Friday, February 14, 2014

Nobody wants a sappy post.

But I will say this. For us, Valentines Day marks the day, 12 years ago that this little barely high-school boy sent me 6 roses to work. Followed up by a second delivery of 6 pink roses. Followed up by a night where we hung out and he begged asked me to be his girlfriend and I finally decided that oooook I will try to get over our age difference, because, I like you a little. (I actually liked him a LOT but was trying to play it cool.)

I know that was the best risk at love I ever took, because, well, it was really the only one I ever took and --it resulted in some good, no, amazing things. 

I'm not a huge fan of cards--I feel like they can never really say the right things. But the card he gave me today? yea. It was a good one. 

There are good days,
and bad days, 
and tough days
and sad days, 
and fight-the-world days 
and sing-out loud days...

and that's okay, 
because I signed on forever,
which is a whole lot of days.

As long as they're me-and-you days,
I'm happy.

Really happy.

It's not always easy, but there are no other people I'd rather do life with. 


happy valentines day, and happy weekend :)


  1. I'm crying!! haha! Great card and it is perfect for my husband and I as well! Your girls are absolutely beautiful, such a great post!!

    Also, can you give some tips on how you took these photos? how you did the background, floor, etc. I need all the photo help I can get! Happy Vday!!

  2. the photo's are gorgeous! Happy valentine's day!

  3. Adorable pictures! Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

  4. So cute! Beautiful girls :) My husband and I also just celebrated 12 years on Valentine's Day since he asked me to be his girlfriend in 9th grade! <3 <3


  5. Love that card wording!

  6. Love that card! Its perfect! My hubs got me the perfect cars too.... for us. The words just matched our life right now.

  7. Love your love story and have loved watching it grow and grow and grow.. you two as a couple, parents and friends are truly an inspiration of love and life!!!

    Love that card!!!!

  8. That card really is perfect! And your girls are the cutest!