Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Say it louder.

I was at the nail salon the other day sitting cozy in a pedicure chair, doing that awkward bump up and down thing you do when the auto-massager is on and all your body parts are a jigglin'. Before you get your panties in a twist and think I'm a diva, I was going on a full-giftcard-ride and my last pampering was before my sister's wedding in April. Basically, I really don't get fancy things done like that unless someone else is paying, let's be real.

All of that is besides the point. I was sitting in peace and quiet after my husband basically kicked me out of the house because, I don't know about you--but sometimes ALL the family togetherness of the holidays can be, umm, a lot. And honestly I needed a time for my head to shut off and my brain to stop thinking about all the billion things to do at home.

I sat my phone on the little table beside me. Decided that if I (ahem, giftcards) were paying someone to massage my legs then I was going to enjoy it gosh darn-it and not be scrolling through my phone the whole time. Because, ahhhhhh.

As I was sitting there, I couldn't help but notice when a woman in the salon, who was getting her fingernails redone, had her phone on speaker (since her hands were occupied), and was awkwardly bending down/shouting into her phone having a conversation right there in the open.

At first, honestly--it was a little annoying. I found myself thinking all these selfish things--hellooooo I don't get out much. This is supposed to be a break for me, and umm, I kinda don't want to hear your loud speakerphone conversation across the whole place.

But within a few seconds I could pick up on one little tidbit of important information.

She was clearly talking to her little daughter.

I could hear this sweet little voice on the other end.

And then my whole outlook changed to, awwwww instead of, ohmygosh hangup already.

I still might have been a tad-bit-thankful when it seemed like their conversation was coming to a close, though. I mean, I was trying to get in my quiet-pretend-I-don't-have-children-mode and the loud speakerphone conversation which involved A LOT of repeating, and "I didn't hear you, say it again's" wasn't really helping my zen state of mind.

Then this happened (and I am not exaggerating).

Mom: Alright honey, I love you more than the moon and stars!

Kid: What?

Mom: I love you more than the moon and the stars!

Kid: HUH?

Mom: (not even flinching, just saying it louder and slower) I love you more than the MOON AND THE STARS!

Kid: I love you more than the moon and the stars! (yessss, she finally heard!)

Mom: Alright baby, I love you more than anything.

Kid: What?

Mom: I love you more than ANYTHING.

Kid: love you too, mommy.

Mom: I'll see you in a few hours. I love you more than teddy bears and rainbows!

Kid: HUH? say it louder.



Okay. I have to admit--it lost it's cuteness factor after the first line. It lost it's cuteness factor when she was talking SO LOUDLY into her phone, and repeating herself over and over and over. And-I can't lie, I was a little....annoyed? Maybe even a tad embarrassed for her? But she didn't seem even the slightest bit worried about anyone around her, nor did she seem to care about the quiet atmosphere of the nail salon.

And the more I started actually thinking about this, the more I realized that I could actually take some life lessons from speakerphone-lady.

While, YES, I think it's sort of a weird time to be having speakerphone conversations, in a quiet and (supposed to be) peaceful nail salon--there was a part of me that admired her for really just not caring. She wanted her daughter to know how loved she was, and she didn't care how many times it needed repeating, how loudly or s l o w l y she had to say it for her to understand, she made sure she heard it, made sure she felt it.

It made me take a look at myself a little harder, actually. The times that I might shush or hush my daughter when she didn't understand something I said the first time but keeps begging me to repeat myself. The times I get frustrated and just say forget it. The times when in public I might be more concerned with what's going on around me, what the eyes of the people are 'saying', versus staying right there in the moment with my kid, no matter good or bad.

I know it might sound a little far-fetched to glean this out of this scenario. But I TRULY had a gut-check moment where I went from thinking WHAT IS THIS WOMAN DOING to Why wouldn't I do that and REALLY who cares?

I mean, no matter the situation, when it comes to telling our babies how much we love them--really, what's it matter who's looking? Who's peace is disturbed for a few minutes? It doesn't.

In the end, I'm just glad that little girl knows how much her momma loves her.



  1. I adore you and every single one of your posts. the end.

  2. Ditto what Courtney said. (Although that may seem really creepy since I don't really know you but) I really enjoy reading your blog. You're so down to earth and you make me stop and think almost every time you write. And your weight loss is super motivating too. I only want/need to lose about 8 lbs to be at a good place where all my clothes fit comfortably again and your post yesterday made me realize that I WANT to get back to that place where I look forward to working out and do it regularly. So, thanks for writing and keep it up!

  3. I love the way you write, in fact, you are my inspiration for my blogging this real, more real in-the-moment posts. <3

  4. you really can learn a lot from such interesting or weird situations.. and this proves it.. Love reading your blog!

  5. Love this! Always a lesson to be learned everywhere in every situation. Some people just have harder times seeing them than others. You always seem to see them and so happy you point them out. Happy New Year!

  6. So cute! I have a sign in my kitchen that I had a friend of mine make for me that says "I love you more than cupcakes". One of my favorites.

    I am constantly learning from strangers! Sometimes you see them to things you actually do and realize it just ain't cool. I am people watcher though. Not in a bad way, I just notice things ;-)

  7. I love that you can find a lesson in the little things in life. Why shouldn't you tell your kiddo you love them, no matter what? I probably would have been really annoyed with the woman and never got beyond that. I'm glad you did - that's awesome.