Wednesday, February 12, 2014

impending doom & random things.

I can basically sum my pathetic blog into 3 things this winter.

1) someone is sick, again.

2) it snowed, a lot. again.

3) i'm tired of it, therefore feeling sad/bummed/miserable. again.

Don't worry, I'm even sick of myself. Which is why I try really hard to just not write when I know it's going to be one big whine-complain-wahhhh fest again. It's like, I know it in my head. I really shouldn't complain, because things are good. But I also just, sincerely, down to the depths of my bones am craving warmth and sunshine in a way I'm not sure I ever have. It's all I can think about. I daydream about moving towards warmth. What my life would be like if I had little beach babes instead of kids bundled up like we live in the tundra. Sometimes I sincerely think quality of life is at stake during rough winters like this. I mean, I can't be alone in this thought

Anyway. I will try to avoid sobbing hysterically whining about the 12+" of snow coming tonight into tomorrow and instead I'll blab about other things.

-Remember when I mentioned that we started watching Breaking Bad? Yea, well we did and we have completed it. All of it. I have never, ever been so ready for a show to be done. Because, holy stressful-knot-in-my-stomach-batman. Although I'm really glad that's over with, I loved the show (which is weird for me, actually), and may eventually miss it. For now, I breathe a sigh of relief and side-eye every car wash and blue rock candy out there. It has warped my brain, man.

get ready, Declan-this is your Valentine.

-Since we're talking TV...let's talk TV. The Bachelor, yep--I'm watching. While you won't find me doing a roundup every week talking about such things (I find the few I read kinda funny, mostly), I'm a faithful watcher for the most part, but I'm not a huge fan of the girls this season. I pretty much only like Renee, and I have a feeling she won't be 'it'. He'll probably end up with Clare who I find, honestly, a little lot annoying. Yet, of course I'll still watch. Juan is charming, I'll give you that. (Also, I cannot, I mean, cannot watch any more kissing scenes between him and Sharleen though--they are the epitome of awkward and I get squeamish. Ok just had to get that out. phew.)

-Emeline & Lucy are SO sisters. They literally adore each other one second and playing in a magically sweet way, and then beating each other the next. It's pretty roller-coaster'y around here. There's squeal and giggles galore, and then screaming. It pretty much goes on all day, every day. See also: bracing for the teen years.

-It's safe to say that we (Emeline) are beyond Frozen obsessed along with every other little girl age 2-10 around the world because our life basically revolves around this movie and the soundtrack, and oh, you can't forget the dresses, too. My husband and I are perfecting our duet to 'Love is an Open Door' and, well, it's quite impressive. Basically, we are like every other parent with Frozen-obsessed children. YOU CANNOT GET THOSE SONGS OUT OF YOUR HEAD, FOR THE LOVE. 

1 minute and 29 seconds of your life you can't get back, but I promise you won't regret.

(majorly regretting not getting this on my big camera, sigh.)

-I feel like for once we don't have Valentines Day plans, and because of the impending doom, I mean, snow, I'm actually all whatever about it-since they would have been ruined anyway, likely. We always 'celebrate' the day because A BILLION AND ONE YEARS ago Declan asked me to be his girlfriend on that day. So it's special. And if my calculations are correct, I believe it was 12 years ago. Holy cow. I've been with this guy for 12 years, that's insane! We were such babies. But I'm glad it worked for us (duh).

Saying yes to be his girlfriend. Saying yes to be his wife. Two cute girls. I still like him. I'd say we've done good so far.

We'll celebrate with popcorn & probably some kid movie on the couch, let's be honest. Cheers to being super awesome.


Alright. Back to daydreaming about Springtime.



  1. Sam and I LOVE that video of your sweet girl singing. She's got some hand-on-hip shoulder movement going on! :) So precious! Hang in there mama!

  2. I just wanted to say you are definitely NOT alone in the 'winter dreary blues, I'm super depressed' outlook right now. I was literally just crying to my husband yesterday about how I want to move somewhere warm. ANYwhere but here. I'm SO. OVER. IT. I can cry just thinking about the sun, warmth, and sandy beaches. I mean, I just want it to be above 35 freaking degrees outside! It's so depressing. How many more days until spring??

  3. Ok, :45 was ADORABLE. Great crescendo (sp?), Emeline! HA! :)

  4. Girlfriend is a sassy singer! You need to sign her up for some kind of kid theatre. She is too cute!

    My kid? Hated Frozen. lol. I believe she is the only 3 year old that hates it. She's not a slow song fan (makes her cry) nor is she a princess movie fan. Truth be told, I never really liked princess movies either. We're animal movie fans over here.

    I hope you get some much needed warmth and sunshine soon. I feel for you.

  5. I'm right there with you. This winter just might kill me...seriously, worst ever. Skip is miserable because of it, even Emmy is DONE with snow...let's hope this is the last of it!

  6. The sassiness at 0:12 is TOO MUCH. Oh my word. How can you stand it? I think I would giggle all day long playing with her!

  7. I am SO with you this winter! I am usually over winter after the first snow storm but now that I am home with my baby, I just feel so blah and cannot wait to get outside on a regular basis. We have cabin fever something fierce. UGH! And Breaking Bad? We are OBSESSED!! I can't even handle that we are watching it on Netflix and need to wait until Feb 24 for the last 8 episodes. If we are going to be snowed in, we could at least be watching Breaking Bad episodes back to back. Where did you see the last 8 episodes?

  8. LOVE that video! She is totally precious! I love that she even knows the hand motions! It's almost like she has seen the movie a dozen times!! haha

    We are also dreaming of spring time!! MELT SNOW MELT!!!!!


  9. It rained like non stop for 4 days here and we had some major cabin fever. I don't know how people who live in snow do it! Move to California! It's awesome! I'm kinda feeling left out of the frozen loop. We are just planes obsessed here. No valentine's plans here either. I asked Curtis what he wanted for dinner and he said won't we be in the hospital? It's our engagiversay too. Oh well. I love Renee but yeah you are probably right. We cringe when he kisses Sharleen. It's the worst!

  10. I hope the sickies will leave your family alone for at least the rest of the year! I am right there with you on the whine fest about all this snow, I want to throw a full on toddler temper tantrum over it! After just getting our power back on Monday night I decided to just stay at my parents home in VA until after this storm comes through, I just didn't want to chance losing power again. I work from home so it's been pretty stressful. The ONLY thing that isn't causing me to go Britney umbrella/shaved head crazy is the fact we are leaving for a one week Caribbean cruise in 10 days (oh and did I mention it's kid free? Grandma and Grandpa are watching Hazel). Until then, deep breaths....

  11. OMG love the video!!! I love her little look when she says "Im the queen" I also live in this same world with my 4 year old Emma. She has every word of the movie memorized and sings the songs NON STOP. I recently bought the soundtrack to it so she will leave my phone alone. ha

  12. Oh mama you are NOT alone in your daydreams of sun and sand. I literally suggested moving to a warm state to my husband yesterday and he gave me side eye. He can't hunt in those states and therefore will never happen. But holy guacamole can a SAHM catch a break!? I mean how many times can we go to Chuck E Cheese and indoor play places in one month!?

  13. Super cute performance! That's impressive actually how well she knows the words!

  14. Believe me, I am sobbing right along with you. I do not think I have ever hated an inanimate object as much as I hate snow (and Ice) right now. And am I writing this as I sit here and watch the snow get higher and higher on our sliding glass door.
    And that video of Eme, I mean Anna, is so priceless.
    Praying for your (and my) sanity!

  15. seriously that video is the cutest thing ever!!! she totally gets into character with the loud and soft singing and the hand on hip. the it!!!

  16. Ha! She knows every word...not that I know exactly what she was saying the whole time or anything, but she seems to know! :) Love her little hand motions and her bow at the end. :) And I'm totally with you...this weather is making life miserable and my baby sick and I am ready to pack it up and head for the beach and never look back at this point. Everything is better at the beach, right?!?

  17. I just saw this posted on my Facebook feed and it made me think of you and your snow related posts lately! We haven't had half the winter you guys have had (in NC) but I'm still climbing the walls.

  18. Completely agree. The cold makes my bones ACHE in a way I can't even explain. On a more positive note, I'm watching Breaking Bad and loving it. :)

  19. I love your blog and I live in Albuquerque, nm. I loooove eating at the restaurant they always feature on breaking bad. The cafe one with the lady villain at the end (cannot for the life of me remember her name!) anyway. :) your little girls are precious!

  20. I live in Albuquerque, home of breaking bad. I love eating at the restaurant they feature more toward the end when Walter white gets into the international business dealing with the lady (is her name Erin?) I can't recall. Big sunglasses lady with the weird warm water and stevia order :) I love your blog, have loved it for about 3 years now!

  21. I love your blog and I live in Albuquerque, nm. I loooove eating at the restaurant they always feature on breaking bad. The cafe one with the lady villain at the end (cannot for the life of me remember her name!) anyway. :) your little girls are precious!