Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday hodge-podge.

I hate being the umpteenth person to say this--but whoa. This is maybe the first year I have really, truly felt that the time change has kicked me in the butt. I feel like I'm being peeled from my bed in the morning like an unripe banana. It is ROUGH. It's like my body just knows that it lost some sleep and I keep playing that mind game of "but it's really only ____ o'clock". I do this for about two weeks, and then I eventually accept the new time as reality. Change is rough on me. ;)

I had an insanely good workout week last, ideal. I love when those weeks happen, I feel like something usually messed up the perfect workout week (usually sick kids), but--6 days of awesome workouts, trying new things, even. Gave myself a wonderful rest day Saturday, and then got right back to it yesterday morning.

Speaking of, this week won't be the same. We have so many variables this week that will certainly mess up my routine-as in, every single night we have someplace to be. I'm gonna try my hardest to maneuver things around, get creative and make sure to get my workouts in--but, it won't be without lots of creativity and shuffling around other things. You know, like, the dishes and dirty house can totally wait. ;)

Yesterday, in the checkout line at the grocery store I accidentally popped open (somehow) the lid of the blueberries container...and yea. You can guess what happened next. BLUEBERRIES ERRRRYWHERE. They bounced, jumped, boinged, and splattered in 800 different directions. It was like dodging a billion blue bombs, it was INSANE. And insanely embarrassing. Some super nice couple next to me tried to play it off to me that this just happened to us last week, and I don't fully believe them. That's something I would say to make someone feel less dumb in that moment. Then the husband offered to run and grab me a new carton of blueberries. I told him no, oh god, please, no--I'm taking it as a sign we don't need blueberries in the house this week. But thanks for asking. Embarrassing moment #1298320938 in my life. Add it to the list.

I finally worked up the nerve to tell a girl at the gym that I can tell she's been working her butt off, and her results are showing. I've seen her there for the last year, clearly she's on a large weight loss journey, but I'm telling you--so much change in a year. I felt like I needed to tell her I see the changes, and I see her working hard. I was all, Um, don't think I'm creepy by saying this but....and she was, let's just say, pleased. I hope it made her day, because if that happened to me I'd be floating on cloud 9.

Oh, I didn't forget that I haven't shared any photos of my sister's beautiful baby shower last weekend--but I'm hoping to have some to share with you this week! I actually wasn't the one who took the pictures, so when the photos are ready, I'm going to share details because it was pretty and it's worth sharing :) So get excited.

Aren't these two the cutest?

One day I'll use my real camera again. One day.

More soon...


  1. I cannot wait for warm weather and this baby to be BORN so I can start working out again. Even a long walk/run would feel glorious on a 60+ degree day. You are motivating with the work out department. IG is motivating me as well with all of these girls working their hineys off. Seriously cannot wait. It has been TOO LONG. Is it weird that stuff that happens at the grocery store doesnt bother me. Yup, my daughter PUKED all over my in the produce section - Totally just ran her to the bathroom cleaned us up and finished our shopping. (she gagged and wasnt actually sick BTW). :) Things happen, no need to be embarrassed:)

  2. I would seriously do the same exact thing - no, this is a sign. No blueberries this week!

  3. Hey, can you pass some of your motivation my way, please? 'cause seriously...I've lost it somewhere...

    Oh, like, maybe due to lack of sleep, because ditto -- this is the first time I've felt just RUN DOWN. Saturday night was late to begin with, but then it was just...bad. And last night was a good night on the part of Gabe (not so much Ethan), but I didn't get to bed until late, and then it was still darkish out this morning, and...ugh.

    Wah. Anyway. ;) I think it's so nice that you talked to the girl at the gym. I bet she WAS floating!

  4. First of all, I think it is AWESOME that you told that girl at the gym that you could see her progress. I seriously teared up reading that, because I know how meaningful it would be!

    Second, ugggghhhhhh....I feel you on the real camera. I only use it for other people's kids. How sad is it that I'm seriously contemplating leaving it at home for our upcoming trip. I feel like it'll probably be raining, and I won't want to lug it around, etc. But I feel like I *might* regret it.

  5. Ahh - glad you posted this. I'm not quite one week into no IG/Fbook and I've been missing you! :) xo

  6. I always put working out first above a clean house...whoops;-)

  7. I love that you told the girl at the gym about the changes you've seen. We should all try to do that more often!

  8. My blueberry lid popped open last night at whole foods. Thankfully, I only lost about 15 and I pretended it didn't happen ;) However, Fred told me that Monroe picked up a huge container a couple of weeks ago and they went EVERYWHERE! Better him than me :)