Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Open up my head. Spill it out.

My sister's baby shower is this weekend. Yea, I know--time flies huh? It feels like yesterday that I just planned her bridal shower. Well, it wasn't yesterday, but it was one year ago almost to the day, which is kind of awesome. Can't blame a girl for knowing what she wants and going for it, eh? So I'm in the throes of all that business which means my house (kitchen) is a mess. My brain is also a mess hoping we don't forget anything to bring to the venue. And praying it just turns out nice for her.

Of course since this weekend I have a lot demanded of me both my girls up and get colds. DON'T SAY IT. And also, it's one of those, is it allergies? teeth? really a cold?-things so you just don't know. I may or may not have sent Emeline to school with a cough. Whatever. I need time to do stuff sans almost-four-year-old. Sorry classmates.

I have totally fallen off the eating-awesome-train. I will have 2-3 days where I eat great, then I'll go and mess up. My mind isn't right. My head HAS to be in the game when it comes to committing to it, and right now, for some reason it's not. I am still working out all the time, but I just can tell the difference when it's not coupled with great eating. It's not BAD eating, it's just...not the best. All this to say, it's still a struggle, even if you've met goals, etc---no one is above slip-up's. It's letting it get out of control that's the problem.

I keep telling myself, summer bodies are made in the winter, Katie. GET IT TOGETHER. March, April & May=crunch time. Literally, I need to do lots of crunches. And then eat well so you can see the results of said crunches. You can't out train a bad diet.

This weekend we had weather in the 50's with sunshine. I can't even tell you how good that was for my soul. It was like this hope of Springtime. God's way of saying, hey, it's coming. After this horrendous winter I promise, there will be sunshine and warmth again. The next day it dropped down the 20's again and today? It's snowing. Well played, God. Well played.

Lucy is in this horrendously weird stage. I want to attribute it all to those massive teeth coming through (and they look SO painful), but goodness. She can be such a wreck sometimes. The girl can get into more trouble in a 5 minute span than a criminal could. She drives me complete bonkers and also has me feeling all smushy gushy lovey within seconds. WHAT THE HECK.

seriously. why do the bad ones have to be so cute? freak.
I feel like the worst mom ever, but articles that basically say, PARENTING IS BOTH THE BEST AND WORST THING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE totally ring true with me. I'm sorry? I guess? I just have a hard time being all sunshiney and butterflies when I feel like most days I am totally losing my mind. Posts like this make me laugh and make me realize other people get it, too. It's like, the best kind of love coupled with the worst type of frustration. SO WEIRD. And also, moms of just one sweet little baby that doesn't do much yet, I don't expect you to get this yet. Just try not to judge me. Okay, it's fine, you can. And enjoy this sweet time. Really.

Most of you know that gender equality it something I feel super passionate about. I'm currently in a Bible Study that's focusing around this--taking a look at women in the Bible, looking at multiple views and contexts, seeing how our culture has warped the views of women and made us into the stereotypes many of us often fight against. I'm really, really excited about this and maybe one day I'll be brave enough to post more about this without scaring the pants off of people. Challenging what you thought (or think) your views are is so good. So much so. I'm in a phase of life where I am stretching, stretching, stretching my mind about what I knew, and what I thought I knew--and I cannot tell you how refreshing that is.

I've taken a lotttt of time off doing photography on the side but I am finally missing it. Like, I am itching to get behind the lens and take some pretty photos. It's been too long and that's just ridiculous.

Can I blame winter for all my problems? It seems to cover all the areas--yea?

I have some posts I want to write. Soon. But I guess we'll see.


As I was writing this post, the preschool called for me to pick up Emeline. Joke's on me, huh? 

So how are YOU today?


  1. Lucy is the cutest :) Hard to imagine her being bad - LOL, but I have one of those too! Haha. I wish my kids preschool would call parents to come pick up kids with a cough. You would not believe the sickness that gets sent there and unless their fever is over some degree or they are puking they get to pass it on to all of the other little kiddos. GREAT. Luckily it gets better with age - or so I've been told. We have dealt with two rounds of pneumonia, bronchitis, hand, foot and mouth disease, colds, viruses and stomach bugs up the wazooo and my girl is Lucy's age (insert sad face). I felt the same this past weekend - spring is going to come (sooner than later I hope)! I cannot believe it's time for your sister's baby shower already. Cannot wait to see the amazingness that has been created!

    1. Oh trust me, I am not the jerk mom who brings her truly sick kid. She has no other symptoms, nothing else, nada-acting normal. I actually thought maybe it was allergy related b/c we had some funky weather changes in the last few days. They called me to tell me that "she seemed off" and said to them "I fink I have a fever" (she didn't), and guess what? Now that she's home. She seems totally fine! ha. I think she was enjoying all the special attention to be honest ;)

  2. Love this post - especially the P.S. (can't help it - I laughed out loud). Sorry you have so much going on and are feeling in a funk. Yes, it is TOTALLY the winter. I've found February to be a lot more challenging for me than January was in terms of exercising/eating right and just - my mood and motivation in general. Here's hoping March is another fresh start!

    So excited for your sis! Can't wait to see photos from the shower! Is she going to be on "A Baby Story" too? ;)

    Hang in there mama!

  3. I'm so excited for Susan and I don't even know her in real life! I'm sure the shower will be beautiful.
    I feel you on feeling crazy everyday. I just have 1, but she's 3 ½ and can be such a monkey. She can be a sweetheart too, but man, she tries my patience daily.
    I never have been 100 percent perfect on my eating. I eat more like you're eating now. That's life though, right? You're still recieving the health benefits of eating well most of the time. If you're anything like me, then how you eat now is a FAR cry from how you used to eat. That's a win in my book.
    Hope spring comes quickly!

  4. With the eating, I can relate. I'll eat great for a couple days, and then just off for a couple days. My husband and I have sworn that we will make March our go month. I like the way you wrote March-April-May to summer, bc it helped put it in perspective more.:)

  5. Chin up darlin'! Everything is going to be okay.


  6. I want Summer bad! This is coming from someone who likes being holed up in a Winter but enough is enough! I think I'm starting to get that SADD thing that people talk about...I mean come on it's almost March and we've had snow on the ground since Thanksgiving.

  7. I would love to hear more about the Bible study you're doing! I'm doing Beth Moore's study on Esther right now and it's provided some great insight on being a fearless woman of faith.

  8. Yay for the baby shower! That is so exciting and stressful too I am sure. It will be perfect!

    I totally hear you when it comes to your head not being in the game. I literally went on a "stuff my face with everything sweet" binge in Seattle with Patrick. I felt so icky, even thought I was still running like 3+ miles a day. BLAH! I feel like the majority of people I talk to, the lack of motivation to stick with things is the weather! The snow is making me want to curl up with chocolate popcorn and watch Princess Bride

    Head up!