Monday, April 14, 2014

my deep version of 'let it go' (note: not frozen related at ALL)

I let my expectations ruin things for me all the time. That's a bruiser of a statement to start a blog post with, huh?

I know, it's horrible and it also can be so true. I sometimes daydream about the weekends, or the way our evenings should go, and I get set in my ways and then I try to pave it all out so it works out in that beautiful, fairytale way that I think it should. And yep. In true fashion of living life with two crazy little people? It goes to the crap house real fast and I'm left disappointed and sometimes all irritated and a little miserable.

I hate that aspect of myself. I've been working hard to let that go. To really just try to be in the moments and go with the flow, and not really care that much about what I think or feel will go the best way. But to just let it go the way the wind blows, kinda-thing. 

This weekend I did just that--I kinda let all my expectations go and to my surprise, we seriously had the most amazing weekend and we all commented on the peacefulness and the fun of it the whole time. I mean, a true-feel-good-warm-heart-I-love-my-family-so-stinkin-much weekend. Things just went. Plans were made kinda haphazardly. But they all turned out so fun and well. And it helps that the weather was beyond amazing. After The Worst Winter Ever nothing, I repeat Nothing makes us happier. My kids love the outside so much. We had gross, dirty-water baths every night and I loved it.

A breakfast date while the big girl was in preschool. Random stops at the park watching our girl's just really engage with each other and play. Picking wildflowers. Dinner at the mall. New sunglasses for some little ladies who've been begging for new "gasses!" to ease their eyes from the bright sun (a problem we love to have). 

A fun morning at an Easter candy scramble, with bounce houses and tickets and cotton candy. An easy-going afternoon on the deck, blowing bubbles and getting dirty with chalk. Grilling dinner. Meeting friends for frozen yogurt and hitting up another park. 

Then topping the whole weekend off with a very overdue, kinda-last-minute trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, car naps, and then a very spontaneous cookout at my parent's house with all my family. 

Basically. If I could roll up my perfect weekend into a tiny little ball and keep it in my pocket forever it would be this. 

So that's it?

I lower my expectations then get mind-blown with such a feel-good weekend it makes me kinda weepy to hold these memories with my sweet family?

Interesting how that works.


Sweet memories can come when you just let yourself be and let all that other stuff go. I'm working on it. 


  1. Sounds perfect! All of it. I'm so guilty of the high expectations thing. Perfection is a major flaw of mine and it really can ruin the moment. I'm sure a lot of us can learn to let it go just a little more. My mom says it to me all the time. She's so good at just rolling with the punches. I strive to be just like her!!

  2. I am totally guilty of this too, and you are SO right that things are always that much better when I just let them happen... Glad you guys had such a wonderful weekend! Sam is sick, so... Maybe next weekend for us. ;)

  3. I TOTALLY get this, and it is absolutely true. I feel like, for me, the unplanned, unexpected, spontaneous moments are *always* the best!

  4. I love this post! I was just talking to my mom this morning about how I do the same thing. I am so busy trying to remember everything and be on time that I am a frazzled, short tempered, mess by the time I get there. My son 'wasn't egg hunting right' this weekend and I was getting irritated with him. Then I realized I was taking the fun out of it. He didn't care how many eggs he got.

  5. I do this too! But it looks like such a fun weekend with your girls...they are growing up so much!

  6. I love this - it's so true. Very rarely do events live up to what we create in our minds. Your weekend looked expectation-worthy though :)

  7. Such a great post, completely true. Some of our best evenings/weekends are when we just do whatever it is we want. Love the pictures looks like a wonderful weekend!

  8. So amazing and how true! I think I do the same thing a little too much as well. We all need to just let things happen sometimes. Love the pictures!