Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Aye yi yi. This is random.

I've gotten away from writing about my kids in the way that made me look back with fondness and ohhh and ahhhh over the things they say and do and blah blah. I feel like I need to. I feel like I should. But I also just...don't...want to.

I feel like if I capture them on video every once in a while then I'm doing it. I'm holding their little voices and mannerisms into a tiny little time capsule forever and ever. And well, that? That's ok, too. I think.

Yesterday was Declan's birthday. As most of you know, he's younger than me by about a year and nine months. I'm okay with this, I am. But last night as we were tucked into a tiny little booth at The Melting Pot on his birthday date, I said, I finally feel like you're getting older! Because forever he just kept feeling SO YOUNG compared to my age. And then he's all, Newsflash, baby....I can never catch up with you. And frack. He's right, but, gah. Why do I have to keep getting older, too?

Ok. Whatever.

Anyway. We had a great time. We indulged in lots of food we don't normally eat. We walked hand in hand at the mall like teenagers, mocking the names of the fancy stores in which we, and took selfies while we waited for the Starbucks barista to catch up from his looooong line of backed-up drinks and for him to royally mess up on calling Declan's name out.

T'was grand for a Tuesday night. Especially since our Tuesday nights are usually spent getting sweaty in the gym on our romantic date to bootcamp. ;)

Last week I traded my old 2006 SUV in for a newer (used) SUV. Honestly, it was more about what made sense. My car was getting bigger and bigger bills each time it went in for something routine, and it was starting to stress me out a little, even though I loved it. I got decent trade-in on it and we got the car we wanted for a great deal. The best part is, I feel all fancy because it has remote start on it. Which, if you are on any form of social media at all you know that it's OMGSOCOLD right now, so that ish is coming in handy.

I was starting to feel so guilty when Lucy would be all "brrrrrrr c-c-c-oooolllddddd" in her sweet little voice every time I put her in the car. So now, without going down a flight of steps to start my car, I can press a button! A BUTTON! Yes. I am finally up with the times I guess.

Speaking of the cold, I know it's cold-duh. But for some reason it doesn't bother me that much? I mean, of course it would if I was working outside or something. But, walking to and from a car, or in and out of a store, etc. Yea. It's not that big of a deal to me, even lugging kids. I mean, it's cold. It takes your breath away. But the second you enter warmth it's all, AHHHHH and I'm good. But let's not be confused for a second, I still loathe winter and just last night I said to my husband as my tush was getting warmed by my seats on that 10 degree day, Can you even IMAGINE the days of flip flop wearing and shorts? I daydream about that magic. DAYDREAM.

But it's only January so I better keep my daydreaming to a minimum. We've got LOTS more winter left.

I can't even believe it's time for this already but I'm already in the midst of PLAN THE BEST BABY SHOWER EVER (for my sissy) mode and holy crap, that came fast! Why does everyone else's pregnancy always fly by and meanwhile mine literally feel like I'm living in this sick, slow twilight zone to which never feels like it will end, ever? So unfair. Also, the second said baby comes out, time is on LIGHTENING SPEED.

I will never understand such things. Ever.

Ok. Wow. That was random.

Happy Wednesday :)


  1. Umm our new {used} car has remote start too and I used it yesterday, best invention EVER! I used to be all "OMG what a pointless thing" but now?! Life changing!!!

    Jimmy is younger than me too, it's always our joke that I'm a "cougar" which is such a gross word/term/thing I think.

    And I'm jealous you went to Melting Pot. That is so not Jimmy's kind of place so I've only ever been once and it was looooooooooooooooong ago! I want to go back! Perhaps I should plan a girls night there...

  2. We just got a new (used) SUV with remote start last week and that was the thing I was most excited about! That, and the third row seat that will accomodate our growing family.

  3. I am SO jealous of your remote starter. I still drive a 2002 standard honda civic and I don't even have a button to unlock the damn doors!

  4. What a lovely date night! I haven't been to The Melting Pot in years, but I'd love to go again. It was so good!

    Also, remote start...genius! I love it, but what I think I'd love more are heated seats. They will be a necessity on the next vehicle. ;)

  5. I have never been to The Melting Pot but have always wanted to. It's about an hour from our house so there's that. I don't have remote start because we have a garage. It's awesome and I could NEVER not have one again. Last year I never used my snow/ice scraper. Not even 1x! I don't even think it's in my vehicle this year.

  6. First: I am totally older than my husband by a year or so. We never even talk about it. He loved it when we first started dating and I could buy a beer! Pregnancy for my FLIES by perhaps its bc mine are always shorter than average. But my sisters are WAY fast too. Cannot wait to see this baby shower, it will be gorgeous and amazing! I WANT REMOTE START. A must have in my next car! LOL

  7. Glad you guys had a fun date night! Seeing your IG feeds is the look like little in love teenagers when out on a date and I love it! :)

  8. so glad you guys had such a great time last night! jeff doesn't indulge my couple selfies very often and the kissy ones we do i'm forbidden to post on social media... haha. you're the best sissy! so thankful for you and the love and time you're putting into this shower (especially only a year after throwing the most amazing bridal shower ever). love love love you!

  9. What a fun birthday! My husband is 7 years older than me, so I'll always feel young. lol. That being said, I don't ever FEEL like he's that much older. I've always been told I act older than my age though.

    I wish I could get a car with heated seats and a remote starter! I just got upgraded to a car with a keyless unlock button and I think THAT is fancy. Haha.

  10. i just wrote out a whole comment and it deleted it! dangit!

    anyways, so glad you guys had such a great time last night. jeff doesn't share my love of couple selfies so it's rare to get them and the kissy ones are always forbidden to go on social media. haha

    thanks for all the love and time you're putting into my shower (especially only a year after throwing the best bridal shower ever) haha! love love love you!

  11. I feel like Lucy is looking more and more like her big sister :-)

    Congrats on the new car!!! It's fun to be fancy sometimes!!!

  12. Love reading your blog.. and I really look up to you and your husband.. as a couple, individuals and as a family.. You guys really seem to be on an amazing track on how to make marriage and family work! Yes I know no one is perfect and everyone has their ups and downs but thats what makes life and relationships so great and so worth it..

    I am in minnesota... so 10 degrees would feel pretty darn good right now.. this week has been ffffaaaaarrreeezzziinnngggg..... but like you it doesn't bug me much.. i don't mind the ins and outs and lugging kids around.. we even went snowmobiling in it :)

  13. I love the melting pot! I remember the first time I went there and they brought us a tray of raw meat and I was all "ummmm I think you forgot to cook this" clearly I didn't understand. Then I was so nervous about cross contamination and salmonella poisioning I probably over cooked everything haha. Don't worry-I get it now.

    My husband is almost 4 years older than me and I love it :) I got a remote start for Christmas and it's been so frickin cold it won't work!!! Definitely ready for some warm weather.

  14. Remote start?!!??! Movin on up sister! I feel good if I actually go to the garage and start the car before we get in it. HA! That's my remote start! Glad y'all had a fun date night. Love the melting pot. I really just care about dessert! YUMMY!!!!! And yes...this winter....OVER IT. WHEEEEEN can we wear flip flops again?!?!!?

    Happy Tuesday!

  15. mmm, melting pot! That place is wonderful. A few months ago, we went there just for dessert and it was really fun and pretty affordable. I just started Whole30. I was inspired by your paleo posts, so I gave myself 3 months to prep for it. I'm feeling strong so far (only 3 days in!) and for a minute thought, maybe I'll do this forever with no cheats! Then I made an itemized list of everything I'd miss-Donut World Donuts, a good latte, mashed potatoes, fajitas, chips and salsa, ice cream, chocolate!, and decided that a cheat meal sometimes would be okay too! I know you get tired of these questions and that you're not a paleo blogger, but you were such a WW inspiration and your most recent post about your weight loss journey has inspired me to get back in gear. (I've maintained most of my WW weight loss, but Gray has slowed down on his nursing since hitting 12 mos and I need to refocus to make up for those calories I'm not burning). Anyway, I know you mentioned that y'all often have a cheat meal once a week and I think you said that it was in moderation-how do you do that? Only one of the things you might really want? or maybe exactly what you really want, but a smaller portion? (Will I ever be able to have pizza again?-Bread and cheese!) Just curious. Also, do regular coffee shops carry coconut milk? When you first mentioned that I was thinking the stuff in the carton, which we tried and didn't love, but I just tried the canned stuff that's just coconut and so far so good.

    I definitely think Lucy has her own little look, but it's so funny how her silly face in that first picture looks so much like Eme! So crazy how I usually don't see it and then BAM! it's so obvious. Beautiful girls!

  16. I'm a couple years older than Drew, but he's got the big-boy job so we totally even out. And neither of you is 30, right? Or was this Declan's 30th birthday? I can't remember, Anyway, if you're not 30 you don't get to claim old age. It's all us old geezers have left, so you can't claim it until you're on the other side of 30! :-)

  17. I'm with you on the cold. It's not unbearable, although I was beyond incredulous at the fact that in negative temperatures I could have the heat blasting in my car for ten or more minutes and all it did was render in the inside temperature of my car tolerable. Not warm. Tolerable. But I'm also daydreaming about summer. It cannot come soon enough.

  18. Okay, hopefully you'll laugh at this:

    This is my first time here (love your blog, by the way!) and when I read that it was your hubby's birthday, I read that you are *10* years and 9 months older...and then I skipped over to your "blog description" thingy and read that you fell in love with him when you were 16 and I was wondering what kind of creepy 16 year old girl falls in love with a 6 year old!?

    Then I pulled my head out and read it correctly.

    So, to recap: I can't read and you're not a creeper.

    {I'll see myself to the door.} ;)

  19. I will never own a car without remote start. My last car had, my Jeep has it and I use it all the time even in the summer! Also I must now have the heated seats too. Can't they make cooled ones for summer. I am so very over winter. It can end any day now. I sort of want to punch people who love the snow. Apparently the possibility of ending up in a ditch doesn't faze any of the snow lovers.