Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Susan's Baby Shower

Last weekend we celebrated my beautiful sister, Susan and her baby boy to be with an adorable red & blue, relaxed shower at an adorable rustic barn location.

It made the most sense to rent a venue with a larger guest list (what can I say? My sister is quite popular :) ), and this place, which just happens to be on the property I got married on almost 7 years ago (!!!) was perfect.

We knew that feeding a full-blown-lunch was going to be a bit out of hand, so we went with a simple Treats & Sweets idea. I'll explain a bit more on that in a minute.

I re-used my sister's blue mason jars from her wedding and hit up produce junction a few days before for some red carnations & daisies. The center placemats are just Target, clearance ($1.14 each!)--and helped bring the tables to life a little bit.

I had decided I wanted the pre-set table look, because? Well--frankly, it's cute, and makes the tables look really pretty upon entering. I pre-wrapped all the napkins (yea, that was fun..haha), and they each had a fork & a fun stripey straw in them. Everyone loves stripey straws :)

We had the write-on-the-diaper thing (shown above), and also some adorable flashcards I pre-printed on cardstock featuring the alphabet, numbers, and even shapes at each table with a tin of fresh crayons. On the back, I printed "Colored with Love By" on them & I'll be taking the finished products to get laminated, then hole-punching, and putting on a metal ring so Baby Boy can have as he learns and grows :) People enjoyed having something to do as she opened gifts.

The finished product was adorable:

We also had a "Wishes for Baby Boyda" printable, one for each person at the table, that I got from this etsy shop here.

Anyway, back to the food. We went with the Treats & Sweets idea to keep it simple. With so many people, providing a full blown lunch seemed a little overwhelming. But we had a great friend help make some beautiful fruit & veggie platters, cheese/crudites & then there were sweets and treats GALORE. Think cupcakes, cake, cheesecake, chocolate covered pretzels, muffins, truffles, candy and more...this part was a joint effort from a few of us (my mom, sister-in-laws, etc) :)

cake by The Kake Lady
(most of the sweets are at the far end of the table! There were tonsssss!)

Complete with hot chooclate, coffee & tea, of course.

It was a really great time. It was relaxed. There was no pressure to play those games we all dread. It was a chit-chat, grab a coffee, and hang out kinda shower--and it was just right.

Susan and Jeff (and baby) got some wonderful gifts from wonderful people, and it was a fun day celebrating this little baby boy we can't wait to meet!


If you have any questions, I'll answer them in the comments.

(thanks to my sister in law, Lyryn for most of the photos above!)



  1. Okay, please tell me about the write-on-the-diaper thing? Also? Unrelated and I know you hear this all of the time, but you were the one that totally motivated me to get my butt to the gym. And today? My husband is down 20 pounds and counting and I'm down 15. So thank you! :)

    1. AHH! That is so awesome to hear ;) yay you guys!!!

      The write on the diaper thing, whoops! I just assumed everyone knew what that was. Basically, you put out a bunch of sharpies, and people write hilarious, sweet, funny things on the diapers so Susan and Jeff can see them (when they change the baby) and make the dreaded diaper task a bit more fun for a while :)

      People come up with some hilarious things!

  2. WOW! What an amazing place and an amazing set up. It looks just perfect!

    That diaper thing is so adorable! I haven't seen it before, but how cute!

  3. That venue is gorgeous!! You did a great job! I love that there was fun stuff for the guests to do but no stupid games; those are the worst!!

  4. It looks like it was a special day! Would you share the flashcard printable? That is easily the most adorable shower idea I've seen!! Thank you!

    1. So the ABC's I got online from another lady's blog- but my husband made the 1 through 10 with balloon printables since he's savvy like that. I can see about putting the printable up online :)

  5. I would love if you could share the flashcards! What an awesome idea. Love that the games/activities were so fun and not cheesy.

  6. So super cute! What a gorgeous venue! And the flash cards? Totally adorable!

  7. LOVE your idea of having guests color those little flashcard things to laminate later. LOVE!

    Super cute shower. So happy for Susan! And you put on the best showers!

  8. This is absolutely adorable! You girls are so cute. Totally filing the flash card idea away for the future!!

  9. Those flashcards might be the best idea I've ever heard of! What a cute shower!!