Monday, April 7, 2014

The best twenty four in a looong time.

Our day away for my birthday was awesome. I'm sure that a day sounds like nothing, and you know what? While it is kinda short for a 'getaway', since I was in the mindset of it only being one day, oddly, it felt just right. I've also decided that anything longer may never be in the cards for us until our kids are, um, in college. So I won't even waste time wishing and I'm grateful, for real, for an overnight.

A day was great.

Heck. Even the drive there was like---let's talk about EVERYTHING! dreams! goals! Crap, you went the wrong way! ah, who cares, there's no kids to entertain! Let's drink more Starbucks!

In a days time we checked into a lovely, beachfront room at Caesars. We had a fancy, yet relaxed birthday dinner. I got a whirlwind little lesson in gambling, to which I decided I am so not interested, and would much rather burn my money away on, you know, new clothes. I miiiiight have side-eyed a few of those waitresses in those weird little outfits. We walked closely together, holding hands, down the streets and boardwalk, late at night, and decided to pop in for 'just dessert & drinks' at Melting Pot (something we've always wanted to do). We laughed a lot. We played around like teenagers in a crazy candy store. We slept in!!! (ok, it was 8:30am, but that's totally sleeping in, and bonus--I didn't wake up to crying/whiny/neediness of any kind) I got ready without someone tugging at my clothes or spilling my makeup bag for the 28th time. We ate breakfast at a little dive. I had a delicious & fresh Jersey bagel. My husband became my personal shopper & pretty much let me go into any store and shop to my heart's content. Then he paid and carried all my bags. 

A few times throughout the day I deemed it as THE BEST DAY EVER--because, well--isn't that obvious? It's pretty much my picture-perfect day. Actually, I would add a massage. But other than that? It was perfect.

We ate panini's outside in the sunshine for lunch until two dudes started throwing chairs at one another and the cops had to come, therefore we migrated inside for our safety. Sweet, Atlantic City :) We went wayyyyy out of the way so I could get a chick-fil-a unsweet tea for the ride home. We arrived to our two crazy and wild cuties and my wonderful parents--and then went out and had Mexican for dinner.

The rest of the night and weekend was normal as normal could be. Bath and bedtime and catching up on the DVR, and going to the Y, and breaking down on the side of the road for two hours (minor hiccup, ahem), and teaching the sunday school kiddies, and going through my new stuff. I know life isn't about stuff, I don't even really think I'm very materialistic, at all--but dude, sometimes a little shopping spree is nice.

It was good. Now, it's time for a detox.

And a massage.

Yes, a massage would be good. 


Thanks for all the birthday love. You guys are cool.


  1. That all sounds really dreamy! And that stripe dress is perfect on your skinny self!!!! I'm glad you had a great day!!!!

  2. It is so nice to have that time to just be with the hubs and enjoy each other! Todd and I did that last week (about to blog about it) and it was marvelous!! Like you said just the right amount of time :) SO happy you enjoyed your time and your birthday!!!

  3. I honestly feel like every hour means so much when it's away from the kids...little things are just savored so much more!! happy birthday!

  4. That sounds glorious! Sometimes a night away is just what you need - sounds like you got that!

  5. I totally need a 24 hour day with my husband. It sounds magical! Glad you had a great birthday.

  6. What a lovely birthday! You deserve it, mama!

  7. sounds absolutely perfect! Happy belated birthday!

  8. I am SO glad you had a nice birthday! How lovely!

  9. Okay, now I'm curious, since you mentioned unsweet tea... does the chick-fil-a up there offer sweet tea? I remember visiting PA as a teenager with my family and waitresses would look at you like you had three eyeballs if you asked for sweet tea. Then they'd hand you some sugar packets and tell you to go for it. lol.

    Seriously, a day away sounds perfect to me too. That's probably all we'd ever manage to do with Noah, at least until he decides 1am isn't his ideal bed time anymore. ;) So glad you had a great time! And I'm with you. My husband went to Vegas and had a blast gambling (and was actually really good at it), but I'd much rather blow that money on new clothes. Something I can keep. :)