Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Gym in January & The Debate that Shouldn't Be.

At first I didn't notice a big difference at the gym. I was really expecting it to be hustling and bustling on January 1st when I went in for a morning class, but no, apparently everyone was still hung over, who knew. Considering I went to bed at 10:30pm on NYE, I was good to go, actually, I mean, I partied so hard on the couch, it was a rough get-up*.   *not

But it took a few weeks and nowwwww the hustle and bustle has begun. I am not annoyed with new gym goers. Not at all. In fact, being a resolutioner is something I know a lot about. Success can come from it, it does come from it, so I do smile a little when I see an obvious new face and someone who's at the start of their journey. I've been watching a few of the same faces at the gym (yes I'm a creeper apparently) over the last 7'ish months and I've seen some ladies REALLY change. They are faithfully chugging away in zumba week after week, trying new classes, changing their bodies. Part of me wants to go up and whisper to them, I notice. But I feel like that might just add to the creep-factor.

But I do. I notice and I see their hard work.

On Monday I put my kids in the childcare and they were only the 8th & 9th kid there. Within 45 minutes when I came to get them, they were up to numbers 49 & 50 (that doesn't mean 50 kids were in there at one time, but how many had come through, people pick up, etc) If anything, I'd say that's my least favorite part about the new year--not the crazy amount of people in my normal classes, not the lack of parking spots--but the extra busy childcare. I've been trying to sneak in at nights when I can leave the kids home or only bring one (usually Emeline since girl can hold her own). Because for some reason I do feel guilty when it's busy in there--I don't know. More germs to share or something.

Anyway. I really do welcome the new people with open arms. When I can tell someone is a little uncertain, seems confused, etc, I will ask them if it's their first time and help them set up/show them what to do, etc. Because I know it can be intimidating.

They'll all find their groove soon enough. And I hope they love it and have a good experience like I have.


Something that's been bothering me lately is the Gym vs. No-Gym (workout at home) thing. I know it's dumb....IT IS DUMB. I guess, I just feel annoyed by the fact that anyone even feels the need to bash one or the other. Obviously, in this day and age, you do not need a gym membership with access to amazing workouts from your phone, TV, heck, even circuit ideas on pinterest, etc. We all know that you do not Need with a capital N. And we all know it's not an excuse when you don't have a membership to say you can't be fit/get fit, etc, because helloooooo there are so many options you can do from home.

That being said, everyone has to do what works for them. The reason that joining a YMCA changed my lifestyle and workouts is because it's more than just a fitness center for me. In fact, I rarely step foot in the fitness center if I'm being honest. It's about the group classes, it's about the instructors pushing me, it's about them coming up to me, helping me perfect my form, watching others around me and knowing that I.can't.quit if they're not. It's about meeting friends there, and the accountability. It's about the childcare, that getting an hour a day to myself in this way actually improves my mental state. It's about the extra perks, the friday night babysitting and fun events our Y throws, the indoor pools and all that family stuff, too. And for the price we pay, you seriously cannot beat it. The perks far outweigh the money for us.

I get that it takes time to pack up my kids, to get myself ready, to get there in time--to unloading and reloading the car, etc. I get that the convenience of working out at home is hey!this takes less time! and that is a huge benefit. But for me, it isn't. I'd rather spend the time getting out of the house (now that I have that down to a science) and sweating it out at the gym.

My point here is this: one is not better than the other.

And you do what you have to do. What works for family, your lifestyle, your schedule with work and kids and home, with the way you prefer to be motivated, etc. It doesn't have to be such a thing. Workout at the gym, by yourself, in group classes, at home. Who cares.

Just move your body.



  1. I know what you mean about seeing people at the gym change. There is a woman who goes to the same Sh'bam classes as me. Middle aged woman, was fairly overweight, really struggled to make it though classes. Now she's up at the front every week, jumping higher and moving faster than most women in the class. Definitely can see a huge difference and since she's at the front every week, I always notice her and it's sort of inspiring to see how much progress she's made.

    I never even knew there was a debate between at home/gym people! I have a gym membership for the some of the same reasons you do. Love the classes/group atmosphere. Plus I live in a small 1-bedroom apartment so there is really no room for most at home workouts (and top floor so don't want to be doing too much jumping around).

  2. People seriously bash others that go to the gym...seriously? How pathetic. Like you said...there are benefits to both at home workouts, and going to the gym. My weekly workouts are split between both equally, all depends on what I have time for, Skip's schedule, etc. Why can't women just learn to cheer each other on, instead of bashing all the time? Shouldn't it be a good thing that someone is working out at all? In any way? Just sad.

    1. It's not even women. My brother is doing p90x3 and said the trainer on there bashes going to the gym. I GET IT, he is trying to sell dvd's, but give me a break.

  3. I love this post! I used to twirl baton and trained in a gym every day. Once, you grow up and have kids. The gym stopped and the weight piled on. I bought a home workout video back in August and it lasted a month. Sometimes I like the idea of getting out of the house and a new enviroment. It gives me that extra little push. Not to say that I don't like climbing on the ellipitical at home and watch a good tv show. I like the fact there are options and sometimes the 2.5 yr old at home doesn't want to play by hereslf while you workout and wants to watch "her" show on tv. I just wish gym memerberships were cheaper in Canada. Do you have to pay for the daycare at the y? We have to pay extra here on top of the monthly/annual gym membership.

  4. You are too sweet! I love seeing people step outside of their comfort zone and take a step in a healthy direction. Everyone has different struggles and I know how much mental strength it takes, sometimes an encouraging word/help/look means all the difference. I loved getting an encouraging smile from another lady when we both have sweat streaming down our faces and have the look "omg I'm going to die" on our faces.
    I remember I did a class one day and wanted to do a little run after and this trainer comes up to me and basically berates me for not "training properly" and how "those classes" will do nothing for me. I get it, he was trying to to sell me his services but come on dude, seriously? (this is nothing against trainers of course but I hate "scare tactics" or belittling) I love classes but some people don't, I hate running but some people love it, spinning scares me, either way you find something that works for you and that's all that matters. I love your encouraging attitude!

  5. Great post! I also didn't know there was a gym vs. at home debate. I would love to go to classes, but Phoebe refuses and my husband works 11-12 hours a day so working out from home is what works for me. I do really enjoy it actually. It took me a loooong time to find something that I loved enough to stick with and now that I have, it's easy to get up and do it. My 3 year old even likes to workout with me sometimes, so that's fun too. :)

  6. It makes me laugh that people actually debate about home vs gym working out, lol. Do what works. And, if what works doesn't work anymore, change it up.

    I was a gym person for years and now I haven't stepped foot in one for almost a year (except for hotel and ship gyms). I'm sure that eventually, my jogging and videos will grow old, so I'll head back to the gym. Whatever motivates a person to be active is the right answer.

  7. Amen! I can't stay motivated with workout DVDs. Four years ago I could, but now I can't so I do group classes. I say to each their own, the important thing is they're trying.

  8. Count me in the group that wasn't even aware this was a debate. I swear, people will get up in arms over anything! I wish I could go to the gym - I found a great yoga instructor nearby, I loved her classes and the gym where she teaches even had childcare! Unfortunately, I wouldn't leave a stray dog in their 'babysitting facilities' so that ceased to be an option for me, so now I'll be trying to squeeze in 25 minute workouts in my basement, between naps and cooking and child-tending and cleaning and, and, and. I have to admit, I get jealous (but not in the ugly way) every time you post pictures from the gym on IG. I can't wait to get strong again and I love group classes for the exact reason you do, but it's just not in the cards for me.

    But good Lord, I'm with you - whatever you do to move your body, wherever and however you do it, counts. It all counts!

  9. I hate when people nay say the new members on the 1st. I get it, it's frustrating to have to wait for a machine when you are used to hopping right on. BUT cheer those newbies on! They are trying, and hopefully succeeding, to change their lives and whether its Jan 1 or July 1 that should be celebrated! Everyone was a newbie, unfamiliar, uncomfortable gym goer.

  10. I didn't see a huge jump right away too, but now it's very busy. Makes me happy. I used to think that whole "you're going to be for a few weeks then drop off" but heck who cares if they do (or don't.)

    Serious? People bashing each other for how they work out? I used to plan my own workouts but that took a lot of time and so I joined the Y so someone else whose paid can plan my workouts. Can't believe that's a debate.

  11. I think working out in a gym would be better times 1000 ;) But it just isn't an option right now for a whole slew of reasons, the main one being that the closest gym with childcare is 40 minutes away. So, working out at home has to suffice. But YES, you are so right. Like in every scenario, it's silly to assume that there's a one size fits all solution!

  12. I absolutely can not workout at home. I have tried many times and after about 10 minutes I find myself sitting on the couch reading blogs. I need to go to the gym to workout.

  13. I didn't realize there was a real debate on this topic, but it's unsurprising because people have dumb, judgmental opinions about EVERYTHING. *eye roll*

    Anyhoo, I really appreciated this post and you sharing your POV on the gym topic. I'm having an internal debate right now about joining a gym. I've lost 80lbs over the last couple of years (I also took some time off during that time to grow /birth/recover from having a baby) and it's getting to the point where I know I need to incorporate exercise into my life. I know I need to, but I don't WANT to. Hi, I have a whole list of excuses and not much motivation ;)

    I'm trying to work on getting there mentally, but part of the debate is also how to do this. I think I might need to join a gym (probably the Y) because I think it will provide some much needed motivation (childcare, options like group classes - which I have no idea if I will even like, professionals who will help me get started and know WTH I need to do, etc.), but at the same time *sigh* I don't want to spend the money when I know there are at home options and I could just suck it up and try to find time when the kids are in bed. I don't know. Why does it all have to be so haaard?!

    ^my semi-related, kind of, but not really story. Any advice for me since you love it so much?

  14. I feel like I need to come to the defense of Beachbody, here. We do NOT bash gym-goers, we actually encourage it! Any physical activity is better than none. Plus, the Body Pump/Combat classes everyone takes...those originated from Beachbody. Insanity is now on in the gyms, too! There is no "gym vs no gym" debate. We encourage a healthy lifestyle overall, regardless of where you workout :)

  15. Wait. I didn't even know this was a thing - gym vs. home. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? People bash? (Why am I surprised, I guess?)

  16. I teach Group Fitness classes (Turbo Kick & BodyPump) and I'm a distributor for Beachbody (the producers of P90X3) and I'm LIVID that there is a debate. The great thing about multiple options is that there is SOMETHING for every fitness personality. Not everyone wants to take a Group Fitness class, or doesn't feel fit enough to walk into a gym...that's when in-home fitness programs work. Like you, I THRIVE in a group setting, it's why I teach. It's silly to be arguing about which is better - and, yes, Tony does mention how going to the gym isn't needed in P90X3...he talks...a lot, lol!

    We all have our own unique fitness style, and luckily, there is a solution that WORKS for every fitness style. There doesn't need to be a debate...what a waste! Instead of arguing, why not workout? ;)

    BTW - super proud of you for hitting the gym and finding the classes and instructors that motivate you! That's one part of the puzzle piece to being successful with your fitness journey!!! :)

  17. I didn't even know there was a gym vs no gym war! Ha I workout at home because it's cheap and I have to...but I have been considering joining the Y lately if we can dedicate some money toward that. It would just be good for me to get out of the house and focus on ME for an hour or so away from the kids. I never ever get that. I also can't seem to get the kids to nap at the same time anymore so there's always at least one set of little hands tugging at my shirt as I'm trying to get my sweat on. Ah, it's tough.

  18. Amen sista! Finding what works for you is key!

  19. Love your positivity! Its about getting healthy no matter how you are doing it. :)

  20. Oh man, I HAVE to go to the gym. We have a really unique facility here in Lafayette, that was started by a former Mr. Universe. I always say that one of the things I will miss the most when we move from here is "Red's" (our gym). Anyway, I could never motivate myself enough at home. I've tried and it just does not work. I have to go where other people are working out, taking classes, etc. It is MUCH more motivating for ME. But you're right, to each his own. Just MOVE! :)