Monday, July 14, 2014

I think puppy prozac saved my life.

(First of all, I know it's weird to just go silent for well over a month and then pop back in to blog about MY DOG, of all things. But, yea-it's kind of life changing. So rather than write an instagram novel about it, here I am.)

hi I'm mac.

Mac was our first baby. Actually, to be honest, he was our "we want to have a baby, butttttt, let's try a dog first, k?" No offense, but I don't actually count him as a child, because, I'm not like that with pets. But he was ours and we loved that.

If I'm being honest, Mac stressed me out from day 1. He had potty issues like crazy. Was awful at being crate trained. He soiled everything. Went in our house constantly. But dang it, he was cute as freaking heck and he was our dog, so we loved him. He got a little better. Things turned around.

Then we had kids.

He was great with Emeline. Always a friendly pup and goodness gracious, he still has a love for newborns. He's super tender and protective and I find that endearing and sweet. 

As she started getting older we began to notice Mac was getting super uptight. We always referred to him as "disgruntled". He was. He would bat at his food bowl (full of food), like he was pissed off all the time. He would spill his water bowl on purpose. He was spiteful when it came to potty issues, even seconds after being out. He was totally miffed that he wasn't our highest priority anymore. 

And then Lucy came.

Mac's little world came crashing down, basically. I mean, he had his little lovey-phase of newborn cuddles and such, and then basically? It all went downhill.

He wouldn't stop barking throughout the day. He would growl NON-STOP. He would get down from sleeping as if he saw a ghost and act pissed at the world. Outside noises would send him into a crazy fury. He'd pee with excitement when guests came over. He seemed much more agitated with the girl's, and yet even if they were bothering him, he COULD NOT LEAVE THEIR SIDE. It was so weird. 

His barks and incessant growling made my blood pressure rise, I swear. After years of dealing with it, I started to resent him. We had mentioned his anxiety to the vet before and felt a little blown off. We tried natural herbal treats and he even wore the thunder shirt for nearly a year. Nothing seemed to work.


To be honest, I wanted to put a craigslist ad up for my dog. It sounds so horrible, but he was making my life m i s e r y. I know he was probably living in misery as well, but gahhh. It was infuriating some days. I didn't like him anymore and that made me sad. He was not a happy member of our household.

Finally, I pretty much flat-out asked my options to the vet a few weeks ago. Like, I was not leaving without SOMETHING. I told them about his issues and what he does, and was assured that it's not 'normal' dog behavior for him to be so visibly upset/anxious all the time. They went through some options with us, and we finally landed on the solution of puppy prozac. We'd give it a go and assess along the way. I was told that it could take 4-6 weeks to kick in.


Those were the longest 4 weeks of my life {{exaggeration}}. But! I wanted INSTANT. I wanted a calmer, happy dog immediately. We continued to give him his meds. Continued to see his awful behavior. Continued to feel disappointed but still clinging on to hope that something could change for our poor, disgruntled Mac-a-boy.


Last week we were on vacation and they continued his pill dosage while he was at the kennel. I was worried about him, as his transition (due to anxiety) home from the kennel in the past has been horrific to say the least. But honestly, this time it was different.

He came home and instead of acting skiddish and getting sick, he was calm and relaxed. I held my breath and waited for the next day, as it was sure to be more 'normal' and where I was pretty certain we'd see his normal behaviors come back.

But nope.

You guys, he is like A NORMAL DOG NOW. He is PLEASANT! and HAPPY! And he's not growling or barking for no reason! (Of course like a normal dog he does bark at door-bell rings and such). He is going up to his food bowl and EATING IT instead of spending half the day batting his paw at it and barking for no reason.


I mean, this is huge, as my tolerance for him had gone way down in the last few years. 

It may have taken 5 long weeks to kick in, but I'm gonna say it (and hold my breath while I do), but I think puppy prozac may have saved my life. And better yet, his too.



  1. I'm so glad you found something that worked and Mac gets to stick around! He looks like a sweet puppy - I guess dogs and humans have that in common...we're not always 'right' :) I hope it keeps helping!

  2. Ok, I may need to try this with our beagle...she's making me so nervous with her aggression and junk! I'm pretty much at the end of my rope!

  3. We are in the same boat with our rescue dog. After many vet trips we started MEDS 5 weeks ago too but I am not seeing improvement in his separation anxiety. Out of curiosity what dose is Mac on and did you have yo of any adjusting?

  4. First so happy to have a post from you! Second we tried to prozac with our pup but gave up after 2 weeks because we didn't see a difference! Our vet didn't say anything about it taking over a month! We may need to try it again because the constant pacing is driving me nuts!

  5. apparently prozac is a drug that builds up over time--it doesn't take immediate affect, even on humans, so they said to wait 4-6 weeks and we'd see a change then. give it a go again!

  6. It also sounds like the change of scenery helped spur Mac's changes as well. So happy for you and your (now) sweet pup!

  7. This was a very interesting read! I have a yorkie I'm miles away from having kids but I always wonder how he would react since he's not too friendly to kids right now but I'm glad the prozac worked! That would be so stressful.

  8. So glad that he is doing better and your family too! That can be so stressful I am sure!

  9. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for writing this post. I am in the same exact boat, and anxiously waiting for the prozac to start working for my dog. I've been feeling so hopeless, resentful, and ashamed for feeling this way towards my dog. I love her, but she's driving me insane from all the incessant barking inside our home. I'm just praying that our results are as good as yours!