Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The keys to happiness.

It's hard to admit it, but I spent most of this winter kinda unhappy. I hate saying that, because who wants to actually put that out there? I'd love to say I shoot rainbow happiness from my eyeballs on the daily with my family, but, ahem, it's more like, I shoot a mean death glare and I'm the queen of rolling my eyes. Also, everyone knows when momma isn't happy. Sorry fam.

This winter nearly killed me.

I know, I know, you shouldn't talk about the weather because no one cares. The thing is, I've seen myself come back to life a little bit in the last few weeks and it feels, well, it feels pretty great. But it can't just be the weather that's making life a little bit happier these days. I can't give it that much credit (or can I?)---so I made a list.

I'm using my camera again.

It's pretty sad, but my albums from november-march are pretty slim. The April album, though? Packed to the brim. There's no denying it--that creative outlet for me is needed. I got rusty and I hate that. I'm excited to embrace it again. It makes me happy to keep working on it. I have so much to learn and I'm happy to admit that. But practice makes progress, or so they say.

sweet cousins on Easter. The way Em & Jayden love each other is pretty freaking cute.

snapped about 3 minutes worth of photos on Easter for my sister and her hubby. Baby Boy is due May 9--so time is a tickin'!

I don't have to bundle my kids up like eskimos to go everywhere.

While the weather is still a little touch and go, generally, it's gotten a heck of a lot better. Me and all the other moms of the world are fist pumping due to the lack of bundling lately. It takes so much time and it's like wrangling a little hyena down. It's stupid and annoying and it's overrrrrrrrr (for a few months at least), hallelujah amen.

I'm challenging myself physically. 

There's no doubt I've been very active all winter long. I think getting out and going to the gym saved my sanity this season. If it hadn't been for that, my husband would have sent me to the nuthouse because I needed that outlet so very bad. However, in the last month I've even upped my game a little and it feels really good. Declan and I began T25 about 4 weeks ago and so I top most my evenings off with that (after doing my normal gym stuff), and while some days it sucks, mostly it's good! I think it was the perfect extra little butt-kicker before summertime.

The bad news is that I never, I mean, never get out of workout clothes. It makes no sense to! I'm a stinky, dirty mess all the time. Steer clear, folks.

Baths are a necessity and not just a time-wasting event.

This might seem silly, but this means we are outside ALL THE TIME. We are dirty and gross with a combination of sidewalk chalk, mixed with sticky bubbles, add in a side of splintered feet (oh yea, big ones, ouch), and strawberry juice oozed on our (their) faces. They're covered in park mud, and donning huge cuts and scrapes on their legs already. Hair full of mulch. They're the kids with dirty fingernails by the end (ok, middle) of every day. They earn their bath. I mean, baths can't be skipped on Spring/Summer nights--I mean, that is, unless they take a dip in a pool.

All parents know that swimming in a chlorine filled pool > bathtime.

But it's not quiiiiite pool season here yet. So baths become a necessity, and not just a time-wasting tactic on a long winter day indoors. I know you know what I mean.

I'm in a season of 'not busy' and I love it.

The other day my pastor asked how I was doing--what I was up to, etc. I had to think about it for a second, but the truth is, I didn't feel like I had a lot to say outside of the norm. Of course life with kids, work, husband's schedule/commitments can always 'feel' busy--but outside of that stuff? No, I'm good. I feel like I'm just at a somewhat peaceful phase. Nothing huge going on. No huge commitments have been made that are stressing me out or something. I'm just doing life and it feels good to take each day in stride.

There's no doubt there are busy seasons in our lives--but I'll take this more...restful phase (if I can even say that term with kids) and enjoy it a little bit. It's good to slow down.


Goodbye Winter blues. Bring on the Spring smiles.


  1. Yay for more sunshine and a season of not-busy! And yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean - bath time is my go-to time wasting event for my babies!

  2. Amen sista! See ya later winter, don't let the door hit you on the way out! I had a horrible time emotionally this winter, it was terrible and I was definitely in a funk (and a jerk!). My poor husband, bless him. I'm glad to report, after a couple days of nice weather I am a new woman!
    I thought my kid was the only one with dirty finger nails (like all the time)! She is such a slob kabob but I guess that means she is having fun.
    Have you read this blog post? It is a local PA mom and describes our winter perfectly.

  3. I brought out my camera the other day for the first time in a long time. I had forgotten how much I missed it and how much it made me smile:) not to mention poor second baby has t had nearly enough camera time! I agree this winter was horrific hopefully that means we get an awesome spring summer season!

  4. I'm so with you on this. I feel like we are finally rounding the corner to spring and daily park visits and open windows and tired children {that fall asleep so easily, thank you jesus}. And it's glorious. And even though I'm not losing as much weight as I'd like, eating better and getting my daily sweat on is making me feel A LOT better about my body and my self confidence. Life is good right now and I plan to enjoy every little moment with my two little guys this summer.......before we get crazy and decide to have baby 3........ahhhh ;)

  5. Would you pleeeassseee post a link for the t25 workout you have been doing? Like where to purchase it? When I look on Amazon I get overwhelmed because so many pop up! Lol, thanks!

  6. Amen to this! The time passes so so so much faster when we can go play outside! Everyone's mood has been lifted recently. I'll take it for sure.

  7. Winter is just the worst. Thankfully spring makes us forget how bad it is. Until you drive thru neighborhoods and start pointing out the driveways that if it had ice & snow on it would be impossible to get in. Then the trauma of winter returns:)