Friday, February 7, 2014

Living in the twilight zone.

The last two weeks have been weird. So much so that I swear to you, I am craving a normal week more than you can even imagine--I am just, I guess, done with this adventure, let's say.

Honest to God, it feels sometimes like Real Life Stops when sickness hits your household, I guess, because, in a way, it does. You're quarantined with these little people (and big people, too--Declan got strep and was out for days this week!), and none of your normal life moves on around you. Suddenly schedules are out of whack, and nobody is sleeping, and you've missed going to the gym so many times you start feeling fluffy again in your mid-section and swear you catch a glance of double chin in the mirror as you walk by. It's bad.

Add that stuff in with the fact that our area was hit with some crazy weird snow and ice storms this past week? And yea, schools around here have been out the entire week except for one 2 hour delay day. Emeline literally had ZERO preschool, power has been out across our county and all the counties surrounding us, our YMCA lost power for days, therefore, that's been closed, too. Basically, the perfect storm of Everything Happening At Once. And holy cow, a little bit of ice does A LOT of damage. Let's not even talk about the number of snapped trees and debris everywhere.

As it turns out, our little townhouse was only without power for about 12 hours. At the risk of sounding like a complete and total princess, I will say, it was not a fun 12 hours. But, once we got back in touch with reality it was clear as day that we were the lucky ones, because, as it seems, most everyone we know is still without power. Do you know what that means? Their houses are freezing cold. They're bundling by fireplaces (if they are lucky enough to have them) to keep warm. Driving up and down the street just to charge their cell phone for a few minutes to keep in touch with reality. Businesses are closed all over. Universities are opening up and becoming relief centers so families can come and keep warm and charge up their devices. Many people are all displaced and regular life has stopped for them.

Last night we had a full nest. As it turns out, literally, between both sides of our family (who all live within 20'ish minutes of one another), we were (and are) the ONLY ones with power, with warm water, with food that's not going bad in our fridge. Thank God my parents have a generator, so they've got the essentials running and they have a house-full of my side of the family over there keeping warm'ish. But last night, we had Declan's side here camped out all over our house.

the cousins last night, cuddling before bed

I was texting with my friend last night, and we were saying how no one likes to be displaced from their home, it totally sucks--and not sleeping in your own bed, especially with kids, that's hard. But sometimes you just gotta suck it up and call it an adventure.

I'm certain that everyone is ready for this adventure to be done now, though, especially those going on days of freezing-cold-house and babies with cold toes and noses.

This week felt like we were living in the twilight zone. Nothing is normal. Frankly, it's been a downright weird, weird week.

It's safe to say that this girl is craving the norm again. Regularly scheduled preschool, knowing my family is all comfortable in their warm homes, everyone being back to work again, healthy bodies in this house and, yep--the gym being open on regular schedule would be nice, too.


Normal week, here we come.


  1. I'm so glad you all have power and could offer your home to your family. We went one night in front of the fireplace with the baby and decided to head south to my parents house. I for one am with you on getting back to our routine, can't come soon enough!

  2. Fingers crossed for a 'normal' week for y'all! Xxx

  3. So, Justin always talks about this time when he was growing up where they were without power for almost two weeks. They camped out at one relative's house who had a generator, cooked on campstoves, and had bonfires every night. He talks about how it was such a fun adventure, and his *best* memory growing up.

    His mom overheard him talking about it the other day, and leaned in to me and whispered, "That was the WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE." ;)

  4. I can't imagine being with out power even for 12 hours! I think you are so lucky to be able to offer your home to your relatives! I live in Lubbock Tx and we have gotten a little bit of snow, but it is mainly really cold. The past several days our windchills have been in the negatives, which is not normal for this Texas girl. I hope you guys find some relief soon, because Lord knows I would be going crazy too!!

    I follow you on Instagram and I will say keep up the working out at home! A good sweat session can make you feel better!! You are doing the best you can given the circumstances!!

  5. Being displaced totally sucks. The weather this year is so weird. We are usually the ones with all the ice storms and no snow but we have all the snow and sounds like you have all the ice. Hoping all the power gets restored and you can go back to normal soon!

  6. We had that same ice storm right after christmas. My power was out for 30 hours, boyfriends was 60. hope everyone gets it on asap!

  7. That photo looks so fun, though! I remember having snow days with my cousins when I was little...pretty clearly. :) Not sure it's *as* fun as parents, but like you said, just gotta roll with it, I guess. Dumb snow, ice, whatever...all of it.

  8. That's so nice that you were able to take in the family and spend some time together! Even if under those circumstances.

  9. The winter had been NUTSO. We've had school closures twice (a total of 5 days) for ice and sleet. TOTALLY crazy for down here. I am SO ready for it to be over and Spring to come. Today? Rainy and COLD. BLECH!!!