Monday, April 28, 2014

You need some HighPantsBaby in your life.

It's almost embarrassing to admit how many bags I own, and I'm not talking expensive, but-just look in my hall closet if you want to know (or don't. no. pretty please, actually don't.) It's just--when I became a mom, I felt like I had to find The Perfect Bag for stuffing all the random stuff that comes along with those little creatures. They sure are needy.

 But as they grow a bit older & change, so does the stuff you need to carry around. It gets less, in a way. But then I have those days when I carry around water bottles and snacks and my camera, my wallet, my agenda--and I'm back to square one again. Momma needs a big bag with many pockets. I like big bags and I cannot lie.

So then the super cool Etsy shop, HighPantsBaby asked to send me a bag, saying they (hand)made some amazing bags that momma's like me would enjoy and love and, uhhh, well ok. Feed my bag addiction, why don't ya. I'm in. 

I've been in love with their dark grey Aster Bag for years (no, really). Now I own one anddddd it rocks.

So, here's what I like. I'm a quick bag-grabber. Therefore I love that this bag has a short handle I can use to grab quickly out of the backseat of my car, or fling on my shoulder. But I super love-love that there's the shoulder strap that can be clicked on if that's your cup-o-tea because I am still a big fan of a crossover bag. I feel like with a bag like this I get the best of both world's, and well-that's a big win in my book.

This is not just a diaper bag. Actually-they even call it an Everyday Bag on their site. But the side pockets that fit water bottles & sippy cups, and 13 pockets in total for all those random things you carry with kids (sunscreen, oragel, diaper cream, chapstick, the list goes on) are awesome. I love space in my bag. Give me lots of space to carry everything. I like to be prepared.

And it's extremely well made and um, it's cute.

HighPants has a gorgeous shop featuring tons and tons of beautifully handcrafted, canvas bags in an array of fun colors, and unique designs for crazy affordable prices. They're currently rocking some great sales, and not only that, they're giving those who read this post an extra 10% off if you use code lovesoflife.


If you wanna stay up to date on their fun products and happenings, check them out on Facebook.

Shop their Etsy shop // code lovesoflife for 10% off *good till May 12*

Thanks, HighPants, you've got a fan.


  1. Great, now I have to buy another bag! Haha. Seriously that is SO cute. I actually bought a really nice bag off of Etsy last year, but it didn't have pockets because I *thought* I wouldn't need them. Wrong. I still carried the bag for a long time. This looks perfect though.

  2. You look so pretty! Love that bag, I've been looking for something for my fancy camera + diaper bag + purse. I can't go around looking like the crazy bag lady with all these bags tangled around me while wrangling a wild toddler. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. So cute!! Thanks for sharing! Which one is it on her website? I can't seem to find it! But I could be overlooking it.

  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing! Which one is it on her website? I can't seem to find it, but I could be overlooking it!

  5. Cuuuute bag! And while we're at it, cute outfit! :-)

  6. so does the bag stand up on its own - meaning, does it fall and slouch over when its set down? i'm on the fence about buying one and still trying to decide!!