Friday, April 4, 2014

29. No, really---it's 29.

So 29 is the birthday I'm supposed to cling to, huh? I mean, I assume it's just because it's The One before the big 3-0, but let's be real. Is 30 really that bad after all? Everything I'm reading and hearing is that 30 is awesome. I actually find myself almost wishing to be on the other side like most of my friends--you know, in some 30-year-old-utopia. Doesn't the promise of better skin and utmost confidence come with that age nowadays? That's what I hear anyway.

So tomorrow's the day I turn infinitely 29 or something like that.

This morning my TimeHop app came up and showed me the post I wrote last year on my birthday and in it, had a few goals, per-se, for the year. Interesting, because I'm not a huge goal-kinda-lady. Also, this is the first time since last year I looked at this post--pretty sure that's not how goals work.

I said: So this year. Year 28 (hold me). I want to get stronger. Be healthier. Be nicer (yep, my husband will laugh at this and then nod). Be more intentional. Smile bigger and more often. Push myself further than I thought I was capable. Continue loving on these precious girls of mine. Spend more time with God. Not be pregnant. Be warm and embracing. Stretch myself in uncomfortable situations. Meet new friends. Challenge myself. Get more haircuts (a year between haircuts is absurd). Drink less diet coke. Clean my house more (just kidding). Read more (won't happen).

I can honestly say that in some areas I kicked total butt. Others? ehhh, notsomuch, oops.

So let's focus on the positive, k?

Stronger. Check.
Healthier. Check.
Pushed myself. Check.
Loving my girls. Check.
Not be pregnant. CHECK, CHECK!
Meet new friends. Check.
Challenge myself. Check.
Get more haircuts. Check. (dude! I got on an every 6 week schedule for cuts--who AM I?)
Drink less diet coke. Check. (COMPLETELY QUIT! Booyah!)

I mean. This year wasn't a total and complete waste. So high five for that.

Last year I was also whining about the boring nature of adult birthdays, especially as compared to your kid's awesome celebrations. But this year? This year I told Declan I just want to WAKE UP AND GET TO LAY THERE IN PEACE.  ie: I want no one NEEDING me. Nope. Not a peep. I want to not move a muscle if I don't have to.

So we are going to a hotel in Atlantic City. 


One night, that's it. I just want a 24 hour date with my husband where we don't have to sing Frozen songs or threaten this or that if you don't stop hitting your sister, for the love.


I am convinced.

And my goals for 29? Well. I haven't gotten that far and that's cool. Because all I'm thinking about right now is a 2 hour long drive with my husband, getting to listen to the music of our choice, and--oh,  yea, TALKING TO EACH OTHER. That's right. It's a luxury 'round here getting a word in edgewise with the little ladies in our household. I have no idea where they get that.

alright 29. do your thang.


  1. Congrats on being an even better you this year, you should be proud of everything you accomplished! Happy early Birthday and enjoy your peaceful weekend!

  2. Happy almost-birthday! Enjoy your away date!!

  3. Happy birthday! Mine is tomorrow too! Same name same birthday :) Hope you enjoy your peace and quiet!

  4. Happppppy birthday, sweet friend. Hope this year brings happiness and joy and all the good things in life that you deserve :)

  5. Happy birthday! I hope you get that clear skin, because unfortunately, I am heading towards 31 and just made a derm appointment for acne. Not the little red spots here and there, but the cystic kind. If you hear of any wisdom or secrets to skin, send them my way. Enjoy your time away!

  6. my 40th YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT...40th is next fri. my goal was to lose 40lbs...and thanks to YOU
    I WILL EITHER HIT IT OR BE OHHH SO CLOSE. I am 33lbs down as of today.

    april birthday babies rock btw!

    happy day to you!

  7. With my foot firmly in 31, I gotta tell ya, it's amazing. Don't get me wrong, 29 was magical in its own way, but really, 30 is the new 21. I would say 20, but this kid likes her red wine.

    Happy birthday! I know that you're going to have a great day and year!!

  8. Don't know if my other comment posted, but having my foot firmly planted in my 30s at 31, I have to tell you it's fantastic. I will say though that 29 was magical for other reasons, so have fun with it.

    Happy birthday!! I know that you'll have a great day and amazing year!

  9. Happy Birthday gorgeous!!!! Have a fabulous time with your husband (kid free) and relax!! 28 seemed like a pretty darn good year for you, so I am sure 29 will be even better! ;)

  10. Happy Birthday gorgeous!!!! Have a fabulous time with your husband (kid free) and relax!! 28 seemed like a pretty darn good year for you, so I am sure 29 will be even better! ;)

  11. Happy 29th! I turn 29 in October and I'm not really dreading it either. I'm kind of ready to be out if my 20's. Have fun on your trip!!

  12. Hope you have a fabulous time! I would love 24 hours with my husband, just us. Oh, the joys of motherhood. ;)
    Happy Birthday!!!

  13. Wish you a very very happy b'day..
    Hope this 30 th year be the best for you
    Keep in touch

  14. WHHHAAAOOOOOOOTTTTT!! (supposed to be woot, but long winded ;-) )

    Happy Early Birthday!! I have loved seeing your posts and can't wait to see another year of it! I just turned 29 and I am with you, I am kind of looking forward to my 30s. They sound fun :-)

    Enjoy it pretty girl!

  15. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your 24 hours away!

  16. Happy Birthday Katie!!! You are awesome! Here's to another great year and many many more!!!

  17. A very happy 29th to you! I am a fellow April 5 baby who is turning 43 today. My 30's were great, but my 40's are looking pretty good too!.

    First time poster, long time reader.

  18. I hope your birthday getaway was wonderful!