Friday, May 9, 2014

// f o u r //

There is a very special, little girl in my life--um, the one who made me mom, and, well--SHE'S TURNING FOUR TOMORROW. Yes. Caps are necessary.

boom. right there. that moment your ENTIRE LIFE CHANGES instantly. it's a crazy, beautiful thing.

Four is a massive being. At age 3, there's still some chub on their legs--I mean, a little bit in that upper thigh region. Not much, but it's there. But then as they inch closer to 4--it's all boney, lanky, KID legs. Straight up dirty, bruised, band-aided, knobby-knee'd KID LEGS. Living in my house. She is so not a baby anymore

She told me the other day that when she turns 4, she will not cuddle me anymore. Nope. She told me that she will be an adult and then she can make all the rules. I posted about it on social media, and then I cried.

She has wonderful qualities, though.

She can be a leader. That's what you're supposed to say when they're bossy. 

She thinks a rainy day is the most beautiful of all. She really wants to just use her umbrella.

She wants her hair in an Elsa braid every day. She really wants to drive her mother crazy.

She's absolutely obsessed with riding her bike. She asks me at 6am if she can go outside. no.

She can write her name on her own. E m e l i N e. It makes me cry a little. 

She'll do play doh for hours. She mixes all the colors immediately. She likes to make me cringe. 

She's such an amazing encourager. She knows how to lift my heart when it's been 4 days since my last shower.

She is really into testing her boundaries. Some days I want to poke my eyeballs out.

She notices every detail. Every one. She sometimes scares me. 

She has an insanely good memory. Did I mention that it scares me?

She has such full-of-life eyes.

She knows when someone needs a little extra love.

She knows when she's done wrong & she wants to fix it.

She engages new people, asks them their name, and begins friendships immediately.

She really does have a good, good heart.

oh, she's silly. So silly.


I can remember thinking that there was no way this baby girl could ever do anything wrong. She was a doll, an absolute angel baby (and toddler). And oh, how I laugh at myself two years later--with the trying and tough things we deal with as she gets bigger. I know it's only a glimpse into the future and I pray, I really do pray for wisdom and grace in how to handle her, how to handle this age and the ages to come.

Nobody ever said this parenting thing was easy. But there is nothing---nothing that can replace the way her face lights up when she sees me every morning. The way she wraps her little body around mine and gives me morning hugs and the way she tells me about her crazy dreams from that night. The way she strokes my hair out of my face. The way she sits on my bathroom counter as I'm getting ready and puts on blush and 'lipstick'. The way she looks at me, like she's a girlfriend of mine or something, when Lucy does something silly or cute, and we both just get it. The times she asks for me to just hold her, to rub her arm, to 'talk about our day', and to 'sing me one last song'.


Four years of doing life with you in it, Emeline Kay. And I could not imagine it any other way.

Happy Birthday, love. We celebrate you this weekend.


  1. I remember when you announced you were pregnant with Em, seems like yesterday :-(. What a pleasure to see her grow into such a beautiful little lady. I never understood why Moms got all mushy when their kids got older...until I had my daughter and even one day older is too much sometimes. Happiest of Birthdays to your sweet girl and hugs to you sweet Momma.

  2. What a sweet post! I know I'll be crying my eyes out whenever my little one turns 4. How does time go by so fast?

  3. I want to cry just a little reading this. You put into words so well what I think I'll be feeling when my daughter hits this age. She sounds like such a smart, amazing girl. Four. Four just sounds so grown up. So scary. I dread the day my daughter tells me she's too old to cuddle. I hope E has an amazing birthday!

  4. I remember reading about her first birthday! It's amazing that it's been so long since that happened. Time flies so fast and it's been so much fun to see her grow into from a baby into this little awesome person. Happy 4th Emeline!

  5. Beautiful post! Happy Birthday, Emeline!

  6. OH my gracious. FOUR YEARS!? That means I've been following along with your sweet family for 4 years. Holy moly. She is the most adorable little thing...I hope her 4th birthday is full of celebrations and tons of joy. Happy birthday, Eme!

  7. Oh my goodness she could not be any cuter! Happy birthday gorgeous girl!

  8. My son is also four and I find myself just staring at him these days wondering when he became so much of a kid!

  9. Oh this made me get all teary (blame it on the pregnancy hormones if you must). I can't believe how tiny she was! You are doing a great job! Looking forward to celebrating with you guys tomorrow! xo

  10. Hoping y'all enjoy celebrating her precious life this weekend. Happy Birthday, Em!!!

  11. This is so precious!! It makes me not so sad at how fast it is going for us too.. there's still good stuff to come! :) Happy birthday Eme!

  12. Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out. Oh my word. Your E sounds just like my A. We'll be celebrating her 4th in November. Yeah. Torrents of tears!!

  13. It's been fun to watch her grow! Lily's 3 months later so it always makes me smile when I read about/see the things Eme is doing that Lily is or probably will be. And then remind myself that these strong willed little girls will be amazing young women. Happy 4th birthday! And happy 4th anniversary on being a mama.


    p.s. I went to look at your IG feed tonight to see what bday pics you posted, started to drop my phone and when I grabbed it, I unfollowed you. The dummy! (littlepunkypie)

  14. Wow, what a post. You have such a beautiful and amazing little girl. Happy fourth birthday to her!