Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Lucy girl is two.

This life is such a funny one. And time is such a weird thing. It feels like it creeps by most days and yet looking back it feels like someone pressed fast forward. Two years with Lucy here feels fast. I mean, it feels really fast. And yet, it seems like this kid has been around forever because sometimes I swear she's turning 3 and not 2. But, indeed. She is only 2, despite what she tells every passer-byer in Target...."I'm FREE! I'm FREE!" (while showing all 10 chubby fingers)

I laugh and say, "No, she just acts 3--she's going to be 2 soon." I think she knows it's becoming a joke.

The thing about our experience with a second kid is--what people say is true. They grow up faster in so many ways. Lucy is incredibly verbal, she talks in full, understandable sentences, sings wordy, long songs, and knows older grown up characters and things that Em didn't have a clue existed at her sister's age. She also says things that shock me, ahem, repeats things she shouldn't. Basically, it's--uhh. Interesting.

quick! forget I said she's ever naughty. CUTEST FACE EVER.

Lucy got juice, candy, fruit snacks and the privilege to watch scarier movies (like Brave, ha!) sooner--because, let's be honest, that's what happens with subsequent children. Or at least in our case. Some things you just can't avoid. 

Lucy is our snuggle bum. Girlfriend loves a good cuddle and will sit in your lap, draped over your shoulder for a good long time, especially right after her nap. She is the grump pants of the world after a nap, and only fruit snacks can cure said grouchies. 

She is the girl who loves deep, man. Out of the blue she will tell me exactly which family member she loves and misses and "I go to their house, today??" She pipes up from the back seat all the time and says, "I seeeee you, Daddy! I love Daddy. I loooove sissy. I looove MOMMY!" She goes through everyone. Cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, included. She insists on holding hands at all times--she yells, "I hold'y handddddd!" before we're even out the door. She's also known to yell, "Uppy Shoulders, Daddy!" fast and furiously to get dibs on daddy before her sister. It's the 2014 version of "shotgun!" (for the front seat) in our house.

She is a baby lover. Lucy can be found bouncing and rocking her baby dolls around the house all day long. Swaddling them. Shushing them. Patting their backs. Oh, but Ohhhh, put a real baby in front of her and it's even worse. "I HOLD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!" She believes all babies are hers and hers alone. The problem is, she gets so excited it's like she can't contain herself. Her precious, little gentle caress can turn into an excited-squeeze that can send a little baby to tears. It's not malicious. It's like, the way I feel when I pull into Target, ya know? Can't blame a girl.

As outgoing as Lucy is, she has this little shy tendency about her. If not in a 100% happy mood she's the kid burying her face in our shoulder and refusing to acknowledge the world. I can't say I always blame her, though. There are lots of days I wish I had a shoulder to bury my face into, too. Life can be rough, man.

Although this sweet girl is the one who can be found kneeling down over the garden saying, "how you do-nin' today, fow-ers???" she can also flip like a switch. She will always defend herself. She has a mean pinch, hair-grab, and punch going on (only towards her big sister, who, to her defense, totally deserves it half the time). She is quick to tattle-tale--"Emeline HIT me!" She's quick to put herself in time-out for being rough, and also quick to say "sowwy, sissy" when she's done wrong. It doesn't stop her from doing it again about 10 seconds later.

We're working on it.

There's always those weird doubts you have as a mom when you venture into second-kid-territory. Will they compare? Can I love them the same? What if they're ugly? (did I say that?)

I'm happy to report that Lucy has done nothing but prove to me that I was wrong. That my heart is bigger than I ever knew. That I can think both my kid's are the coolest people ever, and also the biggest pain in the butt's ever... simultaneously, and also, that she can hold her own in the Cute Department. 

Two years with Lucy has been fun, but we're looking forward to a lifetime.

Happy birthday sweet Louie. You have rocked our world in the best way.


  1. She hits it out of the park in the cute department, my word!

  2. I can't believe it's 2 years already! Happy birthday sweet girl! Love the pics Kate!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Lucy! Wow, I remember when you were pregnant with her, doesn't seem like it's been two years ago. She is such a cutiepie and has an infectious smile! This makes me so happy, we are expecting our second in January and I'm having a hard time believing I could possibly love another child as much as I love our Hazel. I know it's terrible to say out loud and definitely keeps me up at night. I'm hoping I get it together ;)!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous girls! I need to find a place pretty like this for pictures! Happy birthday Lucy!

  5. I definitely agree that they age so much faster! Zoey is 2.5 and I just started pulling out winter clothes that Savannah wore when she was 3.... The time when Zoey was a newborn. Makes me so sad that we are already here!

  6. 'What if they're ugly?"----bahahahahahahahaha. Well at least you know now that you & Declan make cute kids. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Lucy! She is adorable! And I too worried my kids would be ugly.

  8. Oh goodness, she is so precious. I can't believe two years have flown by! What a beautiful little lady, inside and out.

  9. Love, love, love the pictures! You are so good at capturing your girl's personalities in pictures and in words! Happy birthday, Lucy girl...she is too adorable.

  10. Love this post, love the pictures, it makes my day a little brighter seeing her smile. Happy 2nd birthday Lucy!

  11. Oh my, I can't believe your gorgeous girl is 2! Happy Birthday to her!

  12. She's looking more and more like Emeline, I think. Happy 2, Lucy girl!

  13. She is JUST precious! I Love her dress so much! Perfect for her. Happy belated Birthday to your cutie Lucy!

  14. That is a precious baby girl! I could just squeeze her! (I feel the same way she does about babies!)