Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A house full 'o family. (Beach 2014)

Sixteen people living in one house for 7 days. Seven of which are children. Go ahead and just close your eyes for one second. Imagine the peaceful tranquility that comes along with beach living. And then trample that out with the sound of chaos. Yep, pretty much :)

Me and my clan were totally sick all week. I mean, hacking coughs, sore throat, feeling so icky. I had legit laryngitis for two days, and could hardly mutter a word (I'm sure my family loved this). My kid's didn't sleep. There were some nights Lucy had us up for HOURS and hours at a time. I woke up with hangover headaches from lack of sleep and I wasn't even hungover.

But the good news is that no matter what, in the end, we really did have fun. Yes, there are obstacles. Yes, there are family dynamics at play. Yes, there can be moments of chaos with lots of small children. And yes, dishes still need to be done at a beachhouse. But-we are glad we got those memories. Happy to have little great moments to hold onto, captured on video or in photos forever.

Those things last. The memories of small moments of chaos or whatever? Nah, it doesn't.

And oh there was fun. Like playing Heads Up with my family and belly laughing at how my dad held the phone over his eyes instead of his forehead, or the way my mom threw out the most ridiculous (but so her) clues. The time we played bocce ball once the kids were in bed at the park behind our house and as we found out I threw the winning ball, jumped into Declan's arms for a victory hug. Watching my girl's absolutely love on their little baby cousin, Deacon. I mean, I have some baby obsessed children (shut up, people, I know what you're thinking), and it's ridiculously cute. Or just seeing that sweet baby experience some 'firsts' and watching my sister and her husband be awesome parents.

Then there was the "our kid's didn't sleep so what the hell, let's watch the sunrise!" morning. It turned out to be beautiful and an ever so prevalent revelation of God's beauty. Because, wow. I don't get to experience beach sunrises enough. I think I need to move there.

If we didn't have this trip we wouldn't have gotten all these special memories with my dad. Of all the grandkids splashing away in the pool, and being silly with him. We wouldn't have all crammed on the sofa and watched The Bachelorette together while cursing commercial breaks, because hellooooo, DVR rocks. We wouldn't have had after dinner walks on the beach, and rides and waterice on the boardwalk. My kid's wouldn't have made sweet memories with their cousin's. We wouldn't have gotten to see Paxton & Emeline (and Lucy, too) hold hands and give endless hugs throughout the day. 

It's always, always worth it. Photos and video constantly remind me of that. 


Video Recap 2014


  1. You have such a beautiful family! Inside and out.

  2. Your video is so sweet! You can see how happy the kids are. Nothing better than time with family ;)

  3. That video brought tears to my eyes. Such amazing memories!!

  4. Have enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you keep it up.

  5. So cute!! Your family is so gorgeous! Makes me so happy to see such a close family.

  6. I am making it a goal for my life to make a video like this! You make those turban headbands look so cute. I don't think I can rock them.