Friday, March 14, 2014

Rise above it & keep going.

Imagine this. No really, i m a g i n e this. A self proclaimed, tested & proved non-morning girl set her alarm for 4:45am and actually didn't click snooze to get to the gym.


I feel like by doing this, I finally joined the ranks of Serious Gym Goers, but honestly, I'm not sure it will last, it's just--I knew it would be the way, the only way really, to actually fit in a good workout today. Part of me is in shock that I actually did it. I know a ton of you do this every day and for that? I applaud you. Like, LEGIT STANDING OVATION, because it is haaaard. Especially the whole leaving-in-pitch-dark and then coming-home-in-pitch-dark thing, too.

The upside? I'm all done now. I feel great. I came home to a creepy quiet house full of sleeping people, I even got a shower & dried my hair and GOT DRESSED all before 7am. And, oh yea--I'm sipping my coffee in peace sitting at my table like a BOSS.

you either love the self timer app, or you hate it. I'm hating all the yellow/orangey hues of this crappy phone pic butttttt.....
But before you start thinking that I'm writing a whole post about how I finally got up and did something a whole bunch of other people do without shouting it to the rooftops, I promise, I'm not. 

As I was on my drive home, you know, in pitch black, I started getting those post-workout-feelings. No, it wasn't some euphoric high, singing in the rain-kinda thing. In fact, it was the opposite. I started feeling sore. I started recalling what I'd just done in Body Combat (at 5 friggin' AM-no I can't let that go--that hour should be illegal!). And I thought--why the freak do I do this? I'm tiiired.My quads!my hamstrings!mycalves!myknees!myback!owww!

And I swear. I SWEAR. In that instant I felt like I was transported back in time. THAT IS THE REASON I ALWAYS QUIT WORKING OUT.

People have asked me if I've always loved working out/fitness/health-related-stuff--and the answer is a big, fat, HECK NO. I mean, I wish I could say that this has been an interest of mine my whole life and yadda-yadda, but it's not been, at all. Hence why I was out of shape, uncomfortable with myself, lived my college years being overweight and got married in a wedding dress size I wish I didn't.


The truth is, I never let myself finish what I had started.

You hear that?


I was the one who always stopped myself. I had the the motivation at times, yes. I'd begin to eat healthy for a day or two, I'd work out a little here or there. The second it got uncomfortable or took too much work, and I told myself this sucks & ow my body, forget this--- I JUMPED SHIP.

I never even gave myself the time to see change. The time to realize what getting in a real routine actually did for my health, for my mind, for my body. I never even gave myself enough time to realize that what you work for is so worth it. And no, I don't even mean achieving some 'goal' body, per se. But dang it, you have got to stick it out--and talking yourself out of it isn't going to do a darn thing to help you get anywhere.

This is what I wished I could have yelled at myself years ago. To shut-up the little thoughts that creep in to just quit and don't go back because it's too hard.

'Cuz I call BS on that.

I call BS on my old self-talk. I'm mad at myself for letting that win.

Now I know better. You stick it out. It's not living in a prison, or being bound, in fact--it's the opposite. It's completely freeing being happy with your whole self.

Even though my brain can easily slip back into those old thoughts---at least my heart knows better now.

Listen to your heart & just.keep.going.


have a happy weekend, loves.


  1. You go, girl! I always feel better when I get up and workout, too but I just don't do it often. I used to work at a gym and you're right. Those folks there at 5am to greet me in the morning were serious-legit-dedicated people. You've joined the ranks! Nice work :)

  2. Thank you for this post, I really really needed this today! You are an inspiration girl. Have a great weekend! (Yay for high of 58 on Saturday, after this winter I'll take what I can get!)

  3. Reading posts like this inspire me. I was working on weight watchers before getting pregnant again (surprise!) and now I cannot wait to kick it into high gear once this baby arrives. Now not only will it be fore me, but for them! These babies need their Momma to live a long and healthy life!

  4. Good for you! You look fantastic!!!

  5. DAMN. You go girl. I was annoyed my daughter woke up at 645 this morning! Lol

  6. You gotta do what you gotta do to get those workouts in. I've done bodypump from 6:30-7:30am and ya, it sucks waking up that early but when the workout is done by 7:30am and you have the whole day left--it's the best feeling. I really love this post.

  7. Oh oh my gosh, Katie!! I SO needed to hear this right now! I'm at the point where I talk myself out of working out, not letting myself get to the point of results and change, just because it starts to hurt. Thank you for sharing the honesty. You are an incredible inspiration and great motivation-thank you so much for that!!! Rock on :)

  8. Girl, I love it. I just happened to see your update on my phone in the middle of an ass-kicking Jillian workout. I say "in the middle" because I had to hit pause to go pee, break up a fight, and discipline a toddler...and I reeeeaaaally just wanted to turn it off when I came back to the living room. And now? I can't. So thanks for that :) Not a sarcastic "thanks", but a true "THANKS!"

  9. Beautiful motivation! When we let ourselves improve, we then back track and our mind makes us think that that's not who we are or that we truly don't deserve that type of happiness, but it's just satan and his evil words because we DO deserve true joy and peace and confidence! Fitness & Healthy Living provides that for us! Thanks for sharing!

  10. You're fantastic. I'm going to come back to this post when I start to feel this way. I have been super consistent for awhile now with exercising, not so much with eating and this is just such a great post to read right now.

    Also, 4:45? Girl, you rock. I hope to be one of those people one day!

  11. You are such an inspiration! I have been reading your blog since my little guy was born in 2010. Your journey is just awesome! You look absolutely amazing! 4:45??? Cheez-it crust! That's awesome! - Mrs. C @

  12. You're an inspiration. :) Truly. Whether you get like getting up and working out or not (because, really, who does?). You tell it like it is and that is admirable. Thank you!

  13. Well done you! You look great!!! Working on that motivation myself, but have a long way to go still....

  14. Woohoo for 5am Club!!

    Great post that really makes sense and hits home. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love this!!! I needed to read this.

  16. You hit the nail on the freakin head here Katie! Like seriously. All my life. All I ever did was give up. If it hurt even the least little bit, I gave up. And this time. I'm sticking to it. Now I haven't gotten up at 4:45 am yet to get my workout in. And that will probably never happen. But I do get it in. And I'm bitching and complaining while I'm doing it but gosh darn it when I'm done I feel so gooood!!!! This time I'm not giving up. Nope. I'm going to stick through it and finally see some results :-) thank you for this post!

  17. I've been wondering about myself lately because I've actually been going into work early! Gasp! I love my sleep. However it means I can work out after work because I can leave earlier. Now if I can just stick to that!

  18. AMAZING GIRL! I have to get up at 4:15am in order to get my workout in if I want to go before work. It takes a lot of discipline, but then the rest of my day is WIDE open. I tend to do a little something after work as well, but a quick maybe 15-20 min toning sesh. That is it. Good for you to give yourself that time and way to go on being so motivated to get there. You really have to want it!

  19. oh wow! Great post! I think you were just speaking to me, ha ha! Good on you for fitting that work out it. I give up all the time...which is why I get no where...:-( I always joke, "I lost 10 kilos last year, I lost the same kilo 10 times"!! Im motivated at the moment and really, at the end of the day....time/life will go by whether I do something about my weight or not....I think right now I am just sick of the on again off again trying....You look amazing...along with your gorgeous family. Im a first time commenter all the way over in Western Australia and have no idea how I stumbled across your blog but so glad I did. Have a wonderful day :-)

  20. Wow this is awesome! thanks for sharing...I REALLY needed this today!