Friday, September 12, 2014

Those September Days

September brings new, fresh starts. It's back to ballet for this beautiful girl. Ballet is something I don't push on her, at all. It's not like I was some ballerina and had great dance experience as a kid, heck, I didn't do much of any extracurricular activities (by my own choice, I was painfully shy). Honestly, if she decided tomorrow that she hated it, I'd be out of there. But she seems to love it so we roll with it. 

I'm flexible about extra stuff. Now's the time to dip her toes in and find her 'thing' and if her 'thing' isn't any of this, then fine by me. Just be yourself, girlfriend. For now, you rock the heck out of that leotard and bun, that's all I know.

I also have no idea where you get that hip-pop and modeling sass from.  

(See last year's 1st Day of Ballet pics here)


In other September News....

Both of these ladies started preschool again. Well, it's a first for Lucy---and it's Emeline's last year before (gulp.lumpythroat) Kindergarten. If you remember, Emeline started preschool when she was 2, and while it was 'first-kid-hard' to send her off that day, it ended up being so amazing for her. We really wanted to have that same experience for Lucy. Lucy, while a little on the younger side in her class, was so ready. Besides, it's only 2 days a week for 2 hours. It's like slowing dipping their toes in, and I'm ok with that.

The girl was so pumped up about doing all the preschool things, she talked about it for weeks. I seriously had to laugh when I went to pick them both up the first day and Lucy had THREE purple paintings all wet and hanging there for me to take home. Of course she would gravitate to purple paint, because, uh, I hate taking the paint out in my house. And purple is her favorite color. She was probably in heaven.

They both had an awesome first day, as I figured, and were both begging this morning to go back to school. (They don't have school on Friday.) 

But, is there anything better than seeing your kiddo's happy and more-than-willing to say BYE to their momma without it being a huge thing? I mean, I joked with the other moms like, "throw me a bone, kid--at least say you'll miss me, shed a tiny tear"-but when it comes down to it? I am proud that they're brave and willing to take on new environments and experiences like it's no big thing.  It's easier on all of us. They're braver than I ever was and I have a feeling they will continue to shock and surprise me as they grow. 

I love learning from these little ladies of mine. They go confidently wherever they go--as they should, really. 

Fresh-Start-September has been good so far. 


  1. Haha - my two year old just started "mommy and me" gymnastics and oh my word she is in heaven! I find it funny since I did ALL the sports except dance and gymnastics and she gravitates towards those two. I think my super tallness when I was little made me feel a little awkward in those activities and my peanut LOVES to dance and tumble. I agree with you, I do not push anything at all. If she refused to move a muscle that is a okay by me but if she wants to go I'm all for that. That being said the daycare drop off is HORRIBLE for us adn we do it everyday for two and 1/2 years! Breaks my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  2. the hip pop kills me, she seems so full of personality and sass...especially in her dance videos ;) btw I LOVE Em's army tutu freakin' cute!!!

  3. I have a very similar post in my drafts. I love September!

  4. I'm loving Emeline's sassy poses & Lucy's cheesy smile!!

  5. They are precious! What sweet little faces. :)

  6. We just started back up at dance class, makes for a hectic after-school rush once a week, but those little leotards and buns are WORTH IT!