Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Some catching up + Fall Pics + Lucy-girl likes to paint

I'm just gonna start writing and updating and not really bother with anything sounding pretty. So let's do it, ok?

The last month or so I've been dealing with some knee issues that have really held me back from my normal workouts. It's not a huge deal, so I'm not going to make it seem like one. But the ortho suggested I go to PT and I wanted to laugh--because, PT? Come onnnn. But yesterday I went and as it turns out my knee issue is really a hip issue, so we'll be focusing on getting my hips stronger. After one session my hips are feeling it. We did some really great exercises to help me work on balance and stability so I stop putting undo pressure and wobbling around on my knees like a fool. Let's hope it works.

While I'm on a month break from my fun, hardcore stuff (like bootcamp, tabata workouts, HIIT cycling, body pump, etc)--I'm now all into yoga (like body flow) and pilates, because I have no choice basically. The funny thing is, I am actually starting to enjoy it, when I truly thought that was not possible. Who knew.

+  +  +

In case you haven't noticed, it's Fall. Fall means family pictures....or something like that. I happen to have a talented photographer in my family. My sister-in-law Lyryn does my family and I do hers. It's a swap deal and it works out. This year I did her birth pics and video since she just had that sweet baby boy. Just 3 weeks after having a baby she insisted to take our family pictures and I'm so happy with what she got.

I was going to make some excuse as to why I had no desire to send Christmas cards this year---but after seeing these pictures how can I not? It would be a sin.

+  +  +

Both my girls are just flourishing this year. I know that's kind of a stupid, fancy word to use--but they really are. Lucy is doing the 2's preschool program so she goes for 2 days a week (only 2 hours) and she loves it. She's coming home and singing songs that I remember Em singing at her age. 

During their free time the kids can paint at the easel and Lucy is OBSESSED with painting. I have about 400 paintings of nothing that I have no clue what to do with. They also are so overly painted that they take a week to dry. You know what I mean

The following conversation happened before preschool:

Lucy: I go'ning to paint today!

Me: Ohhh, fun. But how about you play play doh instead? (just a little, ahem, encouragement)

Lucy: (in her mad voice) NO MOM. I GO'NING TO PAINT TODAY.

Fast forward a few hours to preschool pickup.

SHE WAS NOT JOKING. Normally I arrive to one, maybe two sloppy-wet-drippy paintings to take home.


The teachers were like, "Lucy was painting at a furious pace today"--and I'm like, uh huh. She was just proving a point to me. 

Honestly, this kid is a trip--and I will never gently direct her away from painting ever, ever again. Lesson learned.

+  +  +

How are you beautiful people? Is anyone still out there? ......does blogging still exist? ;)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Why Hellllooooo there Mr. Wyatt

The first moments with your new baby---well, they're incredible. No matter how you labor, no matter how you birth, each one is just so special. Each time a new baby comes into the world it's pure magic and I don't know how else to say it without sounding like a complete loon. But it's magic.

My sister-in-law Lyryn really wanted a birth-day video when her 3rd little guy was born after seeing me do one for my sister when Deacon arrived. Thanks to a scheduled c-section and a little schedule-adjusting with my husband, I was able to make it work for me to attend.

We had no idea if they'd let me into the operating room until that morning, when the anesthesiologist on-duty had to make that call. But thanks to a little favor from God (I'm certain...Lyryn had been praying lots after all...), she was totally cool with allowing me in to capture some of those usually-unseen moments.

I got to suit up like a marshmallow man. It was amazing. Also, those suits are not breathable, and I may or may not have had pit-stains on my shirt. But it was well worth it.

While my main goal was to get video clips to mash-up into a little video keepsake for them, I managed to sneak in a few photos here and there. Not much, but some. And Wyatt James at 7lbs 10oz is one hunk of a little baby man, with a pouty lip that will certainly get him anything he wants for the rest of his life. He shares a birthday with his Api, Declan & Lyryn's dad (who passed away last year), who would have been 70 yesterday.

Basically, we're all in love.

And if you managed to not see this yet, between facebook and instagram, here's the video. My goal with this was to tell a little story of that morning Wyatt was born. To give you the feel of the day, the excitement, the nerves, and to really just remind us all that every birth is perfect and beautiful in it's own way.

Because, squishy, beautiful baby at the end. The ultimate prize, am I right?

Wyatt James from MeMo Lifestyle Videography on Vimeo.

Hope you have a happy weekend, my friends.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Two pictures in sunny San Diego

This past weekend I got the chance to visit my little brother in San Diego allllll byyyyy myselfffffff. Yes, that must be exaggerated. Because, a trip alone to the grocery store is a treat when you're a mom--so four days in Southern California?


I've visited there before with my whole crew (and mom and dad) in tow. We did more the touristy thing that time. This time, I wanted to just do what my brother does. I wanted to eat at some of the yummiest places, I wanted to hike, I wanted to go dunk myself in the ocean because it's both scary and exhilarating all at once. I wanted to just spend time with Wit and enjoy being brother/sister and not me being mom-distracted-by-two-kids and him being uncle-getting-climbed-on. 

Life has changed so much for us both over the last half a decade (and more), and honestly? I'll kinda treasure the time spent with him. Bunking with him and his 2 other roommates for a few days, staying up wayyyy past my bedtime, meeting more people than I'd imagined, attending parties, going to his church with him, and really getting a feel for his life there. It was really good.

Can you believe that I had no little rascals tugging at my leg the entire time, and I lugged my big camera across the country, to one of the most beautiful areas of the country nonetheless, and I only took two pictures

I have no excuse. None at all, really.

But thanks, iPhone:

You wanna know the best part? Knowing that I didn't have to worry about the homefront. That my super capable husband was home, holding down the fort. He not only managed to work from home some days, but he did some boss pony-tails on our girls (come on...learning how to do hair is hard!), dressed them pretty darn cute and took them on more outings than I even do alone.

They didn't really miss me a bit. And thanks to facetime I didn't really have a chance to miss them much either. I was greeted at the airport with some beautiful flowers, my crazy-cute family, and I came home to a super clean house. 

I mean, what more could a girl ask?

You'll see me back again, San Diego.