is big. And happy. Beyond happy actually. My big sister is getting married.

And yet, while we're so crazy busy these days with everything, I'm still finding the time to do good things for my soul. I'm spending more time exercising. More time with my girls. Enjoying first soccer practices with Em. Being more intentional about little, special things, spending more time planning out our calendar and grabbing a drink with a friend late night and catching up, or whatever. And it's good.

We've (finally) been blessed with some spring-like weather, and I'm going to do one of those dump & run's now. These photos make me happy. It doesn't matter that we just came from the gym, there is no makeup on my face, my hair looks ridiculous, or that Lucy has sweet potatoes smashed into her hair. After dinner last night, we made time to just sit and blow bubbles on the deck. Enjoy the last bit of sunshine for the day. It feels good to be busy, yet somehow feel like I'm still living fully in each moment. I'm sure it'll all come crashing down on me next week when I realize just how behind on life I am. But for now, I'm ok and I'm enjoying.


I do miss writing more often, though. I miss that lots. I hope to get back to it.

For now, I shall channel my writing mojo into one hell of a matron of honor speech. K? Wish me luck.

Until next week, friends.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

kid birthdays=awesome, adult birthdays=weird

Nearly 28 years ago today my mom was probably hunched over in pain as I pushed my big noggin further and further into her pelvis getting ready to meet the world in about 24 hours.

Too much? Thought so.

Anyway. I was a 3rd kid. So I bet by this time, all those years ago, she was still going about normal life, walking a few miles a day, helping my dad run his businesses, cooking, cleaning, mothering two older kids, and then the next day around 3pm, she took a whiff of pepper, sneezed, and I flew out. Let's be real.

(kidding mom)

Birthdays as an adult are stupid.

There, I said it.

They're even stupider (not a word, I know) when you have kids.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing is about you anymore when you have kids. A birthday? HA! HA! HA! How silly of you, ma, to think YOU get a day for yourself?! pish posh. Kids laugh in the face of that crap.

Will I get sung to by my too-close-to-3-year-old about a million times? You betcha. Will I still have to wake up at 5:30am to nurse a baby? You betcha. Will I still have to drag my butt out of bed early and feed two starving faces breakfast and get kids clothed and off to preschool and blah blah blah? You betcha. Will I still workout? You betcha. Will I still have to come home to a house that looks like it's been raided by a bunch of robbers and then realize it was just us leaving in a rush? Yep. (Happens every freaking day. Just me??) Will I still have to make lunch and then clean up the bomb that is my kitchen? Yerrrrrpppp. You know the mom drill.

It's not that my husband isn't awesome. He is. And he makes me feel special and all that mush. But it's a work day. So we'll sprinkle random bits of birthday stuff here and there, but most the time, I'll just be mom. Doing my normal mom stuff. Life will go on as usual. And then I'll pass a calender, remember, oh hey it's my birthday, and birthday's just aren't as cool when you're old like me, and that's a fact. And I guess I'm ok with that.

Or am I?

I always have a hard time believing when people want their birthdays forgotten about. I was clicking through the channels the other day and stopped on some dumb reality show, where Joan Rivers (gag) was fa-reaking out about her birthday. Literally, didn't want anyone to utter the dreaded words, or remind her about it. Not even an age thing, I don't think. Just because.

Does this really happen? Do people want to be forgotten about on the one day you can claim as your own mini-holiday? I don't know. I have a hard time believing it. I admit that it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling to know I was thought about when someone does something special for me. When they text or (gasp) call you, versus put it on your facebook wall (not that anything's wrong with that, especially for more acquaintance-type connections).

It's just. Birthday's are weird as an adult. And especially as a parent. Or at least I think so. But, whatever. I had my time of fantastic kid birthdays and now I get to re-live that joy through my kids birthdays and set them up for disappointment in the future (hardy-har, sorry kids).


So this year. Year 28 (hold me). I want to get stronger. Be healthier. Be nicer (yep, my husband will laugh at this and then nod). Be more intentional. Smile bigger and more often. Push myself further than I thought I was capable. Continue loving on these precious girls of mine. Spend more time with God. Not be pregnant. Be warm and embracing. Stretch myself in uncomfortable situations. Meet new friends. Challenge myself. Get more haircuts (a year between haircuts is absurd). Drink less diet coke. Clean my house more (just kidding). Read more (won't happen).

This slowly turned into a New Years Resolution post. Whoops.

Well, this is me waving 27 goodbye. Peace out. Bring on the two-eight...I guess. Because, there ain't no stopping it anyway.


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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Truths. Add busy to my busy.

I want to write so bad. But other things are occupying my time right now along with regular life, work, and it just being a busy season in general.

These are my excuses:

Sucked in

(a conversation from last night)

Declan: Babe, that show sounds dreadful and boring, just from me overhearing it.

Me (captivated): Are you kidding me??? It's like Real World of the 1900's! 

[On Downton Abbey]

Can't stop myself. 



11 days. My sister is getting married in 11 days. There is stuff to do, people to see, things to be planned, parties to be had, people---and



I joined one. And now I go. My kids can go with me and be watched by complete strangers (darling ladies, actually, in a room that they think is the bomb dot com by the way) while I get a workout in.

Forget trying to finagle working out right after putting them down for a nap, and then one getting up, ruining it anyway. This is the better end of the deal. Today, after I take Em to preschool I'm totally going to drop Lucy off at childcare and then shake my thang at Zumba. And preparing myself to look and feel like a total idiot, too.

All for the sake of a little sweat.


If I could figure out a way to watch Downton WHILE I workout at the gym? Then THAT would surely free up some more time.


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Monday, April 1, 2013

Because 8 Months old seems...old.

Lucy turned 8 months old a few days ago and there's something about that age which seems much too close to 1 than I care to admit. It scares me a little, actually.

But she's wicked cute and she deserves a little update since I've been el slacker in that arena. I'm pretty sure she'll forgive me, until she's a teenager and Emeline & Lucy are going back through my blog (ohmygosh I can't even go there) and Em's bragging about how much of her life is documented and Lucy's all, mom I got so gypped! And all I can say to that is---yep. So did I, kid. I was a 3rd child.

Ahem. But anyway.

Lucy's demeanor is still sweet as sweet can be. People always say she's just the happiest little baby and she really is--unless it's close to nap time or bedtime, and we've pushed her too far, in which case she's rubbing her eyes incessantly and letting out a little whine here or there. And I can't really blame her for that.

She loves food. I love that she loves food because it makes feeding her SO easy. She joins us for mealtimes 2-3 times a day already and does amazing for having no teeth. Kind of makes me all proud inside to see her put down momma's chili.

Speaking of teeth, her bottom two look like they're just about to poke through. Because things have been shifting under there, sleep hasn't been bad, but the 12 straight hours has subsided--she gets up about 5:30am, and back down till closer to 7. No complaints there, though. It's still absolutely amazing sleep compared to her first 6+ months of life.

This month, she waves. She furiously fast crawls. She pulls to standing, but not all the time. Mainly when she's around a person, then she pulls up on them, or around the bottom step of the stairs. She makes that ridiculously cute sound when they pull their fingers to their lips and 'b-b-b-blub' (what the heck do you call that?!??!). Its my favorite thing. It makes me laugh every time.

I'm not kidding with these two. Other than sitting them next to each other, there's no prompting and "kiss your sister", Em does this on her own. She's seriously the sweetest to her.
Her favorite person is her sister. I might sound crazy, but I almost feel bad that Emeline didn't have a little person to entertain her 24/7. I mean, having a sibling is SO FUN and in a way, the 2nd, and 3rd (etc) kids are super duper lucky in that way. I think as parents sometimes we feel bad about adding more kids to the family, but really? I think life kind of gets better for them. Talk about constant entertainment and someone to steal toys from. Helloooo? That's fabulous.

Also, there is something ridiculously sweet about Lucy's relationship with her daddy. They just have this insanely cute connection. They meet eyes from across the room all the time--she hunts him down with those big blue's and then absolutely beams with joy when he smiles back at her.

Lucy got dedicated this month. I really, really want to post more about this--and I hope I can. But it was so special.

We are blessed to be your parents, because girl, you bring us so much joy & laughter.

happy 8 months.

*** Since Google Reader is gone July 1st, I've switched to Blog Lovin--so make sure to click below to keep following.
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