Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two seconds to whine.

I have the tiniest little sliver of time to write something. Emeline is snoring on the couch (yes, at 7:30am...she woke up at 5:30), and Lucy is on the other end spilling eating cheerios and semi-dazed with Disney Junior. (I lied, now she's terrorizing the dog and throwing dog food everywhere. Whatever.)

I'd like to curse at winter, the entire season, the germs, the cold--and rip it's head off. I assume winter is a man, I guess? Who knows. He, she. Whatever. I'm so over it. Because, OMG my kid is sick againnnnn. Like, fever, puking, body shakes nonsense and it's so sad. But ok, I can deal with sickness. I mean, really, she's a ball of mush on the couch most the day, and frankly, some parts of it are easier than normal day shenanigans to some degree. She's sweet. Sad, but sweet as can be.

Anyway. I had just got done catching some puke (which, by the way--I am a PRO at, apparently I have fast comes with motherhood) perfectly into a bowl, was a little scattered from that, had just sat down again because she was all Mommmmmm I need you next to meeeeeeeeeeee. I had brewed a cup of coffee a little bit before, because, duh, lifeline. And I had just sat down with my favorite mug in my hand. Meanwhile, Lucy's on the other side of me, freaking out because SHE NEEDED ME at the same time, because, don't they always?? (hashtag two-kid problems)

I had just happened to pull my phone out of my robe pocket because it buzzed/dinged, something or other. I really don't remember how it all happened, but, basically, within a flash, Lucy had managed to ever so quickly slide my phone directly into my coffee cup for a scolding hot bath.

Obviously I pulled it out fast as can be (hello, remember those reflexes I talked about?), but it went in head-first. My phone already had a cracked screen from meeting the gym floor at just the right angle last month, and not only a crack, but a gigantic chip out of it, exposing the inner parts. I KNOW, it was bad. The worst part was--I went in to get it fixed Saturday and they ran out of parts and told me to come back TODAY. So, yea. The coffee got to seep in, like DIRECTLY into the parts of my phone. Fun.

I ran it over to my laptop to quickly connect it and back-it-up, meanwhile it's starting to flicker and it's literally acting like a ghost is using my phone. Creepiest thing ever. I'm watching the screen, begging Jesus to just SAVE MY STUFF, OMG. Step 2 of 4.....Step 3 of 4....and It backed up. Basically just in time for my phone to die.

Anyway. Before you say it, my kind friends, it's already in a bag of rice. But my phone looks like it's been run over by a dump truck TWICE so really, I mean, what's to save anyway? 

All this to say, that Tuesday has been super awesome far. I know, you can choose your happiness or whatever, right? Well, too bad. It just ain't happening today. 

Today I choose to be honest and say that I begged and almost cried to be the one to physically go to work this morning when my husband left. Yep. I told him I was legitimately jealous that he got to leave this mess and go to work. It wasn't my finest moment. 

Today, real life is messy.


Complainer, OUT. 


  1. Hang in there! Those days that start out rough are hard to recover from - hope Emeline feels better ASAP and you all have a very healthy February!

  2. Bless your heart! Hope today gets better for you! Grab yourself a glass of wine..

  3. These are the days you will remember most when you kids are preparing to go off on their own adventures (at least that's what my mom tells me!) While MOST days I die a little inside when I have to drop my crying bambino off at daycare (yes 20 months later still screams of terror), there have been several occassions when I say OH thank the lord because I cannot deal with another compliant or whine at 5:30AM :)... Hope the rest of your day goes smoother and poor little Em feels better soon!

  4. Hang in there! I feel your pain. :)

  5. Boo! So sorry your day is off to a craptastic start, but hopefully Em will be on the mend ASAP and things will start looking up! (And that is AWESOME that you were able to backup your phone before it died!)

  6. I blame Mother Nature. She's messing with us big time this year and it's awful! I am thankful that today my MIL is coming to take KP to Chuck-E-Cheese b/c girlfriend cannot stay cooped up in this house on more day. James is a hot teething mess {not used to this} and so yeah...I'm over it.

  7. I'm with you Katie! Winter can suck it! Madelyn has been sick off and on since Christmas and right when she gets better I get whatever she had. As if all this snow and polar vortex crap wasn't enough, add sick kid to the mix and its like somebody is kicking you twice (or three times depending how you look at it). But I refuse to be a recluse, we go to the gym (and gym daycare), we have play dates, we go to kids play places..what the hell else are we going to do during this time of year. Its a vicious cycle and this winter is definitely worse than any in recent memory that is for sure!

  8. We've all been there with the being jealous when our husband gets to leave. I work full-time outside of the home as well, so it's not often but when he plays church softball or when I was on maternity leave I practically cried every morning (out of fear for what my kids might do to me in a day) and got jealous (that he got to have adult conversation and not catch throw up). I hope your day gets better!

  9. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! At least its all backed up!! I get home from work (I work full-time) and after about 5 minutes wonder how people can stay home every day with their kids - talk about guilt! Some days are just HARD. and some days make you think you can handle this mom-gig. Then days like today happen and you wonder if you'll survive the day. I found Fitness Blender youtube videos that are awesome - they're not hard or crazy intense, but if you only have 10 minutes, you can at least get a workout in. They have longer HIIT ones and all kinds of stuff, but they have some pretty good ones that are nice and short. Anyway, hope today gets better and you get a new phone for pretty cheap!

  10. :(

    I lost my phone in the delivery room when I had Gray and had never backed it up. I lost so many pictures, if I hadn't just had a baby, I probably would have gone into a deep depression. Now, I just try not to think about it.

    I finally replaced it and a few months later, I dropped it in a toilet, somehow recovered it to 98% with rice, then left it in the driveway overnight on the one night it snows in North Carolina-and I'm pretty sure I ran over it with my car because it had an ever so faint crack under the surface, which was just what it needed to shatter on the tile cafeteria floor at work. All of that within a week. Since then, pieces are slowly coming off, so we're all getting a nice lesson about how electronics work on the inside and being safe around sharp objects. My contract is up, so I could replace it, but it's inevitable that I'll ultimately ruin the next one too, so I'm just holding out until this one officially will no longer function. As much as I hate the bulk and love my cute shutterfly case with my kiddos on it, I may have to accept the fact that I probably need an otterbox.

    Fingers crossed no one else in your house gets the pukes. The only thing worse than a sick kid, is a healthy kid and a sick mama.

  11. I love your writing style...seriously feel like I am sitting in Starbucks talking to you. Obviously Starbucks because well...we both love coffee!! =) Hope Emeline feels better soon...maybe you should be a snow bird? lol

    Kate @

  12. winter is definitely a man.

    your sweet girl can't catch a break this winter. praying she feels better quickly. and that you get a phone quickly. because winter, a sick kid, AND no phone?! that's epic disaster. seriously. this sounds sarcastic but it's really not. i got shakes when my phone was done for a day. which makes me a loser but... oh well.

  13. I just don't know what I'd do without my phone. Pretty sad, huh? I hope you are able to get it fixed/replaced soon and that everyone gets and stays well until Spring!

  14. haha. i totally commented on here the other day under the hubs' name. oops. oh well. timmonsville11 is me ;)