Tuesday, March 25, 2014

no more bliss!

Yesterday I received a doozy of an email. One of those ones that leaves you feeling kicked in the stomach and as a side effect completely nauseated. It basically informed me that someone on the big 'ole internet was stealing photos from my blog and using them in craigslist ads when seeking men. Awesome. 

Oh, and not just photos of me--but photos of me with my kids, too.

My first reaction was freak out! cry! scream! OMGGGGG! I didn't do anything other than freak out a little bit, in actuality. But the more I started dwelling on it, the more I started feeling all riled up. How dare someone steal my pictures? How dare someone have the nerve to use my face and claim it as their own, and my kids? sick human being that must be. I was starting to get all livid and hot-headed and downright freakin' pissed, if I'm being honest. I kinda felt violated and icky and gross. Because--uh. MY PHOTOS ON RANDOM CRAIGSLIST ADS. !!!!ALL THE EXCLAMATION POINTS NEEDED!!!!!

In effort to clear my brain I went to the gym and completely and utterly exhausted myself in an hour body combat class. I just pictured myself punching and kicking the snot out of every catfishing jerk out there who has the nerve to steal photos and pose as someone they're not.

Weirdly, that did the trick and I left that class not only feeling 100x better, but happy to boot.

Endorphins are a funny thing.

It's been about 24 hours since The Email and basically I've come to the conclusion that, while kinda sick and ultimately kinda messed up, I did this to myself. I mean, in the sense that I choose to blog on public forum. I choose to share pictures. I choose to use the internet at all.

Because, let's be honest.

Your photos on Facebook and Instagram and all those internet-based things can be stolen and used for random purposes all the time. It's not just because I have a blog.

Although, I will say--I'm glad the person who took my photos took them from my blog, since, well, the guy who discovered them did a reverse-google-image-look-up and what do ya know??? He found me! Little 'ole me at this Loves of Life blog. Happily married. Clearly not soliciting random men in Omaha. Who obviously had gotten some of her photos hijacked because the wonderful world wide web isn't that safe, cushy place my brain pretends it to be after all.

Go figure.

I can feel yucky. I can feel sad. I can feel a little bit violated, too. But it won't really help.

After all, I choose this. I choose to share. I choose to write and post photographs, all of which I know could (and do) end up in random google searches and (come to find out) random Craigslist ads.

Do I think it's right?

aw, helllllll no.

It's downright wrong. But that doesn't change that it happened (and still could continue to happen). Although, I pray it doesn't--because imma start huntin' bishes down, yo. (Trying to act scary doesn't work well for me, ahem).

I officially lost my lovely internet ignorance this week.

And you know what they say- ignorance is bliss.


Since I know there will be questions, I emailed the person using my photos and nicely asked them to cease using them. However, all I had was one of those randomly generated craigslist emails, so I don't know if it went through/got to them, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. I also reported to Craigslist Fraud Department. That's about the extent of what I can/did do.


  1. I'm so sorry girl, that SUCKS!!! I'm angry for you! xo

  2. I feel icky for you! I hope that SOMEONE gets that email and that SOMEONE does something. This kid of thing is just soo...ew. There's not much we can do about it, right? Watermark each and every photo of ourselves? I guess. But the girls in it? That just takes it to a whole new level. I'm so sorry, friend.

    1. Yes. It was my fault essentially because the photos he/she used were the few I haven't had watermarked recently. However, those photos they can find anywhere--like on facebook or if they were a shady follower on instagram. You just never know :/

  3. Awefull. Oh my sake. I'm so sorry!!

  4. I'm so sorry that happened to you--it's just sick.

    Also, I'm 99% sure that you know this, but am mentioning it anyway just in case anyone reading the comments doesn't...StatCounter is amazing to install on your blog, and once it's installed, you can monitor what is downloaded from your blog. It's not a bad idea to monitor those--one Internet friend noticed the same person was consistently downloading every image of one of her sons, which is a red flag for sure. It's also a good idea to occasionally do a reverse Google search on those images that have been downloaded to see if they go anywhere. This won't help if people do a print screen and then crop your images, but I still think it's a worthwhile thing to monitor!

  5. UGH I just got lax on watermarking and now I totally need to start again. This is so gross. Another thing that might be useful is I use to track blog stats and there is a link that shows Download Activity. Anytime someone downloads a personal photo of mine, I do an immediate reverse google image search to make sure they aren't popping up anywhere else.

  6. I'm so sorry that happened to you! That same thing happened to me way back in the day when MySpace was a thing. Someone took my pictures and made a whole profile pretending to be me. It was so weird and creepy! But I was not nearly as nice as you were about it. I sent them a long, expletive filled email telling them to crawl back into their hole in hell, along with some other very not nice things. I was straight up rude, but it's rude to perpetrate other people's lives, so I say you get what's coming to you. Interestingly, the person actually responded, apologized and said that they were indeed lonely and pathetic and wanted to pretend for just a moment that they were someone they weren't.

    Of course then, I felt like a royal jerk but still, you can't take people's stuff. So anyway, yeah the internet is ugly and scary and people are gross. Again, sorry the internet got you. :-(

  7. Yuck. People are so twisted. I hope it gets taken down. Hugs to you and your family!

  8. OMG, this scares me.. How can people steal others in pages that too for random adds.
    Some time back I got a really weird mail.
    Is there any precaution that we can take to prevent this!
    Keep in touch

  9. This freaks me out. I need to learn how to watermark so I am more comfortable posting pictures. Sorry this happened to you, and your sweet kiddos!

  10. what is wrong with this world today? for the love! i'm glad someone actually thought to email you and tell you about it. that's kind of them. but for real....soliciting for men on the internets...they've got more of a problem than just stealing pix if they are looking for love on CL. IMO! But also...take it as a're a hot momma! ;)

  11. UGH!!! I have had people stealing my photos from the beginning of my starting a blog. People will take the food photography and post as their own. Really odd. Weird.

    I am sorry that that happened though. Kind of knocks you into reality a bit.

  12. It's gross and wrong and creepy that someone would do that, but ultimately, I feel sorry for the pathetic person that is pretending to be someone they are not. Clearly, they don't feel that being THEM is enough to "get a man" and don't feel they deserve to be loved. What's worse is if they actually do meet up with someone..... and they clearly aren't who they said they were. That going to go nowhere fast.

    Don't get me wrong.... You have every right to be angry/livid and do exactly what you did. And, I gotta give props to the guy that figured out that you were being catfished AND warned you about it. I still think it's a sad, sad person who feels the need to do that.

    *** Also feel the need to acknowledge that some extremely disgusting sickos catfish on Craigslist, etc with the intent to do harm to the people they meet in person. That is a further level of nasty and I do not feel one bit sorry for those people, at all.

  13. Oh how gross. That's so ridiculous that someone would do that!

  14. any idea how to do a reverse look up of photos?

  15. What?! Gross. What is wrong with people? I agree, ignorance is bliss and although I'd want to know if this happened to my photos, once you know, you know and knowing sucks. Sorry honey!