Friday, April 18, 2014

A cat goes WHAT?

I have a little bit of second child guilt over the fact that Lucy's life is a whole lot less documented than her sister's. I used to take video of Em alllllll the time and she still loves looking at them. One day, I will be better (I won't). I just like to lie to myself so I feel better in the moment.

I might miss important things. But I will document her animal sounds (and a few other things), dang-it. 

At not quite 21 months, she's got the cute-factor down pat.

But mom's are all supposed to say that. It's a rule.


happy friday. have a lovely Easter weekend, friends.


  1. This is the first time I have ever commented but OH MY GOSH I just had too- she is simply adorable!!! I have a 15 month old little girl who is just starting to get chatty and its so fun! Love your posts- your a good mama ;)

  2. I LOVE when you post videos of them!! So sweet.

  3. My little boy is 22 months old and he watched this...he was blushing and smiling the whole time! Lol! She's precious!

  4. She is too adorable!! I took an insane amount of pictures of both my kids but videos of the second were very slim. Now i wish I filmed him and his cuteness more. :) They grow way too fast!

  5. She is such a sweetheart! Love seeing video of that girl!

  6. She is adorable! Both your kiddos are adorable! oh my word :) :) and those skinny pink jean, holy moly the cutest!!!

  7. Love this!!!!! I adore the little interviews of your girls. They are both absolutely precious.

  8. You and your precious kids are not helping my "no babies yet" policy! :)


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